Go Smell the Unexplained!

Posted on November 12th, 2008 by A/C

The Time has come to Say They’re Here!

We all have heard stories of Aliens and Little Green Men. Some Believe they exist; others think these witnesses have a very vivid imagination.

They inspire our imagination, anyone remembers ‘ET’ and scare us to our very core, need reminding think ‘Alien’. Possibly the most amazing evidence of the terror we feel was Orson Wells Radio Play War of the Worlds, October 30, 1938. Thousands of people thought it was a news report and not a radio play, mass hysteria broke out across the listening area. War of the Worlds http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=4wf5TPVz56A

Astronauts, Pilots, Police, Military Personnel, Air Traffic Controllers, your Milk man, your lawyer and many more people have claimed to have seen strange lights in the sky, Some even too being abducted and used in some strange mass experiment.  Arguments abound, most skeptics believing these strange craft to be of an experimental military background, such as the spin placed on Area 51.

Here are a few names you might recognize who have claimed to have seen them:

  • Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
  • Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan
  • Jackie Gleason
  • Mick Jagger
  • John Lennon with his girlfriend May Pang

Even Elvis Presley. Strange lights were seen in the sky at the time Elvis was born; quite a few were seen around him in his life; and one was allegedly seen hovering over the mourners when his coffin was interred in the grounds of Graceland

But the phenomenon surrounding these sightings has always eluded explanation. There have been many shown to hoaxes, but many more go unexplained.

In October this piece of footage was taken, in Turkey. It is being hailed as the most conclusive evidence of the existence of UFOS and Life out there in Space.  The reason being is the length, and quality of the video, it is also clear it is not a man made object hanging from fishing line.

There are so many unexplained Videos hitting the Net it is impossible in my oppinion to say there is not something in this, Yes some are hoaxes but there are so many that simply arent.

If you watch and I trust you will, you will see this craft shape shift;

Check out the 4 52 minute mark!

YouTube Preview Image

Are you a UFO Skeptic or a true believer?

Do you have any idea what it is?

Your thoughts are most welcome, lets get amongst it, real or hoax?

I like to see them explain this one.

Are We not Alone

69 Responses to “Go Smell the Unexplained!”

  1. Taylor Blue says:

    I totally believe there is life out there…I often think about space and how it goes on forever…and then it scares me and I stop thinking about it. Movies about aliens intrigue me. I wonder is that how they would look like? Are they already living amongst them? Are we an experiment for them, like ants in an ant farm? I could go on forever.. LOL

    • Barbara Gallon! says:

      Well now, hello there Taylor Blue
      I have so much missed our little chats of late
      we simply must remedy this at once
      Why now i do believe from your comments there is good chance you may subscribe to this bunch of horse feathers ac shows in her video clip
      Do tell me my dear, am i right?
      I must confess I laughed out loud at the assumption this home movie which anyone with a camera could have made with little ingenuity is being hailed as “the most conclusive evidence of the existence” of extra terrestrial life
      Frankly, AC my dear, if this is the case, there must be incredibly little other evidence to support the existence of extra terrestrial beings.
      However, AC, I do the congratulate the oblique commitment as to your own personal view point on this matter my dear
      but as you are the founder of this post, what is it?
      Your point of view that is

      • Barbara Gallon! says:

        Why I nearly forgot AC my dear!
        I did so enjoy your story of elvis and the unexplained stars
        it so reminds me of that other figure whom fantasy surrounds and with whom stars are associated
        did not the 3 wise men follow a mysterious stars to the birthplace of jesus?
        why I do believe that had mankind not developed knowledge of space and celestial beings via proven scientific investigation
        many UFO sightings would also be allocated to the superstition of the religious type
        just like the experience of our 3 wise men

        • Taylor Blue says:

          Yay! Barb is back..I’ve missed your attacking me right away and not paying attention to what I’m really saying…great times we have together, eh??

          AC that reminds me of when I was in History class in school. We had to write an essay on why we believed in creation or evolution. I had so much proof that evolution had happened where for creation was really just from a book. I had to write the creation one though because my mom would have killed me. I grew up ‘thinking’ in one straight line, for sure I don’t think that way now.

