GO! Smell the flowers and smoke in public?

Posted on June 30th, 2007 by Jim

With smoking in public places becoming a thing of the past and about to be outlawed in all public places in the UK AND policy in Dubai being finalised for shopping centres what is your take on the smoking / non smoking push?


In April one old boy in Wales opened his own pub to get round the law when it came into effect there

The fashion and cigarettes blog looks at things in the different ‘light’ and recently posted this ‘de-light-full’ image above Whaddaya say? Comments for and against smoking in public places please as another debate commences.

53 Responses to “GO! Smell the flowers and smoke in public?”

  1. dubaidave says:

    Smoking should be down to an individual choice and this law is taking it too far in our ultra sensitive society. They tried to ban smoking in Dubai shoppings centres before and it failed.

    Previously mentioned about shisha joints (the places not the roll ups) that will continue to provide locals and ex pats with our fix of hubbly bubbly.

    Ban smoking – good luck.

  2. fab says:

    Smoking sucks, stinks and how anyone can enjoy doing that is past me, wherever they are.

    Who is that cool picture of you posted admin? Smoking with her feet!

  3. gareth in China says:

    As previously discussed, its about choice.
    Market forces should be left to decide it.
    If I want a drink and a smoke someone should be allowed to have an establishment where I can do this. Likewise if you wish to drink and be smoke free then also someone should be allowed to provide an establishment where this is possible.
    However we have had our elected dictators remove this choice.
    What we see in England is our misguided view of democracy in action. The ‘leaders’ decided this for us, as if we are not able to make the choice ourselves. Personally I think its big brother gone mad and typical of our arrogant leaders.
    Won’t affect me in China though.

  4. Libby says:

    I love the irony when smokers talk about choice because effectively, being addicted to the old cancer sticks, you have none. You don’t choose when to light up, your nicotine addicted brain does. For what other reason would you stand outside in a force 9 to have half a cigarette which the wind smokes for you anyway?

    It is big brother gone mad but apparently its to help 600,000 people are year to give up. Really? Go the whole hog then and abolish fags. As if that would ever happen.

    I am a smoker and whilst I don’t agree with this law in a social context, ironically I am hoping it will help me choose to give up.

  5. gareth in China says:

    I smoke when I choose. I rarely smoke in work (maybe 3 times a week), I prefer to get my work done and leave on time. I don’t smoke cigarettes in my home (much better things to smoke).

    I do, however, love a ciggy with a pint.

    Cigar smokers are hardly addicts but they also suffer.

    According to all the hose pipe up the Arris brigade meat is bad for you, I don’t see that banned.

  6. Libby says:

    But you still smoke don’t you?

  7. fab says:

    Yes Gic does smoke lib, from what he’s posted. I thought your post was v honest so good on you.

  8. taylorblue says:

    OK as a business I don’t think its fair to not have your patrons able to be able to smoke. Bars went smoke free here in the city I live in here in Canada and the businesses have suffered.

    But as someone who has asthma and sneezes all the time around smoke it would be nice to be able to go somewhere and not smell like a cigarette. But outside…that is silly. It’s outside smoke where you want as long as its not inside by me!!

  9. Anne says:

    Oh … been there, done that. I was a smoker for quite some time and quite three years ago for good. I had quite previously for a year or so at a time and always went back. I never had a problem stopping, though and I’ve always wondered why it was so “easy”.

    When I’m highly stressed I still want one …

    My husband still smokes (far too much and I am sure is damaging his lungs after all he has smoked and continues to smoke–ie–I only know he’s awake because I hear him cough-ugh) and I can’t get him to even consider quitting. My aunt died at 50 from lung cancer and that thought scares me badly.

    Ahem–sorry–as for smoking in public … I don’t enjoy breathing in other’s smoke, but I would never go so far as to ask them to stop-I would simply remove myself from the situation. I guess??? I haven’t been in that situation yet! I just know it’s very difficult NOT to smoke when you’re out. I always just didn’t if I felt it would bother someone.

  10. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    The regualrs are all pitching in for this one so here I go…

    As a smoker, 20 per day and then some, I still feel awkward smoking in front of non smokers and point the ciggie away from others BUT still light up around them.

    Started collecting Ash trays from some of the local pubs as they’ll be collectors items, practically antiques with some of the boozers in Dudley!

    Ashtray anyone?

  11. taylorblue says:

    That’s nice lemmy that at least you try to be considerate to others. I hate when I am eating and someone lights up and it all goes in my face….GROSS!!!

