Obama on Flowers – Yes, We Can!

Posted on November 11th, 2008 by god

Arvind here in a wintry London, still on a high after the historic win by Mr Obama last week in the USA Presidential Election race.

YouTube Preview Image

Ever since last Tuesday night, three key words keep coming back to me – Yes, We Can!

Like many people globally, I stayed up till late on Tuesday night as history unfurled. If you haven’t yet seen Mr Obama’s powerful acceptance speech, then where have you been, flower smeller?!

Grab a cup of your favourite brew, settle down and click on the above video clip. It lasts just 18 minutes or so and it is sure to inspire you. This is an incredible experience of oratory power and speaking from the heart.

You can also read the whole transcript of the speech here on the BBC website.

The message from Mr Obama is clear – Yes, We Can!

Wherever we are on our life journey and no matter what challenges we face in our life, it is possible to make things better. When we change our own little world for the better, the whole world gets better.

We can also broaden our horizons and see how we can all contribute to the world and make a difference in our way, small or big. GO! Smell the flowers is on the way to become THE alternative community for health, inspiration, media, food, people & places. Right?

Never give up hope and never lose sight of your dreams – what would have happened if Mr Obama had lost hope whilst he was growing up as a young boy in a trying environment?

You don’t have to aim for world changing things, start in your own back yard and then work from there.

So here are some questions for all of you to look within and answer.

What can I do?

What will I do?

When will I begin?

Please do share :-)

you canif you think you can!

12 Responses to “Obama on Flowers – Yes, We Can!”

  1. Thanks or the words of inspiration Arvind…I SO needed to read them at this moment (being that I am pregnant, hormonal and feel absolutly CrAzY)
    Sometimes in the midst of a internal dilema I often forget that I have a choice to stay “stuck” or a choice to move forward into whatever the future holds….personal responsibility for myself….my life, my well being and happiness…it all depends on when I make the choice to step into those mindsets and allow them to manifest into the life I choose to live.

    • Arvind says:

      Yes Morgan, we always have a choice in anything we do and say.

      Just coming to this realisation can be so liberating.

      For example, do I choose to feel absolutely crazy or not :-)

  2. Emma says:

    Oh so true MM! It is one of my core beliefs that we all have a choice in everything we do, even down to our attitude and how we are going to approach the day.

    Obama has created a wave of possibility, not only through the States, but throughout the world too. being in the Middle East, it is wonderful to see perceptions of the States changing slowly already!

    Yes we can, reminds me of a book ‘The answer to how is yes’ by Peter Block. So often we ask questions and immediately come up with the reasons why we can’t. If we would say yes first and then figure out the details, the results would be so much more positive and uplifting.

    So I will be choosing the perspective of saying yes and then seeing how I can work towards it.

    It is so great to be back by the way! I have had few challenges with regard to Internet connections which seem to be resolved now!

    • Arvind says:

      Welcome back Emma – glad you said NO to your Internet connection challenges!

      Great way of looking at anything – start from YES and work backwards from that. That is just what I mean by a “Can Do” attitude.

      Almost anything is possible if we really put our minds to it.

      So Emma, what will YOU do and when will you begin?

  3. mike says:

    Who was the other great leader who used the term “Yes we can!” ?

    O yeah it was Bob the Builder. I think I like this Obama guy, does he do decking?

    It’s a great ethos though, it is amazing what you can achieve with a bit of belief.

    • Arvind says:

      Well said Mike – amazing what you can achieve with a bit of belief.

      Here is a quote I heard from a friend a while ago:-

      “It is not the big person who brings dream to life

      It is the big dream which brings a person to life”

      Quote from Manisha Shahane, musician in LA – http://www.manishamusic.com/

      So question is – what are YOUR big dreams, Mike?

      • mike says:

        To be a published fiction writer – sometimes it just feels like a dream though Arvind.

        • Arvind says:

          Great Mike!

          By when do you want to see the book published?

          How will you know when you have achieved your dream?

          When I published my second book “Get the Life you Love and Live it” in Nov 2005, my goal 12 months before was to have the book on display in my local Borders bookstore.

          And I made it happen to the specified day!!

          So how about you visualising just where and how you want your book displayed somewhere etc etc?

          Make it really exciting for you and set a time-line for it.

          By the way, as I have just self-published my 4th book recently, I have become a bit of a self-taught expert on writing and publishing, and I would be happy to brainstorm ideas and suggest some ways forward.

          Just contact me via my usual email address :-)

          Lets make it happen for you, Mike!

        • mike says:

          Thanks Arvind :-)

          In truth when: Before I die!
          How will I know: When a publisher shoves a contract across a table at me.
          Visualising it is difficult – it’s a bit like visualling me winning the lottery – it’s tough out there!

          Sometimes I pick myself up though and tell myself, one more try and contact a publisher again – it’s like sticking pins in my eyes though!

          My mate The Lone Ranger has some tips on getting published here:


        • A/C says:


          I was thinking the same thing… Bob the builder…….. hehe….

  4. A/C says:

    My answers:

    What can I do? Anything I choose!

    What will I do? Anything I Choose!

    When will I begin? As soon as I choose!

    See its all up to me…. the same goes for you….


  5. Jim says:

    A very well timed post Arvind and a great source of motivation….has rings of ‘ I have a dream’…

    What can I do?

    Build upon GO! Smell the flowers to inspire countless people all over the world.

    What will I do?

    As above.

    When will I begin?

    Already a work in progress….

    Onwards n upwards & thanks for the lift.

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