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          My dear Taylor blue
          why that is amost unfair way to address me
          I have only ever been fair with you
          i always pay attention to what you write
          its just that for a founder with a degree in journalism i think you could do better
          Dearest AC
          Why I just knew that you are far to smart to use your own words in support of this hoax!
          however i have got to say i do not think that people who believe in alien creatures are nutters
          quite the reverse my dear
          its the people who do not are the ones full of horse feathers
          but i must very clear on this point
          those who choose to believe the ET visits as exemplified in your hilarious home video are the ones deserving of the description, nutters
          life on othe planets though
          well now that’s an entirely differnt debate

        • Taylor Blue says:

          You are the only that has ever put my writing down. I have my own style. That’s what makes it different, I’m sorry if you don’t understand that.

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          no my dear
          why its your frequent use of malapropisms and the often untintentional ambiguity of your words

        • A/C says:

          Hey Taylor

          for the record I love your writting style…
          There is no way I could have written about creationism from a believers point as in the bible… however i would have put all osrts of strange things relating to it… hehehehehhee…. it would have been interesting…. ;)

        • Taylor Blue says:

          Thanks AC… :) You always have been a great supporter of my writing.

          I had to do creation. If my grandparents found out I did evolution they would have thrown me out of the family.. so I had no choice.

        • A/C says:

          Rather than using my own discription I thought it prudent to use what the news reporters are calling it… this will also help for discription search terms etc….

          Seriously I sometimes think of UFO sightings such as this much along the same lines as us visiting the zoo….

          There just come to see us much like monkeys in a cage….

          If there are Alien life, then why should we think they do not wish to explore strange new worlds, and see what life forms are out there…. after all we would… the difference we would find some rare mineral, nuce the native populations and the mine the planet into extinction……. lol…. go on tell me I am wrong….

        • Taylor Blue says:

          I totally think they come to see us like monkeys in a cage…they are obviously smarter than us if we haven’t figured who they are..

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          My dearest Taylor
          I am lost as to why you think aliens would behave like monkeys in a cage in order to come and see us

        • A/C says:

          Now Barbara…..
          WE are the monkeys in the cage.. lol..
          the cage being Earth as we are still stuck to it… hehehehehe

          And besides havent you ever heard of Planet of the Apes…. ;)

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          I know AC my dear
          it was just an illustration of ambiguity in writing

        • Taylor Blue says:

          Yeah AC and a shot at me again…what else is new???

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          Oh Taylor my dear
          please try not to be quite so sensitive
          my only endeavor is to be fair

        • Taylor Blue says:

          How is it fair when you are always taking a crack at me?? That’s not fair either. Show me one positive comment you’ve made to anyone here…

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          Dearest taylor
          i shall try be fair yet again
          i do hope you can see that
          clearly you have not read all i have written here
          or you would know i have indeed bestowed positive comments on this blog
          but I confess i will state what i think
          even though i know it may not be to everyones taste
          however this blog does encourage one to express freedom of speech, to get involved
          and as admin point out “it is not all roses in the garden”
          well now i declare that is a metaphor for life itself!

        • Taylor Blue says:

          I say again then…you take a crack at me every time…you have never said anything positive to me… so if you don’t like me or my writing why bother commenting on what I contribute???

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          My dear taylor
          why that is both insensitive and untrue
          i opened up this dialogue in a most amiable manner if you care to re read my opening statement
          yet all i seem to receive are aggressive responses from you
          I take a keen interest in your writing dearest
          and i have tried to help with your clarity of the written word
          why else would i make reference to the malpropisms you use
          or the ambiguity of some of your comments, if not to help?
          I do hope you take this in the positive manner in which it is intended my dear

        • Taylor Blue says:

          I’m sorry if I’m defensive…but I don’t tell you how to do your job, do I???

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          No my dear taylor you do not
          but i do accept input from others on my by job without being the bearer of a nasty grudge

        • Taylor Blue says:

          I wouldn’t if you didn’t have to bash me every time you leave a comment. If you don’t like it don’t comment…

        • A/C says:


          I am going to have to ask you to please refrain from harassing Taylor…
          Her writing is great, her comments wonderful and most of all she is a lovely person…

          so stop picking……..
          instead Pick me…

          Alls fair But come on settle down

        • Taylor Blue says:

          After all this is AC’s post so how did it become bash Taylor Blue at every post? There’s a difference between being ‘helpful’ and constantly attacking someone. You are attacking. You aren’t fair at all..and is this a blog about English and how to write? If it was then you would be just to bash how I write. Until then…talk about the posts not my English.

