Go! Smell the sharing through the eyes of a child!

Posted on October 23rd, 2008 by Purple13

This morning here in the U.K, I made a particularly early start as I needed to leave early to attend my daughters parents evening teacher consultation.

Sarah Kennedy was on the radio (Radio 2) and long a champion of kids say the funniest things, she still receives mail from parents and grandparents alike mortifying teenagers and older ones with tales of when they were young.

This mornings made me smile in particular so I though I’d share – imagine the scene – a small boy and his mother sitting on a bus. On the seat in front of them, a bald man and next to him another man with one of those ’70′s hairstyles with hair up to the ceiling.

The little boy said in a rather loud voice “Mummy, you’d think they’d share the hair!”.

Well I’m sure, particularly if you’re a parent, there are moments when you’d just love the ground to open up and swallow you quickly and if you’re not a parent, then chances are you’ve still had the odd moment when you’d gladly fall down a crack in the pavement!

So do tell – what was your ‘ground opening’ moment?

5 Responses to “Go! Smell the sharing through the eyes of a child!”

  1. Purple13 says:

    Ok I’ll kick off…..

    One occasion, i took my new girlfriend to see my grandmother. She was very frail old woman (the grandmother, not my girlfriend) and as we were getting up to leave she patted my arm and said “you’re a nice boy – you can’t help your looks but your a nice boy”

    Always the flatterer – my girlfriend thought it was very funny – ho ho ho.

  2. A/C says:

    hey Purple

    So many to choose from but one which springs to mind…..
    My eldest was about 18mths old in his pram, I am walking these aisles in a book store looking…. the shelves where on stands which came just about to my shoulder height so my head and neck was all that could be seen… My lovely boy started blowing rasberries which were so close to the sound of bottom burps you couldnt tell… the people in the aisle looked at me, gave me a horrible look and went to the next aisle. He continued to do this in every aisle and as no one could see him only me.. it was one of the most embarassing moments of my shopping day..

    Moppet and her dad share an sarcastic sense of humour, and she often will ask me for money at the shop… when I told her ‘NO’ she came and pronounced ‘Oh thats right, Dad needs the money for beer and gambling’ little sod…. lol…

    • LOL!!! But, when they are teenagers…you get to get back at them!! A co-worker’s 14 year old daughter asked her, “what would you do if I ditched school.” My friend said, “Oh, you would never do it again because I would go down there with curls, dressed funky, and talking and yelling crazy. And EVERYONE would know I was your mother!.” Horrified, her daughter responded, “No, Mom you wouldn’t.” Mom said, “Oh, yes I would and don’t test it because you know.” My friend knew the best way to get to her daughter was embarrassment.

      • A/C says:

        I told my boys I would go and help at the school, I had approval as a teachers aid and said I would either volunteer to help in their class or I would go back to school and pick all their subjects….
        They new I would

        It is every parents firm duty and responsibility to embarrass their children at every given moment from the age of 12 it is our time to shine… lol…

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