Go! Enjoy a Few of My Favourite Raw Things…

Posted on December 4th, 2008 by angelastokes

Hello Flowers :)

As this is my first post here, I thought it would be polite to introduce myself, so here’s a quick summary of where I’m coming here from:

*born in England in ’78, raised on a mixture of corned beef, packaged cereals, space-hopper-ing, ’80s kids’ TV shows and fluorescent clothing…

*thyroid went under-active at the age of 11, started to gain weight, got into emotional eating patterns…and…ended up gaining weight constantly for a decade, until by age of 21, I was 21 stone/133kg/297lbs.

*introduced to raw food lifestyle in May 2002, aged 23, while living in Iceland. Went raw, released over 11 stone/70kg/160lbs in 2 years, reversing morbid obesity.

*Set up my website – RawReform.com – in 2004 – to share my weight loss story and help others lose weight naturally. Went on to produce books on eating raw, give talks, hold retreats, write a blog and most joyously and recently, make up SONGS about raw food ;)

Here is a raw food version of ‘A Few of My Favourite Things’ from the Sound of Music… I hope you enjoy…

YouTube Preview Image

Ok, I hope that gives a reasonable idea of my background for now – I’ll share more ideas around raw food in the future – it’s great to be part of the garden!

All love,
Angela. xxx

20 Responses to “Go! Enjoy a Few of My Favourite Raw Things…”

  1. A/C says:

    GDay Angie

    Welcome to flowers, love the clip….

    I am looking forward to reading your coming post..
    although a family of meat eaters here… My daughter and I do enjoy muching on the raw veges, carrots and mushrooms being amongst the favs….
    Looking forward also to weight loss tips as my waistline is very quickly heading in a east-west direction and gravity is taking hold even faster…

    Once again welcome and GDAY!

  2. Jim says:


    You’ll fit right in here and the hills are alive!

  3. earthmother says:

    Welcome to the garden! I know how you love to play in gardens.

    You’ve been an inspiration to me from the start of my own healing journey into Raw Food Land. Seventy pounds and counting… :D

    Adore all of your singing videos. Clever, clever girl. I particularly like the one where you and the Monarch both sing.

  4. Welcome Angela. Today at this moment has been the first time that I’ve been able to get the video to work. Fabulous job. I am really looking forward to you adding raw foods to the garden. Just don’t take away my coffee!!!


  5. Gareth in Thailand says:

    I wouldn’t eat the raw food from some of the local markets near me, you can only recognise what type of meat you are buying once the flies take off! Not the place I go to if I want to make beef carpaccio.
    I used to get sort of horse carpaccio in a nice Japanese restaurant in Changchun, if you can get hold of fresh horse its really different and very tasty, loads of soy and wasabi on the side sets it off a treat.
    Raw deer is also a treat if you interlace it with sliced ginger.

    Any other good tips for Sashimi or carpaccio style dishes?

    Welcome on board.

  6. Happy Zack says:

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about raw food diets, even things like how the can reverse diabetes. That’s an awesome story Angela! My parents are both overweight, possible obese, so I’ll have to tell about this. Thanks. Very inspiring :)

    • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:


      Here’s better free advice – buy them membership for a gym and tell them to eat less burgers

  7. Happy Zack says:

    Oh wow Angry, I never thought of that one. How brilliant. Would you recommend diet sodas and sugar-free lollipops too?

  8. Real Talk says:

    so basically Angela you were an unhappy child who used to binge on food to the point of obesity then got to a point in your life where you were more stable and ate a calorie reduced diet. And lo and behold the weight fell off.

    thats not the magic of raw food- thats simple scientific fact.

    you went from eating 4,000 cals a day to say 1,200 a day

    shock horror you lost weight and then got the health benefits from that

    or are you suggesting that ‘raw food’ stimulates the thyroid more effectively than cooked food. how? throug what mechanism? what ‘effect’ does the cooking have that negatively impacts the thyroid? what positive effect does the lack of cooking have on the thyroid?

    please tell

  9. Hi everyone,
    Mmmmm, thanks for the welcomes and all the comments :)
    Ooo, let us know how you get on with sharing the message with your parents, Happy Zack…
    Hi Real Talk, thanks for your interest and questions. From my perspective, eating raw food, straight from the Earth, is a simple way to bring our bodies back more into alignment with nature and true health. When we stop ingesting things that are more challenging for the body to use (e.g. highly processed foods), the body can move into healing, releasing stored toxins and reversing states of dis-ease…it has been a wonderful process to experience for me…and I send you all best wishes for your own health and healing too ;)
    All love,
    Angela. xxx

    • Jim says:

      Interesting basis and it clearly works for some – don’t forget to post your avatar Angela, your pic has gone!

