Monkey Business on the Mountain of Flower & Fruit

Posted on November 10th, 2008 by mike

Damon Albarn has made a name for himself daring to go experimental and alternative following his massive success with Blur. Now he has joined up again with Jamie Hewlett ,who co created the virtual band Gorillaz with him, to make a new multi-media project called Monkey: Journey to the West.

With the help of Chinese opera specialist, Chen Shi-Zheng, they have fused together Eastern and Western influences to make a live opera show and an album.

Journey into the West ( Hsi Yu Chi ) is a Chinese fable about a Monkey King who in a mythical time was hatched from a stone egg on the Mountain of Flower & Fruit. Written in the 1590′s during the Ming Dynasty it follows Monkey on his pilgrimage to India after meeting Buddha.

I remember the TV show Monkey from the 1970s which is also based on this fable. So here is the intro to that classic TV programme with the new artwork from Jamie Hewlett added by us Flower People for a bit of fun:

YouTube Preview Image

So if you could be sent on a pilgrimage where would you like to go and what task would you like to be given?

13 Responses to “Monkey Business on the Mountain of Flower & Fruit”

  1. Mike,

    Very strange cartoon and a bit scary.

    Pilgrimage? To Israel and I would like the task of healing people emotionally.

    Very good question!!!


  2. Svasti says:

    Did you know the “Monkey” character is based on the Hindu god Hanuman? There’s some fabulous stories surrounding Hanuman – he’s very popular and brave, with unstoppable energy!

    The opera sounds like it would be interesting.

    Where would I like to go on a pilgrimage? Definitely the Kumbla Mela. And my task? Trying to meet Hanuman ofcourse!! :)

  3. Jim says:

    LOVED the monkey clip – oh how that show used to inspire me to start martial arts but I could never work out if the priest was a boy or a girl!

    A Pilgrimage – it has to be Nepal for me, trekking and just being!

  4. A/C says:

    I love Monkey Magic Mike…

    pigsy…. hehehehehehehehehe….

    I dont know.. I could say oh to some mountain and contemplate by belly button, but thats not me …..

    My personal pilgrimage is a little more selfish than those above…

    To go to the UK.. visit with my mate Mike and the crew.. heheheh.. visit all my families former homes, the areas they grew up and retrace their steps back in time to find my roots….
    the task I would want to be given is to find “Why I am me?!”

    • mike says:

      Heh heh – you would certainly be very welcome here Kesa and Em loves family history stuff I’m sure she’d help you retrace your roots.

      And I wondered when someone would put a selfish pilgrimage! Mine would be to journey to the land of Ben & Jerrys and persuade them to supply me with a life supply of ice-cream. ( Although I might be tempted to share if anyone wants to join me on my spiritual journey to self fullment. )

      • Arvind says:

        I would join you Mike, but I don’t do dairy :-(

        Perhaps Ben & Jerry’s have a dairy-free range?

        • mike says:

          You could watch me eat it Arvind and record the occasion so it could pass down the generations and become the legend of Mike and the Ice Cream Pilgrimage.

        • A/C says:

          Mike I’m there…..

          Hubby asked me were does he sign up… lol… Ice Cream-aholic ….. lol

          Oh Brillant idea…
          Em and I can do my family history.. and go traveling all over the UK and You and Hubby can complete the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Pilgrimage… Arvind recording the adventure…
          And Our kids spreading the Legend… lol..

        • Mike says:

          It’s a done deal :-)

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