Go Smell the Vets Pets Meds!

Posted on November 1st, 2008 by Funkygirl012003

Hi All from Ohio!

I didn’t post last week, some of you may not have noticed. ;P Though, it wasn’t for lack of desire.  I was terribly, terribly ill.  Okay, maybe not terribly ill, but it was certainly a stomach flu I’d never experienced before. 

This led me to thinking about something I’d read previously in the online version of the Vancouver Sun in which people are complaining that their veterinarians are charging exorbitant prices for medications.  Many medications for your pets are exactly the same as those used for humans, yet in some cases vets are charging up to 400 times more for the meds.  One woman in the column complained that her vet actually wanted to drop her as a client because she wanted to get her pet’s prescriptions online which were cheaper.

I was wondering if anyone has noticed similar issues with medications for their pets?

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8 Responses to “Go Smell the Vets Pets Meds!”

  1. earthmother says:

    Greetings from another Buckeye, Funkygirl!

    I had an experience this summer with my Siberian Husky getting Leptospirosis (despite the fact that she had been vaccinated). Who knew Ohio has the 2nd highest reported cases of Lepto in the country?

    The prescribed course of treatment was two weeks on a high dose of antibiotic, followed by two weeks on another high dose antibiotic. My vet came right out and told me that if he sold me the two medications, I’d pay through the nose.

    As you’re probably aware, a bunch of pharmacies are advertising $4.00 generic prescription meds these days. My vet wrote the two scripts, handed them to me and told me to go fill them for $4.00 each at the grocery store down the road. How cool is that? Soooooo grateful!

  2. A/C says:

    How very timely Funky

    Given our Juniors accident prone moments these days…

    Just when we think he is all good, on goes the hood, the dressings and paper tape…post pending…

    My relationship with our vet given the distance has reached the point of I ring and he express mails us…
    I must say his prices are reasonable if not iritating. the latest post

    Antibiotic powder
    Anti biotics (yes the same we take)
    One large hood
    and express mail

    $110… so that is much better than exprected.. however the powder was $50 on its own…
    However a vet comes to town once a week, and he flies his plane down here… he also likes to add his fuel costs to his fees……
    it is cheaper for us to drive to the coast, and see the vet there than it is to see the guy who comes once a week…

  3. Svasti says:

    I am blessed with a cat who (thus far, knock on wood!) remains very healthy. But I know what you mean. A visit to the vet here can cost several hundred $$ easily.

    It seems to me there’s a number of industries that still get away with treating customers poorly, and charging a fortune. Perhaps because we have no way of measuring what they charge, no expertise in the area and all the others charge the same or more?

    I’m thinking of vets, pharmacies, real estate agents… any more?

  4. Jim says:

    Sorry you weren’t feeling too well FG,

    Get well soooooooooooon etc & it’s no good to feel paw*

    *Sorry, I mean poor.

  5. Jim says:

    Is the vet world heading into holistic treatments for pets I wonder?

    ‘They’ do say Reiki can work with animals as well…..

  6. Pets Meds says:

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