Go! Smell The New Music

Posted on November 29th, 2008 by taylorblue

In light of recent events I don’t feel like posting about anything. I’m kind of depressed at what the world is becoming.

But, I thought I would try to talk about something that means a lot to me. This is a picture of emzy.collins. He’s a musician based out of Detroit, Michigan. I have known him for almost a year now. I met him in a really funny way.  Heath Ledger had died and I was going around MySpace looking at all the tribute sites that were up for Heath. And then I had heard this most amazing song. It was by emzy.collins. I contacted him on MySpace and set up and interview. I have interviewed him three times now. He’s a different kind of musician, he really cares about his fans. He also does these live shows on the internet to help people like me get to see him live. We can also ask questions and find out more about him that way too. I just email him usually if I have a question. That’s what happens when you get to know him.

He’s unsigned at the moment. But I really would love to tell him I got him a record deal. I have tried everything possible to try and get him noticed. And by using what I know I hope it works. I thought I would include my favorite song by him. So you can judge for yourself.

What’s really neat about emzy is that he has never taken a music lesson in his life. You can look at it bad or good. He can listen to a song and then play it. I wish I had that talent!

What is something you wish you could do for someone?

YouTube Preview Image

Images belong to emzy.collins.

12 Responses to “Go! Smell The New Music”

  1. JacquelineFromCanada says:

    very talented indeed, great sound.

    What is something you wish you could do for someone?

    mend a heart.

  2. JacquelineFromCanada says:

    do you know where can i download his music? “we’re all standing” gives me goosebumps. thank you for some balance of beauty in these trying times, taylorblue.

    • Taylor Blue says:

      You can buy his music on his website in the store… http://www.emzycollins.com/store/
      but he doesn’t have that song up to download yet, he wants to rework it yet. He literally wrote it the day Heath died. I love that song so much and it gives me the shivers every time I listen to it too. :)

      I’m happy to share emzy with everyone, listening to his music makes me feel happy. :)

  3. Jim says:

    Great tunes Taylor blue and a new artist for me to introduce to my ipod!

    How did you learn about him and has he replaced your loss over heath?

    • Taylor Blue says:

      I just found him by accident a couple of days after Heath died. So I’ve known him for a long time. But, sadly no….I was just at McDonald’s yesterday when someone asked me who did my sleeve. And I said my tattoo artist also tattooed Heath the girl that asked me kept going on how it was an accident. I guess I’m not the only one that’s not over him.

  4. Svasti says:

    He has a great sound TB – very soulful. I’ve just been watching “I’m Not There” and its stunning even now to realise Heath is gone forever. Such a talent he had! So vibrant. Thanks for the tip on new music?

    Something I wish I could do for someone? Similar, I wish I could somehow arrange for a good friend of mine to get a book deal. That would be fantastic! :)

  5. arvind says:

    Great sound and voice!

    Something I wish I could do for someone? I wish I could somehow supply food for all the starving children of the world.

    I am sure that will happen in our lifetime :-)

  6. Real Talk says:

    no problem

    write about whatever you feel it is a free country

    why do you think he hasn’t been signed? objectively? is he just too samey? or does he lack social skills or marketing ability?

    Interesting you mentioned Heath Ledger- a chum of mine has penned a song about his death . Its a haunting melody with a subtle message. Unfortunately it appears that unlike princess diana spencer the public has all but forgotten about heath and there is little interest in my chums tribute ‘selfish dope fiend doesn’t love his daughter. shame as its got a catch rap in the middle

    ‘popping pills in the big NYC
    ketamine temazepam and a load of e
    should have manned up and thought about my child
    but would rather pop pills and end up wild
    died with a measly 50 g’s in the account
    got taken from behind on brokeback mount
    bit part player gambling like in poker
    lets face it steve gutenberg would have been a better joker’

    its catchy homies don’t cha think?

  7. Taylor Blue says:

    I’m not saying he is the most amazing musician, he’s a friend and I think he’s great. SO isn’t that okay to talk about him like that?

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