Ghosts and Blocked Sites

Posted on June 29th, 2007 by Jim

We love ghost stories so check out the link to our fellow blogger, Eric Spitznagel to read a couple of really funny ghost tales. Those of you reading from the office may find the site blocked because of its┬átitle which we won’t mention so you’ll see what we mean when you cgo to the site. However, its a fairly clean site, despite the name.


Anyone have any good ghost stories? Do YOU believe in ghosts? (Whooooo-oooohh-oh, Ahhhh ah ah – Evil laugh)

11 Responses to “Ghosts and Blocked Sites”

  1. Bo...or Boo! says:

    Believed in ghost from an early age,ever since Timothy Claypole and his crew spooke the Meakers

  2. fab says:

    Thats so 70s BO. Dont get it in the U.S. Never seen a ghost but felt 1 at a seance. Scary and cold.

  3. dubaidave says:

    Ods bodkins master meaker – Claypole was the jester if I remember rightly and that woman who sneezed when..

    When she ‘ smelt the flowers’

    You could bring her to the blog as a special sneezing podcaster.

    How did that bloke get away with calling his blog THAT! Amazed its not blocked!

  4. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Mad blog title with the cover of a ghost story AND great work BO for that blast from the past clip. I forgot that programme ever existed.

    I thought I saw a ghost once – on a courtyard in Prague but I’d had a couple of shots of Absinthe over sugar. Benefit of the doubt I reckon, was imagining it.

    Evil laugh.

  5. gareth in China says:

    There is a development of about 20 apartment blocks in Changchun completely uninhabited. Nobody will live there. I asked my secretary why and she said ‘Memories of dead people’ basically ghosts.
    At the time I was looking for a new apartment as most Chinese have no idea they have neighbours who might like some quiet at the weekend and was being woken at 6am each day by building work, generally featuring large hammers.
    I suggested I’d like to live in one of these apartments and another English guy working here said so would he as obviously with a 20 storey block each and no other residents we could guarantee peace and quiet. However my secretary suggested that maybe Chinese people would move in if Westerners lived there. Myself and Colin decided that we could dress up in white sheets and make ‘wooooooh’ noises to frighten away would be house hunters, however we could not contact the developer as they had gone bankrupt and nobody knows who now owns these 20 odd apartment blocks.

    Can;t get on the web site at all from China. I think most things with ‘blog’ in the title don’t do very well here.

  6. Ohh, spooky stories on that blog post. This blog seems pretty cool. I believe in ghosts, but luckily have neither seen nor heard one. I try very hard to remain grounded in this physical plane, when it comes to dealing with otherworldly spectres and not seeing them.

  7. fab says:

    Those 20 storey blocks in China sound scary and not the place I’d play around with bed sheets. You never know but why would the Chinese wait for the westerners to move in?

  8. gareth in China says:

    Sometimes they consider it favourable if a westerner moves in as they tend to think the place can’t be that bad if we want to live there.
    These days there is not as much curiosity about us, certainly not in major cities. but in the past I’ve had women come up to my trolley in the local supermarket and look through what I’m buying, I once went out into the sticks by the North Korean border and a small city there had no Westerners or visitors so we were the main attraction. One guy rode his bike into a wall while staring at us, another kid hid behind his mum, some others ran after us most of the evening and so on.
    I haven’t met an unfriendly Chinese person in over three years being here and most of the time in bars you end up drinking with a crowd of new friends, its why I get so irate with the Western medias portrayal of China.

  9. gareth in China says:

    Not a patch on the stares I got when I visited North Korea, the people in Pyongyang and Kaesong stared a lot but due to their regime (and ours) they looked at us with a mixture of curiosity, fear and confusion.

  10. fab says:

    Cool insight, thanx GiC.

    I’m still waiting to see a ghost. Any of you guys have any other stories?

  11. heather says:

    I live in the uk and at the time that this happened I lived in the welsh valleys a place called ystrad mynach.. the year was 1987. I lived at the bottom of the valley and had friend who lived at the top.It was a saturday morning around 10am when I had a call from her asking me to go up for a coffee and a chat, it was a lovely day so told her to expect me in half hour.I left for tha walk up the mountain,. When I arrived her front door was already open and I shouted her name.She replied ” come on in, the kettles on”.. I walked through the door then suddenly felt a terrible feeling, like somethinwas in front of me and a terrible nasty frightening feeling ran through me… I stepped back and called out to my friend to come to the door, there was no reply and I thought perhaps she was busy and I wash shaking so sat down on the bench in front of her house in the garden. a few minutes passed and I noticed the bus pull up at the stop in front of her house. I was in shock when I seen her get off the bus look up at me and say ” how nice, Im so pleased to see you, I was going to ring you later to meet me for a coffee and catch up!!”.. I asked her if she had been in the house and had she rang me this morning.. she answered ” No, why, whats wrong?”.. I didnt stop to answer I just turned and ran back down the mountain..

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