Go! Smell the Flowers on Things from the Past….

Posted on July 1st, 2007 by Jim

We were tending to a nasty case of internetitis the other day from spending too much time tending to Gosmelltheflowers when we had a flashback to childhood years and all the time spent collecting stuff.  We suppose every child has a collection of odd items with a special meaning only they know or care about, from bottle caps to star wars figures, football cards to lego.  Our fellow blogger over at KChristieH used to collect postcards, oh and what about that metal Slinky toy that used to cascade down the hall stairs?  Should have kept the original box, it could be worth, oooh all a couple of pence by now!Memories anyone – do share…

15 Responses to “Go! Smell the Flowers on Things from the Past….”

  1. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Slinky toy! Clean forgot about that.

    What about the GYROSCOPE – a spinning top thing that defied all logic. Just like Johnny Ball on ‘think of a number.’

    My bionic man toy was the best and ALWAYS used to beat Evil Kinevil up no bother.

  2. dubaidave says:

    Oh thems were the days.

    I was more of a ker-plunk kid myself.

    Always popular on games day at the end of term.

    Me. Not the game.

  3. fab says:

    I used to collect shells and make necklaces but not for a long time. Maybe kids dont bother now and do it all on computers. Go figure.

  4. AngryFromEllesmerePort says:

    Stick and hoop

  5. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Yoghurt carton with a piece on string.

    “Do you read me, over?”

  6. Tree Hugger says:

    Pick up sticks used to be fun – probably crap now as my hands become more shaky with age! I also knew a boy at school who loved those toy (tiny) soldiers – were they Airfix? – any way I used to be a right B and just knock them all over after he spent hours setting them up for a battle. Still have pangs of guilt about that.

  7. mel says:

    Kaleidoscope. Used to love the pretty colours.

    Now I smoke stuff to see pretty colours!

  8. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Mel, you rebel – I’d never have guessed.

    Do you live in Dooby-eye?

    • Amber says:

      Hello Dear Sweet Cielo I have missed you and your lolvey site.It is so true about having flowers in our homes fresh from our gardens or the nearest Market. I smile every time I walk in a room with flowers. So wish they had them where I work. lolLoveMaggie

  9. Anne says:

    When I was younger we were too poor for me to have collected anything-I did have a lovely tea set that were a smaller version of the larger “real deal”. My parents sold antiques and got ahold of it somehow.

    When I was a teen, I suppose it was albums and posters–far too many–all heavy metal and rock stuff. Boy have times changed. Once I got married we were putting up Grateful Dead posters.

    Now I collect cookbooks and tiny little “odd” knick-knacks to put in my old printer’s drawer hanging in the dining room. Oh, and with 7 of them, I suppose I collect children too :O)

  10. taylorblue says:

    etch a sketch for me…until my mom stepped on it and broke my heart!

  11. Gareth in China says:

    Dunno, was busy trying to look up girls skirts. Was a busy little sod even then.

  12. mel says:

    Maybe I do maybe I don’t live in Dubai! Not telling.

    As far as being a rebel, you ain’t seen nothing yet! There is alot of hidden depths that I rarely show.

    But isn’t that the same for eveyone?

  13. fab says:

    I’d guess you’re from England Mel but u live in Canada as you won those flowers for post 101!

  14. Gary says:

    I used to go deep sea diving as a kid. I was particularly interested in pearl diving- and dare I say quite adept at it. I would then collect said pearls and fashion jewelry out of them.

    I would then present these to my nan. Unfortunately my grandad could not afford these luxuries. I will never forget how upset he was when he walked in on me and my nan as I was giving her a pearl necklace.

    Now I just collect dwarf traps.

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