In memory of tourists targeted in Mumbai….

Posted on November 27th, 2008 by Jim

Jim here just learning about the shocking attacks aimed at British & American tourists in Mumbai, home to our flowers design team and Flora 2000. Only 2 months ago I wrote how I’d revisited Leopold’s, tucked into Maximum City by Suketu Mehta whilst resisting the temptation to wade into a chimney of beer: This place is currently cleaning up the mess where 80 tourists are believed to have been killed and 250 injured at Leopold’s and several hotels near the gate of India.

My thoughts are with all affected and it’s eerie to learn of this having recently visited and I well remember the warmth of the staff at Leopold’s bar which was rumoured to be an inspirition for a film version of the book Shanataram.

Is anywhere safe as man destroys man? Do tell.

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  1. A/C says:

    I hope all the Gang is Alright
    As I sit here listening to the what is happening, reports of Hostages, gun men, those trapped and hiding in the two motels…
    20 strong delegation from OZ staying in the Oberoy Motel are unaccounted for…

    Another Nutter Extremist Islamic group taking responsibility..

    Our prays and blessings to those in Mumbai, those we know and those we dont….


    The only Safe place I can think of is Where I am…. Worlds End…

  2. I’m so glad that you wrote about this. It is so horrific and disturbing. I hope flowers people are okay…I was wondering about that as I heard the news. I pray for all those effected by this. I really can’t think of a safe place…which is a lot for one’s head to come to terms with. Do keep us updated please.

    (Our news is being eclipsed by potential mudslides due to the rain and a minor earthquake in the areas where there were wildfires) I heard the news on the radio and read about it online.

  3. arvind says:

    This is incredibly sad news.

    I only found out this evening when a friend texted me to ask if my friends in Mumbai are okay. It was quite a shock to see the home page of the BBC and then the video taken at the front of the Taj Hotel. Only a few years I remember getting off a taxi just outside here.

    I do have some friends in Mumbai and will be talking to them in the morning to make sure they are all okay. Let us hope that all the Flowers team are safe and sound too.

    I cannot understand the thinking behind such acts of barbarity and cowardice. Even less so, I cannot even begin to know what pain the loved ones of those dead will be going through right now. My prayers and thoughts are with such people tonight.

    I called my mother earlier in the evening to tell her about the bombings – and bless her she was watching the India versus England cricket highlights on another channel.

    When I told her about the bombings, she just said one word to me which just about sums up everything. She said:-


    Yes, indeed. Why?

    And for what end?

  4. Svasti says:

    So sad… I first heard of this on Twitter because I don’t really watch TV much… my thoughts and prayers are with those affected :(

  5. Ange says:

    It is very sad news about this tragic event. My heart goes out to those affected. Stay safe Flowers team.

  6. Jim says:

    An email just in from flowers founder RYK based in Mumbai:

    Hi Jim,
    the situation is tragic. Armed men have attacked 10 spots in Bombay with machine guns and grenades. The spots are all south bombay, such as Colaba, Nariman Point, VT, Neapensea road, etc. 100s have been killed and many more injured. The entire Taj has been set on fire and is likely to burn down. 100s are being held hostage in the Oberoi. The gunmen appear very skilled, equipped and co-ordinated, they meticulously took down the all the police chiefs with amazing aim. They have hijacked several police vehicles and are going around shooting. News has come bombs being brought in by speed boat and being docked around the city. It’s completely unreal.

    Lets hope this thing stops!

  7. Jim says:

    WHY attack Mumbai though?

    Is it Kashmir? Pakistan? Hindu extremists? Islamist militants?

    All set to destablise another part of the world.

    • arvind says:

      Jim, whoever is behind this, I really hope that the world does not go through another round of muslim bashing and Islamophobia.

      We have had so much of that over the last 7 years since 9/11 and it serves no purpose except alienate a rich and valued part of our community.

      As RYK may be able to confirm as and when he comes online here, there are extreme Hindus and other factions in India and elsewhere.

      I also find it hard to believe that atrocities on such a large scale could have been achieved by just one minority extremist group.

      This is just so tragic and sad and I still can’t believe what has happened and that this is going on.


