Two flower founders bloom as we become alternative!

Posted on October 31st, 2008 by Jim

Well flower smellers, like any good garden certain plants take a form of their own and evolve!

Flowers founders Mike French (U.K) & Aussie Cynic (Australia) are focusing on the ‘Alternative’ categories that really interest them. This is perfect timing as on November 10th 500,000 U.S based office workers will GO! Smell the flowers feeds straight into their Remindo inboxes as they enjoy the content here and take a break from the norm. RYK is over in New York for the next few weeks pushing on with this launch. 

From November 1st Mike French will be writing as Mike – Alternative Media, following his passion as follows:

‘It’s the ability of  books, art, films and music to tap straight into peoples hopes and fears, to connect with them and to effect a change that interests me, that makes me tick.  Much of the original material that is fresh, new and provides another way of looking at things comes under an alternative label where people are willing to take risks and are not driven solely by the top dollar. This is what I’ll be bringing to GSTF, both in bringing these things to challenge and inspire and by creating our own distinctive Alternative Media.’ GSTF Founder Mike French.

As Doctor who loving A/C mutates from the much loved Aussie Cynic to GO! Smell the flowers very own ‘Alternative Correspondent’ under her name, Kesa flexing her awesome ‘people skills’ trait and bringing it into the garden:


I have learned over the years that people are very much alike. We all have similar hopes and dreams for ourselves and our families, regardless of where we are or from in the world. This planet and it diverse people have so much to offer, so much to share and so much to teach each and every one of us.

Every person has a story and I hope to bring a little of their Inspiration to you all here at GO! Smell the flowers.  - Kesa, Alternative Correspondent

Feel free to question these two brave souls as they head into unchartered waters here at GO! Smell the flowers as we shape up to become the alternative community that inspires others all over the world.

Thanks to Mike & Kesa for taking their roles one step further here in time for the Remindo launch to half a million office based workers in New York that we hope to inspire to GO! Smell the flowers.

Comments welcomed!

30 Responses to “Two flower founders bloom as we become alternative!”

  1. Barbara Gallon! says:

    Well now how nice it is for little old me to be the first to coment on this post
    (unless of course someone else is posting as I write)
    I am intrigued there AC / KEsa my dear
    For I would just love to know the meaning of your new name

  2. Hooray Mike and Kesa!!!

    Mike that sounds like a perfect fit for you. I am really looking forward even more to your posts…you kind of are already doing that alternative media anyway.

    Kesa, of course, I think that you will do a terrific job and can’t wait to read your first interview. I really like where you are heading first with your new role.

    Mike and Kesa inspirational ground breakers for GSTF!!!


  3. Shinade says:

    Hooray and Congratulations to both of you. This all sounds very exciting. I must send a personal big hug to Kesa!! Way to go my old friend!!

  4. Purple13 says:

    Go guys go – looking forward to seeing plenty of writing inspiring – soul searching stuff. Make a change from all that Bond drivell (wink!).

    Seriously, since joining GSTF’s, I’ve been inspired to write more from the heart and closer to the heart than i would have normally so a big thank you to everyone here.

    Sorry I’ve not been around much these last few days – we’ve been that busy at Fabulous Photo Gifts – a particularly large order to get out in double quick time – are efforts to be as helpful as possible were thwarted by our main printer going into cosmic meltdown, along with Mandy, and a very unhelpful service center guy on the phone that culminated in me resigned to the fact I’d have to perform open heart type surgery on a printer to remove the ink system for transplant to he newly ordered printer.

    Oh well – that’s life I suppose.

    Also this week, we’ve enjoyed catching up with the X factor with the kids on TV, it was big band night – fantastic sound! – and we’ve also been intrigued by the hoo-har over radio 2 presenters prank calls to Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs.

    Other than that, life is roaring on in Derbyshire.

    Oh and I completed a new website design for another local community magazine editor nearby. I’ve just put it live on a test url tonight (about 5 mins ago) so I hope she likes it. If she does, I’ll post a link. (wink)

    Take care on these freezing mornings – Jonathan.

    • A/C says:

      Oh My Johnathan

      What a tail.. printers huh…
      Cant wait to see the link and design….
      its freezing mornings down here too….

      Thanks mate

      • Freezing mornings? What is that? Here in Southern California it has been in the 60 degrees range. Sorry, I don’t convert. American system stupid…why couldn’t we be like the rest of the world with measurements.

    • Jim says:

      WE really enjoy the courage in your writing Purple, it’s inspirational…



      • Purple13 says:

        Hi – well it seems to be the week for appliance failure – I just loaded our dishwasher up for a full run – all those mouldy tea cups left in the kids bedrooms – yo know the sort of boil wash i’m talking about – right? so anyway, i load it up, shut the door – not the usual click, more of a snap.

        I try to open door – no joy!

        2 hours later and the kitchen looks like a builders yard with kickboards littering the hallway and a half pulled out dishwasher with the top removed so i could access the catch and unscrew it – thereby opening the door and emptying the dishwasher’s contents into the sink – manual labour – you’ve got to love it.

        At least i have soft hands now!!

        What else can break or go wrong this week? – No ! DOn’t answer that.

        • A/C says:

          Oh No…

          You do know these run in 3′s dont you..
          its either 1 or 3, its never 2…

          hopefully its only a mop next time…

  5. earthmother says:

    Whoooosh! Half a million new flower smellers in the U.S. – This can only be a good thing. People in this country are so in need of shifting gears, stopping, and taking time out to smell the flowers.

    And so the garden grows…and spreads like wildflowers!


    Best wishes to Mike and Kesa on your new adventures!

  6. Lil'thoughts says:

    Yea!!! So exciting for you both. It’s a new challenge but I see you both succeding! Best wishes. :)

    ps umm where do I find the code for a badge I’m suppose to pick up?

    • Jim says:

      Ah, the flower smellers badge Lil’ thoughts…

      If you search previous posts you’ll be able to cut n paste the badge from the screen or go into ‘Meet the flower smellers’ page where you see the badge.

      Feel free to award it to 5 others and pay it forward in a special flower smelling post!

    • mike says:

      Thanks Lil’thoughts :-)

  7. Kathleen says:

    Congratulations! Not only will the flowers grow, but this has to be something that speaks to you both on a personal level. I know it will bring great satisfaction and new challenges.

    Exploring diversity, taking risks, and shunning the almighty dollar? ….great stuff; certain to promote thought and lots of interaction. We definitely need an inspiring change of direction.

  8. Good stuff both of you!!! Love both your insights on life at large so I’m looking forward to the “alternative” spin from both of your corners of the World………

  9. Lil'thoughts says:

    Clothes washer is giving us trouble the door lock wont’ lock for washer to start today. Front loader.

    Once I copy and paste do I make a link to…which page or no page or I feel so dumb. :)

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