    • A/C says:

      totally get you Taylor…

      I have pondered if Earth was a prison colony for unruly aliens at some point… which would explain some of the real life people I know… lol….

      but I dont understand why an Alien has to be a Carbon based life form anyway, why cant they be a silicon base, or even light or Energy waves… etc.. its just silly to make assumption based on our limited understanding of the universe and all her creatures…

      Oh no you got me started… lol….

  2. Jim says:

    Looks prettty convincing to me although I’d say energy forms a way too intelligent to take up the government cover up of ‘ flying saucers’ that are clearly man made.

    Other energies out there?

    For sure.

    • Tight Speedos says:

      It looks pretty unconvincing to me, and I’ve seen extremely convincing trickery performed far more effectively by the likes of David Copperfield, Penn and Teller et al.

      It is most definately not, as claimed by AC, “clear it is not a man made object hanging from fishing line.” There is absolutely nothing to suggest it is anything else.

      The film length is wholly irrelevant and its quality, frankly, is of a profoundly lower standard than the filmed trickery of professional ‘magicians’, such as those mentioned earlier.

      This is not a ‘convincing video’ unless you fall into the bracket of the gullible-want-to-believers.

      But wait….. Did I miss something…..? The amazing footage at 4.52 minutes…… I’m afraid that all I saw was a closer shot of the plastic, self assembly, Airfix type model….. because that is all it is.

      • Tight Speedos says:

        On further reflection, I think it is high time these Turkish video hoaxers put down their video cameras and focused on the trickery they perform best.

        They should get back out into the crop fields and make some more circles.

        At least this way they occasionally create something of artistic beauty.

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          Mr tight speedos sir
          why I do believe you are 100% correct
          Mr jim, now tell me
          just where did you lose that plot sir?

      • A/C says:

        Mate.. welcome back long time no see…….
        How is not clear it isnt man made…..
        unless it is another top secret military aircraft..
        I tell you if our technolgy is so far advanced why arent we using them now.. besides it would stop some of the UFO sightings, if they were mainstream vehicles…. flying tubes… yep that could work…
        I too Like Pen and Teller, but they do have floors as does every magician, even David Copperfield…. just because something can be reproduced as a fake doesnt make the original a fake.. it just means they havent worked out how to do thing properly…
        with out trickery….

        Here are a few more link for you speedos..

        some are offical some are not.. but I thought best not to bombard our readers with dozens of clips…

        but please have a look and let me know what you think…

        UFO Government released footage

        not in english

        Russian airforce

        Police Cameras

        Iraq based marine Sighting

        low altitude ufo sighting in south of france – clear shot

    • A/C says:

      Possibly theyre thinking those humans would never fall for that….

      Perhaps they are passing the technology to the government in some bipartisan inter planet alliance… I am reaching but anything is possible..

    • Tight Speedos. Welcome back. I missed you!!

  3. Mike says:

    LOL – I’ll start work on our own Flowers produced film that confirms it all – once I’ve taken the washing off the line that is and the fog comes down so I can get it all atmospheric!

  4. AC

    I believe that there are other life forms out there, but not in the way that we see them on television. I am definitely a skeptic. To me most things are hoaxes, light and atmospheric conditions, or secretive government experiments that they will deny, of course. Even this video, as convincing as it SEEMS, I don’t believe that it is another life form or space vehicle. I think, that there are other reasons.


  5. Mike,

    Of course, Star Trek is real, but it is historical footage brought back in time for us to review and learn. Some, just don’t believe, but we know the truth!!!


  6. Arvind says:

    My logical mind says there must be intelligent life out there on many planets and both far most advanced and primitive compared to us humans.

    It is just arrogance to assume that we are the only ones here in the whole universe. But i do doubt if anyone has visited u yet from out space. And yes, why do the life forms have to be carbon based?!

    My romantic side says there are lots of aliens living amongst – bit like that old TV series, clearly from before my time – The Invaders. If that is the case, then there have been quite a few “aliens” around me in my life time :-)

    As for that video clip, it is very amateurish and to me a hoax. Until one day I personally meet a visitor from outer space, I shall remain a skeptic….

  7. design says:

    No reason to believe this isn’t anything but a military craft.

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