Go See The Vampires!

Posted on November 15th, 2008 by taylorblue

This is the book I just finished hereĀ  in Canada, called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It’s about a girl who moves in with her dad and soon falls for a vampire. The book explores how these two love each other so much but they just can’t be together because she is human and he is a vampire. The movie, Twilight, comes out November 21st. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon of Twilight lovers. It all happened because the movie company sent me the trailer for the movie and as soon as I saw it I was hooked.

I have never been into the science fiction/ vampire thing, but, I did read almost all of the Harry Potter books when they became popular, so I knew I would love these too. The Harry Potter books gave me nightmares at night when not one Stephen King book ever had.

There’s something to be said when it comes to a cult following. You can always find someone to talk to about it. (I mostly use Twitter for that!) I mentioned at the bus stop the other day that I was reading the Twilight series and all the moms went, “Ahhhh…” each of them had been bitten by the same bug I had.

Some people say the book is hard to read. I find it the opposite. I haven’t been able to read a book for over a year and this one held my attention.

Which book do you wish they could turn into a movie? Do tell!

14 Responses to “Go See The Vampires!”

  1. Barbara Gallon! says:

    Dearest Taylor blue
    i shall endeavor to engage in some polite conversattioin with you once more
    after all i am not a lady to harbor grudges
    it is just not my way
    but I have some questions for you
    why would you think that vampires or that fine character created by that british lady author are science fiction?
    Why surely the correct genre would be a hybrid of fantasy and supernatural my dear

    • Barbara Gallon! says:

      Ooops! How rude of me dear taylor,
      why i nearly forgot to answer your question
      now i do declare if anyone could turn websters dictionary into film that would be a major achievement
      and i believe i would simply have to see the finished result

      • mike says:

        Although knowing the film industry The Collins English dictionary would be made at the same time and the two films would have to fight it out at the box office

    • Taylor Blue says:

      Yes, you are right about that..excuse my ignorance.

  2. Jim says:

    Book to a movie?

    Siddharta by Herman Hesse!
    OR SEAGULL by Richard Bach.

    Both would work and are well timed…

  3. Svasti says:

    TB, I have to admit I’ve been bitten by the Twilight bug too. I found these books astonishingly easy to read, and very addictive. I’ve actually read the whole series to date. It was like a drug – a cheap, trashy but delicious drug! I don’t know that they’re spectacularly literary books but they definitely capture a number of themes that attract women – they play on the every day mythology we gals were spoonfed as children. You know – that your prince will come, you’ll live happily ever after, men are meant to take care of women, blah blah blah…

    Nice romanticism, but hardly practical. Unashamedly I enjoyed the escapism. Its totally different reading material from my usual yoga/philosophy material but I couldn’t care less! I think its ridiculous to say “oh I only ever read xxxx kinds of books”. Most likely its untrue anyway, and its blatant elitism and snobbery too. So, I say yay for the Twilight series!!

    I’ve always been a fan of vampire movies and in fact regularly have vampire dreams. Weird, sure. But true. My favourite vamp dreams are the ones where I get bitten myself because then I get some superpowers, like flying! They’re always seriously fun dreams, not bloody. I have no idea why…

    Book to movie? I’m actually not a fan of books to movies in general because I always hate that they cut big chunks of the detail from the story to make it into a decent length movie. I was really scared about the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but Peter Jackson did a really great job.

  4. A/C says:

    Hey Taylor

    Being an Avid Harry Potter fan, member of the leaky Cauldron, member of the JK Rowlings site amongst others, read all the Harry Potters Books, drove 3 hours to get the 7th then read it over the weekend and finished (new HP book mum on strick get your dinner I am busy :) )

    I seriously hear you… So Twilight is that good.. Apart from HP I totally love Vampire books and movies, Interview with a Vampire, Ann Rice series, Dusk till Dawn, Resident Evil, Blade etc…. Hmmm so long as the Gore is keep to a minimum I am there….

    At the moment I am reading the Xanth Series by Piers Anthony and would love to see these on film… however I think the stories and the description of this strange land would be far to hard to re-creat.. next one though would have to be one which Bo snr and Gareth suggested Good Omen it has a cult following and is just to good not to filmed…. hmmmm

  5. Emma says:

    Hi Taylor Blue,

    Not read those books, and am putting them on my list – sound great!

    I would rather see a movie or read a book but not both. When I am reading a book, my imagination goes into overdrive and I see the movie in my head anyway. (I am a very visual person and see pictures as my learning chanel!).

    Therefore my egotistical film director self would not think that anyone could do a better job than me of making a book that I had read, into a movie. On the times I have seen the film after reading a book (eg Harry Potter) I almost end up getting confused as it is a very different cast from mine! :)

    • Taylor Blue says:

      That happens to me too, especially with the Stephen King books I read and then the movie would come out. I was really disappointed in Misery the movie because it didn’t go nearly as in depth as the book did. And she only broke his legs in the movie..in the book she cut them off. Sometimes, it’s just better to read the book.

      For Twilight, what I have seen of previews it’s quite different. The end scene is totally different but, since the story in the book is only told by one character the movie is filling in the blanks of what the other characters might of have been doing.

  6. Blue Collar Goddess says:

    I had heard that a screenplay had been adapted for “Pattern Recognition” — probably one of William Gibsons best novels to date. I was terribly disappointed when an agreement couldn’t be made with Peter Weir to direct or Steve Golin to produce — and the idea was shelved in 2007.
    It would make a marvelous movie.

  7. Gareth in Thailand says:

    I tend to find that watching a film after you’ve read the book is the best way round for me to do this although I have yet to see a film that was as good as the book, I guess when its your own brain visualising a story you will always make it to your own tastes and no matter how hard a director tries they simply won’t get the film to be as good as the way your brain pictured it all during a read.

    As for which films they could make from a book,
    “Getting Rid of Mr Kitchen” by Charles Higson would be a great Brit film and have bags of laughs in it as the book is one of the funniest I have ever read.
    “Barcelona Plates” by Alexi Sayle would be a wheeze as well but I think all the PC mob and those still claiming to mourn Diana would be up in arms and Mr Sayle would get in trouble for the ending. It would be good if they made a film of all the short stories in that book, each one about half an hour, I’d pay good money to watch that.
    Most Karl Hiaasen novels would lend themselves to film very well although I think only Striptease has been made into a film.

  8. Taylor Blue says:

    Yeah…that Edward doesn’t look right but he lost 30 lbs for the role which they didn’t like. If he was like he was now I think it would have went over way better.. :)

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