      • Blue Collar Goddess says:

        As Deepak Chopra said, “You know, this is Obama’s opportunity to actually harness the help of the Muslims.”

        Chopra: I think Mr. Obama has a real opportunity here, but a challenging opportunity, a creative opportunity.

        Get rid of the phrase “war on terrorism.” Ask for a creative solution in which we all participate.

        King: Is it because the war on terrorism really can never be won because the terrorists (inaudible)?

        Chopra: Because it’s an oxymoron. It’s an oxymoron, Larry, a war on war, a war on terrorism.

  8. Mike says:

    Horrific news and one that strikes closer to home Jim when you’ve recently been there and with the Fora2000 team out there. It really is a crazy world full of madman, there was a picture on the news of one of them caught on the hotel’s cctv and he just looked evil. :-(

  9. Lib says:

    Apparently its a group called the Deccan Mujahideen but this could be an assumed name. Apparently they want freedom for Indian prisoners. Thats alright then.

    My thoughts are with everyone in Mumbai, especially the hostages.

  10. Taylor Blue says:

    Such a bad day it was yesterday with the mud slides and this. I honestly tried to stay away from the news..and still haven’t read what really happened because emotionally I can’t take it right now. I get so upset about these things sand it does no one any good.

    In Calgary there has been so many drive by shootings that sometimes I wonder if it’s safe to walk outside. I can easily see myself as one of those people that won’t leave my house even though it’s not really safe anywhere. They can shoot you in your house too.

    It’s sad to what the world is becoming.

  11. Blue Collar Goddess says:

    It’s a day of “Thanksgiving” here — in the USofA — I opened my email to this horror, and immediately my mood was changed from one of joy to grief.

    This is appalling.

    I was compelled to read the interview Larry King had with Deepak Chopra here:

    • BCG,

      In reading your comment, I thought that it has become a day to be thankful to be alive. Which is keeping in the true holiday spirit. The original Thanksgiving celebration was a reminder as a thanksgiving to God for bringing them through their travels, harsh winter where many perished, for making new friends and for the bountiful harvest. They were thankful to be alive and have plenty. It reminds me to be thankful to be alive. It doesn’t alter the truth of what is going on, but just a different perspective on Thanksgiving.


  12. Lil'thoughts says:

    I’m shocked and sadden by the news. I hope our friends are safe and this will end soon. The people of India are in our prayers.

  13. Deep says:

    The time is bad… really bad.. I think it’s time that India should wakeup and give maximum and strict punishment to these guys so that they dont dare to repeat the same mistake again.

    I also hope that, we get lot more faster in killing these guys… it’s been more than 24 hours but still I can see people in Oberoi and Nariman House.. Taj is almost been cleared..

  14. Svasti says:

    Something that’s really bothering me about these attacks… is that as horrific as they are… the response here from people is so much less than either 9/11 or the Bali Bombings… people here in Australia don’t seem to be as outraged despite the fact that Australians were there – some died, and some escaped.

    I don’t understand why?? I’m so sadenned I can’t watch too much of the news.

    On another related and horrible note, check out this story:

    • Jim says:

      Even google can’t have that human touch – too clever for its own good sometimes!

    • RYK says:

      How does one react Svasti? By going out and seeking revenge? By attacking a country? There cannot be victory in that or even a solution. That formula has been tried and has failed with extremely negative global repercussions.

      Or react by mourning and raising a verbal outcry.

      The reaction needs to be different, one needs to focus on building an inclusive society, a society that does not alienate anyone, a society that teaches honour and respect, not just success (at any cost). I hope wisdom prevails on all and society takes step (and not just words) in the right direction.

      • Svasti says:

        Hey RYK,

        I agree with your other post, which I’m in the process of commenting on. Nope, attacking another country does little and most likely barely touches those who are responsible… and that’s definitely not the whole country.

        No I was talking about people’s emotional reaction in the streets. After those other bombings I mentioned, people were much nicer to each other, there was a palpable sense of love in the air.

        Cynically I notice the bombings are getting more media attention here now that several Aussies have been confirmed dead. And that bothers me too. That we only seemed to start paying attention once some of our own were impacted.

        I send many prayers and blessings to you, your family and the whole of Mother India. I hope she steers steadily through this horrible time…

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