Go Smell My Son’s Letter To Santa!

Posted on December 6th, 2008 by taylorblue

It’s getting close to Christmas Holidays for my kids here in Canada. And every day it seems like there is always a Christmas craft that comes home. I love that they do so many things in December, it really is one of my favourite times. So this week a letter to Santa came home and it was so cute that I had to share it. (Keep in mind that he is in Grade 1.)

Dear Santa,

santa claus I love you

How are your reindeer doing?

I want spike the dinosaur Please

Yours truly, Ty

I was so happy to see he had such good manners! And I’m so happy that he only picked one present instead of a million. This is the first Christmas for me in the whole time I have been living from my parents that I don’t have to worry about money. It makes this time a little less stressful. I have always worried that we wouldn’t even be able to afford a turkey most years. Even last year we had to make a trip to the food bank to get food during the holidays. It’s funny how the season has become how much money you have. This year will be so much sweeter because I don’t have to worry. :)
Do you have everything done and planned for the holidays?

75 Responses to “Go Smell My Son’s Letter To Santa!”

  1. I’ve completed all my Christmas shopping!!!

  2. A/C says:

    Hey TB

    You sound much like us a few years ago….
    Shopping vouchors, from the charity store got us through many a short christmas but this year like you, I have no worries for christmas…
    YIPPEE… apart from what the heck are we buying this person or that…

    It will make a nice change.

    This we are organised as far as what we are doing, spending it with a good friend and her family they are visiting from the mainland, as for organised, not a chance.. dont even have the tree up.. let alone any thought of what to get… not a clue…
    but come christmas eve everything will be done

  3. Svasti says:

    Brilliant letter!! I have fond memories of writing Santa letters…

    I have as yet done *no* Christmas shopping and I’m scared. It all has to be done soon and, um, by me… and I really detest the whole thing to be honest!

  4. Your son’s letter is so cute…remember when what we wanted was simple?

    It also reminded me of how each “unit” at work had to decorate their area. We had a picture of us as children all around with letters to Santa. I asked for something to keep my body from getting hurt when I fall. I am quite accident prone and had recently fell down a flight of concrete stairs. I was mostly okay. It got a big laugh.

    But, our Christmas requests were simplier (or should have been). I always thought it strange how Santa’s writing looked exactly like my mother’s written with her opposite hand…very distinct and how he liked the same cookies.


  5. Gareth in Thailand says:

    ONe trip to the supermarket and fish market, one trip to the shopping mall and its done. Never understood the fuss to be honest.

    Generally 23 or 24 Decemeber is when I do mine, normally due to circumstance if I go back to the UK (thats my only option). This year its by choice as I really don’t want to have anything other than fresh food and present options are limited as my guests have to fly on for a holiday and then back to the UK so don’t want bags of stuff to haul about. Those left in the UK get something from Amazon – bit of a result really.

  6. Jim says:

    NOTHING planned for the holidays yet at all TB – like Gareth – bit more last minute!

  7. Happy Zack says:

    All that is planned is to visit with the family, a holiday tradition, and eat some good home-cooked holiday food. This year we’re not swapping presents at all, you know, trying to fight the consumptive attitudes towards santa, and the media. ‘Tis the Season :)

  8. Real Talk says:

    I only hope ‘Santa’ will forego your daughters poor grammar and spelling. It disheartens me when kids are encouraged to embrace ‘gifts’ and the commercial aspect of Christmas as opposed to realising it is the birthdate of our lord jesus christ who died on the cross to absolve us all of our sins.

    I also like the irony of asking for a dinosaur on Jesus birthday as Christians can offer no explanation for them being around. Its the equivalent of asking a four by two at passover for a signed photo of jesus.

  9. Real Talk says:

    no ‘hating’ here- just a different perspective.

    apologies I did not know it was your son- I assumed it was a girl by the way it was dressed. do you think he could be gay? If he is I hope you will help him through it and not turn your back on him.

  10. Real Talk says:

    how am I trashing you son?? I merely asked if you would support him if he was gay. I t looks like I have struck a nerve. No offence was intended- I was merely trying to bond with you on this spiritual plane. hare krishna

  11. Real talk,

    I don’t know if you realize it or not, but you did not merely ask if TB would support him. You asked, in a way that made her defense because you said, and “not turn your back on him.” That has a much different tone.


  12. jcrn says:

    I can’t believe that someone would jump in and make a comment that was so insensitive about this lovely photo and the letter. Anyway, some people clearly think they are being “helpful” by judging others’ beliefs and the grammar in a child’s letter to Santa (sigh). Sorry, that happened to you, Taylor.

    • jcrn,

      I agree with you. I am sorry too.