  12. Anne says:

    LOL Lemmy…

    What I want to know is…why could I not type the word QUIT??? Kept typing QUITE. Hidden meaning? I didn’t really want to quit? Hmmm…

  13. I used to smoke for a short period of time in my life (thank God)…but my hubby does and I really wish he would stop…I just don’t get it…it’s sooo bad for you and the people around you…it’s ridiculous…I love that in NY you can’t smoke in public places anymore…such a difference…

    We should just stop producing cigarettes and help who’s smoking to quit this habit…it has no sense to me…

  14. aussiecynic says:

    Hmmmm…this topic aways touches a nerve…..I smoke….rarely drink…..don’t drive fast….look after my family….and generally do the right thing……don’t hurt anyone and don’t break the law…..however I do find disgust in being made to feel like criminal because I smoke….. In Australia you can’t not smoke….in pubs and clubs, within 5 metres of office building, in outdoor cafes, in shops, building planes, trains, public transport etc and now not even in your car if someone is under 18 years old…….they tried to ban smoking inside your own home but that failed…… however I can take a beer into any of these places I sit in the air port lounge and drink myself stupid before a flight, go to any of places in a reasonably state of intoxication….put a bunch of kids in the car being plastered ….. drive of a cliff and all I would get is 3-5 years for drink driving and damage….yes very extreme but you get the point
    The fact that there is far more flow on effects from alcohol seems irrelevant….effects such as: cyrosis of the liver, and health issues for the drinker same with smokers….but then you have violence, domestic violence, bankrupcies, car accidents, deaths, from all of the above, sexual assults, date rape, brawls, riots and the list goes on……all these things can be directly linked to alcohol….and I am sorry but if I outside on the street having a smoke and you don’t like it don’t worry in 10 seconds you would have passed by me and out of smoke….beat you cant say that about the drink driver who just wrote your car off and killed the neighbour…brcause of his 5 beers a day……I am sorry…but stop picking on us smokers…..we help the national debt in check and pay most of the wages for the anti smoking lobbyist anyway….

  15. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Great post aussi cync – surely Maria and stafano cant be serious about halting ciggie production! Stopping the habit is easier said than done and I’m not quitting now just as my gum disease is kicking in and my fingers are yellow. I always blame the curry for that!$

    Too much sponsorship money and image in ciggies, it’ll never end.

  16. dubaidave says:

    Anne, why not try hypnotherapy.

    OR just tell yourself NO MORE and quit, not quite.

    I’m off for hubbly bubbly no anyway, cant stop! Hmmmm. NICOTENE.

  17. Teorias says:

    The smoking ban in England started today…

  18. fab says:

    So u guys, even smokers admit its time to quit / quite!?

  19. fab says:

    Is it Kate Moss in that picture?

  20. Tree Hugger says:

    Long time since you have all heard from me – where is Rex by the way!

    Anyway where do I stand on this smoking malarky and banning it in public places – Hmmmmmmm 2 sides to the debate and both have areas of merit but I guess I sit eventually on the side of ‘choice’. I do not have to enter a pub/club/restaurant if it accepts smokers and staff do not have to work there (interesting issue that though). Now as reagrds the Malls in the UAE as I have no desire to enter any of them other than the movies (already nonsmoking – and should be mobile banned as well!!!) I have no issues – just another good excuse for telling the missus I cannot go to the shops if they do not ban smoking!

  21. AngryFromEllesmerePort says:

    Pleased to see that the smoking in public ban hasn’t extended to Glasgow airport.
    I hope that the smell of his burning skin was similar to bacon!

  22. AngryFromEllesmerePort says:


    Just a little tip – run your cursor over the picture

  23. aussiecynic says:

    hey lemmy
    The best way to counter the old gum disease issue is not double up on your diseases each day…in Oz they put these horrid pictures on the packets that show what can happen….and on the telly…. each pict is for a different disease…so I do try not to have two lung or heart disease in the same day….the goes for the rest….this way I am …..hang on need a puff….hedging my bets….
    By the way more smokers die by drink drivers and hit and runs every year maybe I’ll get lucky and get hit by drunk bus driver….ps. benzine is used to replace lead in your unleaded fuel so everyone puts this in their car in unleaded fuel…it has a 100 metre exculsion zone when it is barrels and is a known cancer causing agent….it is accumalative it is far worse than lead….it is harmful when on the skinand breathed through the air however it comes back out your exhaust undiluted….they wont ban unleaded in you fuel tanks though….or in the air…. happy breathing….I think I will stick to the smokes…..thanks

  24. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    HA! Great stuff aussicynic! I’d heard the benzine thing but hadn’t understood it so clearly….

    Smokes it is then. Mmmmmm.

  25. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Tree hugger! Welcome back – thought you’d died with Angry EP.

