Go Smell the Power of the Gods! Queensland

Posted on November 21st, 2008 by A/C

200mm = 20cm = 10 inches of rain in less than two hours, 11 million litres of water in the City tunnel, 200,000+ homes without power, hail stones the size of Cricket Balls, 6,000 homes totally beyond repair, thousands evacuated, hundreds rescued, 25 schools closed many needing to be partly rebuilt.

And that’s only the small statistics.

No its not the latest Disaster movie!


Welcome to Queensland.

Natural Disaster Zone!

3000 Lightening strikes in 2 hours. Who needs Special Effects when nature provides a show like this.

YouTube Preview Image

This past week has been totally frustrating and terrifying for residence of Brisbane and the outer suburbs in South Eastern Queensland.  It all began on Sunday when the suburbs were hit by a massive thunder storm, blacking out 145,000 homes, and dumping 70 mm of rain in 30 minutes, tearing the roof off dozens of homes under cyclonic conditions and saw the death of a young man trapped in a storm water drain. Now normally we would go ‘oh that’s bad’, ‘oh those poor folks’, we might make a donation or 2 to help them out, call family and friends in the areas and all the usual reaction to such events.

That would have been that, BUT whilst still cleaning up, restoring power, tarping roofs and delivering supplies, the area was hit by yet another storm, this one was a mother of a storm, Dropping over 200mm NO NOT A TYPO. 200 mm 20 cms or 10 inches of rain in less than two hours.

Don’t Believe me then watch this:

YouTube Preview Image

Several thousands homes once again lost power, sustained damage, and many of them were the same homes hit by the first storm.  But it hasn’t ended there, last night another storm Yes a 3rd in 5 days past by, this one casing havoc in a mining town called Blackwater, once again, homes lost their roof, power and were flooded.

The upside, if there is one, creeks which haven’t seen water for more than 12 years are flowing, rural farm dams are full, town water storages are over flowing, paddocks will be green, stock will have feed and farmers will be reaping the rewards for years to come.

However there is more coming and storm warnings are being issued for the next few days, and still the Cricket goes on, Australia v New Zealand at the Gabba. The world might come to an end tomorrow but nothing gets in the way of the Cricket.

Australia has been in drought for many years now, with town’s water supplies either gone or undrinkable, farmers shooting or selling stock, orchards being mowed down, crops failing and water restrictions and fines nations wide.  The first storm was being touted as a once in 25-year event, however these past 5 days are unprecedented.

There are two topics on the lips of people these days, the possible Looming Recession and Climate Change.

Slowly these storms are being held up as the start of the extreme weather conditions we can expect.  My family were looking at possibly moving to Queensland, but after these events we are reconsidering our options.

Would you consider moving here now?

No answers so far have been forth coming, if this is the start of the extreme weather conditions we have been warned about what precautions will you be taking?

Perhaps it is the drought breaking and a culmination of the Countries prays being answered all at once.

Climate Change?

Or just the drought Breaking?

Part of the Natural Cycle perhaps?

your thoughts, comments most welcome!

The cyclones haven’t arrived yet! That’s next month

8 Responses to “Go Smell the Power of the Gods! Queensland”

  1. Jim says:

    Those are some serious stats AC – I can’t help wishing Orange County in California could have some of that rain and help put the fires out – maybe Mother Earth is crying out for help as she tries to cleanse herself?

    Dare I bring back the 2012 call where extreme weather conditions have been predicted during 2000 and 2012? Tsunami, monsoons, fires & rains…
    (((Evil laugh?)))

    • A/C says:

      I know mate.. the storms have been huge, another set predicted for tonight however the storms have gone… just disappeared.. the weather bureau are puzzled, a few days they are saying, but now arent sure…

      We now have Snow in Thedbo the ski fields in spring totally out of sync, flooding in Melbourne, storms and gale force winds in Sydney and we are currently on alert for damaging winds, there is talk of a white Christmas…. It will be summer Christmas is suppose to be 30 + not snowing….. ARGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

      2012 hmmm.. I here you……. we need the rain to break the drought, but those fires yes could do with a drenching or two….

      • Drenching wouldn’t of helped the fires because it would have created flashflooding without the foilage to hold the soil we would have mudslides moving and filling homes with tons of rain. Rain is expected next week and that is the fear. The thing that helped fighting the fires the most was the reduction of wind. We get high warm/hot winds out here. Some small showers would have been nice too. It also would have kept the ash from covering everything…we were 15-20 miles from the fires, but we were covered in ash and I couldn’t breathe well outside or inside with my sinuses and allergies plus it was unhealthy air quality conditions for everyone.

        We are in drought, but when you have sudden intense downpours like you showed. The weathercasters tell us that it doesn’t comeback as adding to our water supply as it is too much for the soil to absorb for it to be really useful. I’m not saying that it isn’t useful at all, but not as much as we think.

        • Jim says:

          A fairpoint CC – maybe to use the old ‘putting the kitchen fire out’ by using the rain to soak blankets and drop them to stavew the fire of o2? Maybe that might work?

          Are the fires getting closer to you in Orange County by the way?

        • The fires are mostly out, but they firefighters now have to go through everything a clean up. Meaning that they have to uncover areas to make sure there isn’t anything smoldering. It is hard shoval and dirt work.

          I don’t know what would work. But, you wouldn’t put a kitchen fire out with water. It just spreads the fire. Best thing is a pot lid or baking soda which I leave within easy access to the stove.

    • The wildfires are supposed to happen as nature’s natural way of cleansing and renewing itself, but now people live there. And these were fires were started by man, (not arson…accidental) and we are in still natures path.

      Who what flooding…amazing footage. We have situations like that in the US and people continue to live with it. Just like in Southern California, you learn to live with earthquakes, wildfires, landslides, flashflooding, riots, and demonstrations. Other parts live with tornados, hurricanes, flooding, avalanches, lightining storms, snowstorms, and thunder showers.

      I would want to know if that was something that is common to the area and where the “more vulnerable areas are.” For instance, strangely we do not live in a flood, earthquake or fire zone area. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be affected, but that it is highly unlikely with the exception of an earthquake depending on the magnitude.

      I think natural and “man-made” disasters occur to some degree everywhere and it is what you can get used to adjusting to. Me, I can deal how we are effected, but I’ve lived in the same city for 33 years. The biggest things that I’ve encountered are earthquakes (no major damage, minor losses) and flooding (driving routes, not home).

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