      Any raw food recipes?

    • Real Talk says:

      so by your theory Angela before processed foods we were more healthy as a society.

      not true is it

      rates of infant mortality and life expectancy were awful

      in truth processing foods has led to peple being able to eat better and get the calories they need to survive

      as for ‘releasing toxins’ could you tell me exactly what toxins are released and through which mechanisms? I am interested in debating this however I see it as a fad if I am being honest.

      As for not eating flesh- animals who are ‘at nature’ do it on a daily basis- so the theory that it is bad for us would argue that ‘nature’ is bad for us- however your point is ‘nature is good’. do you drink unsterilised water? thats ‘natural. you don’t? why? because perhaps nature in itself can be exceptionaly cruel can’t it?

      and don’t forget that with ‘raw fruts’ you are essentially ingesting fructose- a simple sugar- nothing more (excluding enzymes for example like bromelain in pineapple which may aid with digestion. or possibly narginine in grapefruit which may increase metabolc rate and increase basal calorie usage.

      where do you get your protein from? and you do realise that without animal protein you are lacking esential amino acids don’t you? where do you get essential fats from? do you eat fish? how is fish any better than red meat? its still killing an animal isn’t it? eating veg is killing plants.

      I saw on here recently th wacko theory that we take ‘the energy of the dead animal’ on board when we eat them. a few questions.

      do animals in the wild also get effected by this? how?

      do you take on the ‘negative energy’ if you wear it as shoes/ a coat/ a belt / a bag? if not why not? if so- how?

      all these questions I have- with no answers. i ASKED ABOUT the thyroid cure you claimed- yet no evidence was forthcoming. I gave my theory as to why you lost weight- yet no counter evidence was forthcoming.

      this is not in any shape way or form an attack on anyone – its just I need to be able to rationalise and understand the theory and practive behind these extraordinary claims. feel free anyone to respond

      • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

        Real Talk

        I’ll have a go at a general answer.

        ‘I don’t know how but It just worked for me’. I didn’t have any real idea of what career i should follow, but when i went travelling i met this beautiful group of people who were sooooo nice and they were all into eating raw food. Some 40 something silk sarong wearing guy on the commune said it was better than murdering animals. Down with McDonalds. Anyway whilst i was in retreat on the beautiful desert island for 4 years, i started researching alternative therapies on the internet using the Sony Viao that mummy and daddy bought me. You know there’s so much information, evidence and proof published by reputable white coated practitioners available it convinced me. Iy has to be true – people wouldn’t lie! It was this abundance of independent clinical trials that led me to setting up a website and to start sharing my success with others. I make a small profit for each of the months supply of vitamin supplements i sell on the site, and the packaging is covered in the words organic, and printed in green ink, just for that authentic touch. Sorry i’m rambling (i do that in the UK as well – damn those farmers who put gates across public bridleway’s) – anyway selling my herbal remedies allows me to loaf around a lot in organic cafes, travel between holistic conferences meeting my spiritual friends and when the mood takes me to sit down plagerise some crackpots theories on medicine and put together coffee table (caffine free) health books.

        I hope in some way it answers your valid questions

      • Happy Zack says:

        Why debate whether this nutrient or this fat is good, or whether that raw veggie or that deep fried chicken is bad?… Just listen to your own body and find the right balance according to what it tells you. If you’re hungry, eat; If you’re getting fat or sickly, don’t eat crappy food; If you ate a processed food and you’re body reacted badly towards it, don’t eat it again; and if you don’t care about your health or the health of the environment, chow down. Everyone is different, so everyone will have a different diet. :)

        • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

          Because if the claims are not valid then the products being sold over the internet are being sold fraudulently.

          If they are valid then Angel Stokes needs as much publicity she can get because she has succeeded where the Atkins diet, the Cambridge programme, Rosemary Connolly etc have failed over the years

        • Happy Zack says:

          People have succeeded with the Atkins diet, the Cambridge programme, Rosemary Connolly, etc. People have succeeded with Raw foods and people have succeeded with processed foods. People have also failed with all of these and this is because there is no single diet that can fulfill every single person’s needs. If apples make you feel good, eat apples. If twinkies make you feel bad, don’t eat twinkies.

        • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

          All temporary fixes – last i heard all the shops that supported the Atkins diet had gone bust

          Let Angela ansewr for herself – she’s the one that is making the claims that her regime will help ‘you lose weight’

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