      And what the heck is bonding on a spiritual plane when on one comment it is about Christianity and then about ending with “hare krishna.”


      • Taylor Blue says:

        Guess it was supposed to be a joke? One I’m not happy about I guess.. remember Always Blue …

        • I’m not happy about it either…I hope you keep the nice comments in your mind. That was a great letter and one that would make a mother proud. Always Blue…I had some issues over there with it. take care, CC

        • Taylor Blue says:

          I know CC, but what can we do right?

        • Sarah says:

          There is nothing to do TB except to ignore the harsh comments.

          Your son is cute and I guess you must have taught him well to be in such polite manners.. Good job TB..

          The letter is an inspiration for me. Picking one gift out of a million gift is indeed a ‘gift’ itself to you as a parent.

          :-) Enjoy life TB and have a nice holiday season (and an early Merry Christmas too).

  13. Real Talk says:

    a great letter?

    its a grammatical nightmare

    how is that great? the wholelsale slaying of the english language is reprehensible regardless of age. shalom

    • Taylor Blue says:

      he’s in grade one…and just learning to write… i will restrain myself from swearing…

      Jim where are you…can you please delete all real talks comments in all of my posts??

      • Jim says:

        Hi TB – I’ve let this thread roll as GSTF has always been unmoderated….
        Just started a poll on GSTF content for feedback – serious / fun / moderated and unmoderated.

        This community has to evolve with comments and freedom of speech and I admit it’s not always pretty.

  14. Real Talk says:


    very good Taylor Blue.

    if you are putting something up for comment you should note the comments that disagree with you as well as the meaningless platitudes you receive.

    All I see in reality is a child that associates Christmas with possessions and not spirituality. It would appear to me that your celebration of the birth of jesus is actually an opportunity to buy more stuff- to consume more. I hope you are proud.

  15. Taylor Blue says:

    It’s funny.. you really remind me of someone else that posted here with your nonsense English… Hmmmm

  16. Real Talk says:

    ‘nonsense English’

    sort your son out first then come back.

    its times like these I really feel for kids without a positive male role model in their lives.

    • Taylor Blue says:

      His dad lives with us if that is any of your business…and he’s in GRADE ONE…he is just learning.. seriously now…

    • Real Talk,

      Perhaps, we would understand better where you were coming from with your comments, if you spoke about yourself instead of focusing on TB’s son because I don’t understand the reason for your denigrating her son. Unless, you want to focus on yourself in your comments, I think it would be best if TB’s son is not discussed.

      TB, I know that I am defending you because you are my friend and I know about you and I want to protect your son as I would any family member of a friend.


  17. Lib says:

    That’s very cute Taylor, and I now want a spike the dinosaur.

  18. Troll Hater says:

    Why are you guys even listening to that troll “Real Talk.” The imbecile has nothing to do with his day than insult an innocent child. That is very “Godly” of him/her/it. I love how you also hide behind religion as many people do. I bet this person in real life does not utter a word to most people. They find the anonymity of the internet quite fabulous. Say what you want without being held accountable. Post a picture of yourself on a blog and link us so that we may judge you if you are so brave.

    You are so quick to slam”commercial aspects” of things yet you are responding to a blog on the internet while on a computer. If you don’t like it go back to your cave and stfu.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Svasti says:

      Wow! I wake up to discover, as ‘Troll Hater’ says, a new Troll here amongst us…

      Sigh… here we go again.

      TB – seriously, don’t listen to this weirdo. Sounds to me like another cat.

      Just put the cat out, stop paying it so much attention – let it go outside and piss all over its territory there… clearly whoever the Troll is and whether we’ve seen them here before or they’re someone new imaginging they’re someone who’s incredibly witty in the world of GSTF commentary… who knows?

      But let’s not keep giving them what they want.

      TB, don’t be offended by someone’s crappy and pointless putdowns…

    • Jim says:

      Welcome to GSTF troll hater and I LOVE your avatar!!
      What inspired that?

    • Real Talk says:

      I call upon Jesus Christ to strike you down troll hater

      you do realse the irony of slating me while hiding behind the name troll hater don’t you?


      Jesus invented the computer anyway and Moses came up with PC World

      MAC is the work of satan

      • Troll Hater says:

        You crack me up. Did you REALLY think because you “called upon” Jesus that I would be struck down? Here I am honey, happy and healthy.

        I don’t hide behind anything. I am a troll hater. There is no misrepresentation there. Is your real name “Real Talk?” Doubt it.

        You must feel like a “real man” by insulting another human being. Is it not easier to find a blog you do enjoy and could actually add something positive to? I do realize that you must not have been loved enough as a child and are probably unemployed because you have time to read all of the posts and comments by this author but your negativity is neither wanted nor appreciated.