  26. simplesimon says:

    Lots of old and new on this blog, sorry for my lack of posting comments fo late just not had the time.

    Smoking, used to hammer the cigs but treat myself to the odd la-di-da to go with the cheese n post of an occassion. Throat suffers the next day as I inhale more than I should. Oh well, thems the breaks.

    With tree hugger on banning moible phones in cinemas even more so than smoking. Remember smoking on planes?

  27. mel says:

    I’m with Treehugger on the side of choice. What choices will be taken away next? Have smoking and non smoking bars, pubs etc.

    Interesting to note that the smokers in Heathrow Airport’s smoker’s room had to keep opening the door as ‘they couldn’t stand the smell’!!! Nor can we, but if you choose to smoke, go in the room provided and keep the smell to yourself!

    At the end of the day, people should be able to choose if they smoke when they go out, but if they do smoke it should not be suffered by those who do not wish to smoke.

    Pn the other hand, smokers also have the choice to give up too!

  28. Morgan says:

    Hey..I just got the message you posted to me and thought I would come take a look…. love what I see so far. On the whole issue of smoking.
    Wwweeeellllll…I have to admit unfortunately I am an ashtray mouth :(
    I love to smoke too….I know that is so “not popular” to say.
    My coffee and a ciggie first thing in the morning before I sit down and write is something I’m just not willing to let go of…..YET.
    I believe that those who don’t smoke should not have to breath in my fumes because I choose to smoke.
    They do have the rsame right to breathe with no smoke don’t they?
    It’s my responsibility…. not right to respect and treat others EXACTLY the way I would like them to treat me..so if that means I have to walk a bit further for that cigarette…I should really stop and say “THANK YOU” for the opportunity to take the walk that it requires and the spectacular view it presents.
    Theres always more to be revealed within any given situation if I just I take another look .
    With this perspective…
    Everyone gets what they want.
    Me a peacful smoke without lthe looming glares and scrunched noses of disgust and the non-smoker…clean air with no smoke :)

  29. fab says:

    So it IS Kate Moss- thanks angry and I’ll know for the future!

    I like your post morgan and your blog about addiction. What a thing to post about and hope it goes well. Theres always pllenty to laugh about here to get your daily dose of flower smelling.

  30. Anne says:

    Dubai…I already DID quit! I’m just not sure why I couldn’t type it. One of those days…

  31. aussiecynic says:

    I had a bit of trivia for anyone interested……Do you know why the anti smoking lobbyist don’t lobby for a total ban on smoking……well here is the answer….each and every smoke manufacturer pays directly and or indirectly a percentage of their profits each year to the ANTI SMOKERS….rothmans use to pay 5% from every packet sold……so it is in the interest of the anti smokers to keep us smoking because if we don’t they are unemployed……..and yes ban the mobile phone..in cinemas…restrarents…driving….public transport…..schools….public areas….etc…..they are far more irritating than any smoke

  32. Gareth in China says:

    What’s crazy is in Heathrow airport’s smoking room they have a sign saying no cigars or pipes. These are generally less harmfull than cigarettes. What’s that all about?
    Saw an old, fat, Chinese guy light up on a flight from Changchun to Hangzhou last year whilst on the way to Ningbo. Loads of people started berating him so he put it out. when the Trolly Dolly came to ask him if he had been smoking his answer was ‘But I didn’t finish it’ – she took his ciggies off him. His 18 year old girlfriend then woke up, stood up, shouted at everyone on the plane and then went back to sleep. Was most bizarre.

    Incidentally I heard a while ago that now planes are none smoking you breathe the same recirculated air many times over. When smoking was allowed they had to change the air rather than recirculate it. As such, you now have much more chance of other peoples germs entering your body (colds, respiratory viruses, etc), other peoples farts, other peoples smell, etc.
    Haven’t had a chance to check if this is a cast iron fact but it seems to make sense Egg sandwiches the day before I next fly and then test my theory I think.

  33. fab says:

    Gic youve put me off egg sandwhiches forever! You guys have access to so much information. Its scary!

  34. AngryFromEllesmerePort says:


    Get yourself on a flight from the UAE and breath in some of the recirculated air from some of the unsavoury characters that PIA should be carrying

  35. Gary says:

    I smoke.

    Sometimes I really enjoy smoking.

    Will the smoking ban encourage me to give up?


    No more than making crack illegal stops me slinging stones when the mood takes me.

    I must say I only found out this morning about the 50 quid fine if you drop your cigs on the floor. All very well and good but where are you meant to put them. With the current climate in London I hardly think smoldering rubbish bins with billows of smoke coming out of them are going to inspire public confidence are they?

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