Go! Smell The Angry Mom

Posted on November 26th, 2008 by taylorblue

Hi there, Taylor Blue from western Canada here. I am a mom. Sometimes being a mom really conflicts with my job, I really want to sometimes say one thing but end up saying another because I am paid to write. Personal feelings aside.

I was going to write about something else mom related but why not just put this out on the table. My daughter was at school the other day and they asked her what her mom did for a job. My daughter answered the teacher that her mom stayed at home and wrote celebrity gossip on websites all day. Now, what the teacher said back is something I wonder if I should talk to the teacher about because to me it was quite rude. She said to my daughter…that’s something you shouldn’t be proud of.

The teacher’s reasoning was that the media tries to twist things to their advantage. I admit to that. I do it every day. But I don’t throw my morals out at the door. I’m also able to tell my daughter which stories to believe and which ones are fake when we stand at a grocery store and look at the tabloids. I am really insulted that a teacher would say that to my daughter without meeting me.

When I am writing a story I do try to word it to lead people on. But I never go through with it. I take the job really personally and I don’t like to make fun of people. But, people like to read mean. So sometimes, I have some celebrities that get on my nerves I may let go and be snarky. Now, there is a difference between the two. Snarky is being silly, mean is just being mean.

Somethings you just have to do…

What do you wish you could take back that you said about someone?

20 Responses to “Go! Smell The Angry Mom”

  1. Jessica Rae says:

    You are almost always very nice – I can’t even think of a time when you haven’t been! Now, it’s true (and sad) that the most popular celeb gossip places are the ones that are MEAN (like thesuperficial and perez). People have connotations of ‘celeb gossip blogging’ with those cites, and TMZ and stuff. But would that teacher say anything like that to someone like Ellen who talks about the gossip on her show sometimes, just as a joke – or Jay Leno, the crazies on The View, The people on Entertainment Tonight, Regis and Kelly? It’s the entertainment world! That teacher should NEVER have said that, especially not to your DAUGHTER, in front of everyone. I would take it up with the teacher or principal, because that insults a million people. This teacher sounds horrible. Someone needs to teach her some manners.

    • Taylor Blue says:

      You do have a point…PEREZ is always mean. But most people do think that it’s all garbage and not really worth anyone’s time. But still no one should ever say that about their mom. My daughter is proud of me because she sees it makes me happy. That’s all that matters right?

  2. O'DB says:

    too many faux pas to mention. socially I’ve got plenty of lines (& actions) that at the time (often under alcoholic duress) seemed hilarious, but fell flat or worse unintentionally offended.

    makes me laugh when someone in the spotlight of a major screw up will inevitably state they wouldn’t change a thing – what nothing, even though you’re sleb/political career is down the pan, you’ve lost friends, hurt people close to you & you’d choose not to change any of it, not a jot. i understand the idea of living through the bad, taking the rough with the smooth & all that taken as inherent potential character building, but surely there’s some things that you learn little or nothing from & would far prefer to scrub them.

    anyhow, rant over against the ‘wouldn’t change a thing’ fraternity. good luck with putting the teacher to rights – he/she sounds a touch on the self important side so needs bringing down a peg or 2.

    • Taylor Blue says:

      Are you saying that I’m a screw up?? Because I’ve not sure how you gathered that out of my post… Please explain.

      • O'DB says:

        no, TB, you got the wrong end of the stick.

        I went off on a tangent about people saying things they shouldn’t have/making mistakes & then stating how, if given the chance, they wouldn’t change a thing. A general comment, not directed at you. Not sure how you made the leap from generic to personal but guess it just highlights that sometimes what’s on the page doesn’t translate its intended meaning, writing versus face to face, even more so across countries, continents & cultures (though Canadians often seem closest to the British in cultural references & mores, so e.g. humour is often easily received between the two cultures, even more surprising that my comments were misconstrued). Apologies if the misunderstanding caused any offence.

  3. A/C says:

    Hey Taylor

    Hmmm Some things given Hindsight I would take back but not many… probably my biggest was “I DO!” what I should have was NO NOPE NOT TODAY! RUN FOR THE HILLS>>> a more fitting response..

    As for that teacher, if she was my daughters teacher… I would be up at that school, in the classroom and asking her directly to her face…

    ONE where does she think she is getting off telling my daughter that rubbish, given she has no idea what I write, how I write or the content of anything I happen to be writting

    TWO I do NOT think her teaching techniques are something she, the school nor the education system as a whole should be proud of..

    and THREE Her comments are bordering on Slander, shows a bias against my child and for this you are tempted to logged a formal complaint with the education Department…

    I would finish her off with If I ever hear a single comment denigrating my occupation or my daughters opinion of her mother again you shall be seeking formal legal advice and sueing her so far into poverty she would be begging for one on your stories if only to use a blanket….

    Hubby just said… and this is great…. When you get a really good paycheck… take it to the school… wave it in her face and say Up yours ^#$@% Hmmm … you are to nice to something like that… or I would Just go and punch her in the face.. the cow….

    • Ange says:

      I agree with everything you have said here A/C.. except that lodging a formal complaint may be going a tad too far for me. They always get theirs back… it’s called karma!

      Taylor, if one of my kids teachers ever said anything like that to them, I would be up there asking her to clarify what she said and not to judge me before she had even met me. It’s not a very good example to teach our children… especially from an educator! Take pride in the fact that what you do is what you love doing. I’m sure your daughter thinks the world of you :)

  4. Jim says:

    Agreed with AC & Ange,

    I wish I could take back an email I wrote about Urban Pagan a few months ago -it was sent to him way later out of the context in which it was written and we’ve not spoken since – hence his absence at flowers despite my efforts to get back on board with him. :-

    ( Meeting at xmas to try and patch things up – I’ll never pass judgement on email about anyone again – ever.

    Lesson learnt.

  5. I agree with AC and Ange. My first thought was who the h**l is she to judge what you do and tell your daughter!! Ooooh, am I pissed, oops, ticked off. I would have been down to the school taking to the principal after I cooled down.

    I have too many things that I want to take back of what I’ve said or written to others. But, I also have a problem, in that, whenever I am just myself, my first reaction is to want to take back what I said no matter what it is. However, blogging and especially here where there are differing opinions, I am growing in that area and more comfortable with who I am…I do have a ways to go.

  6. arvind says:

    As for your question, TaylorBlue, about taking back something I had said about someone, I have had my usual mix of emails sent in error to the person being discussed! Nothing ever serious though and no long term damage done.

    I have since tried not to partake in any “gossip” and the way I was taught this by a friend was to imagine that the person I was talking about could hear me! That now encourages me to only speak good things about others or not to say anything at all.

    My next challenge is to learn to be gentler to myself and calm down or even switch off that little voice inside of me that is constantly talking about…ME. And it is not always good, positive stuff.

    OK – time to take back all those negative things I said about myself. All ideas and suggestions most welcome :-)

    • Arvind,

      Talk back to those thought like you might say for a friend. Try turning them into positive self statements. I have the same struggles. Try reading a book on Rational-Emotive Therapy or Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy or a book on self-talk. You seem to put books to good use. It will teach you some practical tools. Sorry, I don’t have specific books to recommend.


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