        I find it HILARIOUS that you are offended that anyone would dare suggest that you are mentally ill or on medication. Do you realize that you are a joke? A disgusting, pathetic, troll with no life.

        While I agree that you have a right to your opinions, you do not have the right to spew your hate. Reply with whatever you like, without Taylor Blue I will find another blog to read.

        Keep hiding under that rock and know that you would never exist in the real world acting the way you represent yourself here.

        • Troll Hater,

          Are you leaving just because Taylor Blue has left. Was she the only reason that you stayed?


        • Real Talk says:

          Hi Troll Hater/Taylor Blue

          why even respond

          go and sort your gay son out- learn to love him

          or go to your own/ taylors great blog and read her semi literate mournful ramblings about aussie junkie heath ledger

          thanks for responding- good to know you still care

    • Jim says:

      Hey commercial posts are fine here troll hater – I’m about to post a GSTF xmas offer for flowers!!

  19. TB,

    I am sorry you felt like you needed to take down the picture of your son.


    • Jim says:

      Why was the image removed?

      I’m standing by not censoring GSTF – it;s the only way we’ll evolve.

      • Taylor Blue says:

        I’ll never be okay with allowing someone trash my family. Me is one thing…

        • Jim says:

          I agree trashing families isn’t acceptable….or anyone else.

          How shall we handle this as a community?

        • Taylor Blue says:

          I guess you don’t write anything with feeling?? Because how can you be certain of anything..

        • Jim says:

          Eh?? I don’t understand?

        • Taylor Blue says:

          I’m just saying…everything is going to be open to being trashed…I just don’t feel it’s appropriate to trash family (or the person) but if you don’t moderate anything is fair game and if you don’t moderate it it hurts everyone. I don’t know…I’m just really upset at the crack at my son.

        • Jim says:

          Ok agreed and sorry for the hurt at flowers – it’s the opportunity for the community to find a balance and stand together over these issues…

          I can’t agree that everyone is hurt at GSTF when negative comments come forth – its like the days of Olga & Drowsey Monkey who left over various 200 comment long threads – it wasn’t for them anymore.

          I still stand by not moderating even though we run the risk of the UAE /Dubai censors blocking the site if topics are breached and the line is crossed.

          It’s gotta be fun, that’s the message that keeps coming out of all this – as per Mike frenches latest media clip.

        • Taylor Blue says:

          Like I said..being trashed myself is one thing…and sometimes the comments from it are fun…but when you attack my family for the way he looks in a picture? That’s too far.

        • Jim says:

          Who attacked your family in the picture? Sorry I’m losing this thread now…..

      • Taylor Blue says:

        The image was removed because I wanted to…I wish I could delete this whole post…

        • Jim says:

          Ok it’s your post and your image – no problem with your decision to remove the image but such a shame.

        • Taylor Blue says:

          Real Talk by saying my son was gay by the colour of shirt he was wearing.

        • Jim says:

          Ok thanks for clarifying – sorry to dig it back up….

          I’ll keep this in mind for future guidelines but stand by not moderating comments at GSTF as it would kill it dead.

        • Taylor Blue says:

          You gotta do what you gotta do right?

        • Svasti says:

          [stat soap box rant]
          Jim – I had no idea that other people had left the garden in the past because of similar incidents…

          If you know that, then that’s hurting the very community you’re trying to build here. If one or two trolls can come in and wreak devestation like that, and if those affected find no recourse and decide its simpler to leave… you’ve got a leak.

          Also, its kind of crappy that those who want to write posts (such as GIT and AEP) blathering on about how negative other people are being… are clearly missing the irony of their own posts being grossly negative and critical. What about y’know, being part of the solution instead of bringing everyone down??

          I don’t agree with wholesale post moderation – that would be tiresome for all involved. But this is way past a matter of being ‘balanced’ now.

          Here’s the thing: I don’t feel like its just a community decision any more. I think, as founders, you have to decide what you’re okay with and what you’re not okay with. ‘Real’ Talk has been allowed to rudely denigrate one of your own contributors. Two other contributors

          Sure, the community should have their say, but ultimately the community leaders need to take a stand. Like, verbally being clearer as in – Real Talk (or whoever you are, you’ve probably been here before) – your comments are way out of line. You’ve hurt people and you continue to do so, gleefully and obnoxiously. Sorry buddy, but we’re deleting your comments from this post.

          Of course, there’s nothing stopping trolls changing usernames etc but there needs to be some action – instead of none.

          Because surely its better to show you care about the people in the community and demonstrate through action you’d rather undertake a little tough love and keep the good ‘uns?

