Go! Make some Mango Ice-Cream!

Posted on November 23rd, 2008 by god

Arvind here on a very cold, icy day in Coventry (middle of England). The weather has become bitingly cold here and it is all down to some Arctic winds.

So on a day like this, would you have some hot chocolate or what? However, how about making your own exotic ice-cream at home? On an icy day like this, it is a question of if you can’t beat them, join them!

Being an accomplished cook with Indian food, someone on Flowers recently asked me for my food tips and here is my recipe for an exotic Indian ice-cream.

Many a time when I have had friends for dinner, I have served this wonderful mango saffron ice cream which has gone down really well. It is easy to make and takes very little time:-

• Tub of vanilla ice cream
• Can of mango pulp (or the pulp from 2 large mangoes)
• Small carton of double cream
• Saffron


Get a large mixing bowl.
Add the ice cream and mango pulp.
Mix well till consistent and the ice cream has melted a bit.
Add the double cream and mix well again.
Finally add a sprinkling of saffron and blend.
Put in large plastic tubs or serving dishes and leave in freezer till solid again.

You could be really creative and make a saffron heart as in the pictures above and below :-)

Leave in fridge for half an hour before serving to allow ice cream to soften. Share and enjoy. Simply divine!

It doesn’t take a lot to bring more joy into our lives and to share our goodness. So as you feast on this ice cream, please do share your recipes to “warm” up or “cool” down any day…

And how do you share some of the goodness in your life?

hearty ice cream!

13 Responses to “Go! Make some Mango Ice-Cream!”

  1. Arvind,

    Even though I don’t like mango, you make that sound so good. I like my own homemade vanilla bean ice cream. My favorite thing to warm up with is an excellent non-fat latte in a quiet coffee house with my husband and I enjoying each others company. The smell of coffee makes me happy…really happy!!!

    For cooling down, ice cold homemade lemonade in an air conditioned home or ice cream…

    …man, now I want ice cream!!!

    Have you had garlic ice cream…surprisingly it is quite good and refreshing. Warning, you may smell like garlic for a week.


  2. Emma says:

    Yum, sounds delicious Arvind, thank you.

    I’m with you CC on the air conditioning. Not very environmentally friendly but very necessary in the fifty degree heat of the Dubai summers. I have also started to put my face and body cream in the fridge – heavenly on a hot day. On a cold day (not too many around here) I can’t resist a glass of vin chaud, or spiced wine. Delicious.

    As for sharing some goodness, sometimes all it takes is a smile and a kind word to those who yoe feel need it at that moment in time. :)

  3. Jim says:

    A carton of double cream Arvind…..

    Blimey – is this posted under health?

    Maybe a smoothie version would work?

  4. A/C says:


    I must say looks and sound tasty.. BUT
    you have commited a sin

    YES I am afraid you have…

    Firstly you are using tinned mangoes… ARGHHHHHHH
    Fresh is the only way to go.. :) OK I know you are in the UK but hey no excuse.. lol…
    and second you are want me to mash them up and pollute their awesome flavour with Ice Cream.. arghhhhhhh

    No no you slice them gently, you place them lovingly atop you ice cream then you devour them….

    In the full understand of why they are the Fruit of the Gods….

    One of benefits of Christmas in Oz

    • Arvind says:

      A/C – the best mangoes in the world are from India – Alphonso and Kesar are the names. They are normally in season for a few weeks from April each year and here in London we do get some crates if we are lucky.

      Now if I had THOSE mangoes, I wouldn’t even bother with the ice cream :-)

      • Gareth in Thailand says:

        Mango every morning for breakfast as well as Papaya, pineapple and banana – all freshly picked the day before, no need for ice cream. Not sure about your Indian ones being the best as I’ve had great mango fruit all over Asia but I suspect you might be a little biased there Mr Devalia.

  5. Purple13 says:

    Double cream… can I substitute for clotted cream???? (ha ha Jim!)

    SOunds great and with the weather, you don’t need a fridge to set it – just place it outside the door.

  6. Lib says:

    I am soooo trying this Arvind! Thanks.

    Do you know how long saffron keeps for?

    • Arvind says:

      Lib – saffron keeps for years if kept in a tightly sealed container.

      To get even more of its essence, best thing is to soak a few strands of saffron in a few spoonfuls of boiling water for 15 minutes before adding to the ice cream mixture.

      Good luck – and enjoy!

      Do let us know on here how you got on :-)

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