          Surely GSTF should have some basic tenents like: Play by the rules of basic human decency or… well, just bugger off!

          Not everything can be made better with a virtual group hug.
          [end soap box rant]

        • Jim says:

          Thanks for your input Svasti its timely and appreciated…like any natural garden things have to be left to grow or to die with tlc everyday in the form of top content that is focused, alternative and can spark learning and often debate….there is a balance and as a community we have to moderate around the comments not the comments themselves – I firmly believe that is the way forward……

          We grow, learn and move on together…

          (((Group hug))) is the ultimate intention and to inspire others as we GO!

  20. TB,

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stir things up again. But, as I was going through the posts, I missed the picture. I really understand why you did it. But, I didn’t mean to make it worse for you.


    • Taylor Blue says:

      It’s not your fault CC.. I still love ya…

      • Svasti says:

        TB, I’m so sorry – I’ve been a little hectic of late and haven’t been making my rather loud voice heard quite enough in support of you and your post.

        Like P13 said, its delightful. I’m so sorry that one incredibly obnoxious person (possibly off their meds or something?) could upset you so much.

        I hope you don’t leave here – I wasn’t clear from what you’ve said that you would be? I hope that’s not the case…

        Anyway, I *still* love the Santa letter and the original intent of your post. It still stands as a beautiful, poignant reminder of the innocence of childhood.

        Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it that you did.


        • Jim says:

          A fairpoint Svasti – maybe meds do feature with others here at GSTF, something I’d not considered – all the more reason to help them through then by not moderating and asking why…..

        • Lib says:

          ‘Possibly off their meds or something’?

          If you think that their comment is down to an illness Svasti then I’m surprised that you are not more understanding.

          This has also highlighted how comments should be handled (not by censorship) rather than the content of the comment.

          All comments, quite rightly, as per Jim are not going to be moderated.

        • Real Talk says:

          ‘OFF THEIR MEDS’

          who ordered the snidey condescension? its arrived.

          what a disgusting comment- implying that anyone who disagrees with you is either a) mentally ill or b) mentally ill but not taking the correct medication

          do your gurus approve of your fantastic ability to label people?

          no wonder your boyfriend used to introduce you to the ‘language of the right hand’

  21. Real Talk says:

    hmmmmm taylor blue

    are you one of those people who lovs a comfort zone then runs away as soon as they ae challenged? have you done a lot of running away in your life- as soon as someone challenges you you bolt- leg it. you are in reality only running from your own insecurities and self hatred. shame.

    as for taking the photo down- its your call. It really doesn’t make a jot of difference to me. It does however illustrate that as soon as things aren’t EXACTLY as you want them you run off rather than face them. you are far to sensitive. god only knows how you will get through life is you continue to throw your toys out of the pram every time someone says something you do’t like.

    weren’t you the one who was offended when someone commented on body art? you forget that people could be ffended by you and your actions. you do know that to Jewish people tattoos are seen as offensive don’t you? as the nazis tattoeed jews to identify them. but you as ever only see the world through your myopic unchallenging non questioning viewpoint.

    what next? boo hoo I am going to play in the sandpit where people will all be nice to me all the time.



    • Taylor Blue says:

      Funny how you just arrive when talked about…I dont’ care what you have to say about my tattoos that’s me…but saying crap about my son is uncalled for. I don’t just run away when people say stuff because Urban has been quite mean to me and I never ran away. I am not answering you anymore or anyone for that matter anymore.

    • Purple13 says:

      if weer attacking grammar ere – shorly real tork shud bee startin iz scentences wiv capitol letters – you know, themz big letters?

      TB – So so sorry to see this ending this way – When I first saw your post – I thought what a delight – all that was innocent and intended – and of course it evoked all those memories of writing my own letters to Santa and as I got older and realised the truth – well lets just say i wrote a few replies and smudged a fair bit of soot for the benefit of my younger brother.

      You will be missed by so many – I won’t try to persuade you to stay – you’ve had a real hammering here and I’d probably do the same if it was my children that were under ‘discussion’.

      Please keep in touch – Jonathan.

      Note to Jim – Whilst I wrote and gave you my reasons for non-moderation – this is definitely one of those posts that should have been moderated – rules were made to be broken (Jeff Tracy – Thunderbirds the Movie). By any stretch of the imagination, this has got to come under personal attacks – something that a lot of other online communities won’t stand for or allow.

      I understand if you wish to remain impartial on the moderation – I’d be happy to press the ‘delete’ button anytime i’m asked to.

  22. Jim says:

    Real talk has stretched the limits here at flowers I guess……

    I’ll do what I have to do and let flowers roll….

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