GO! Smell the tainted baby milk….

Posted on October 19th, 2008 by Jim

Thanks to blogcatalog regular HelloAnnie for alerting GO! Smell the flowers on the dangers of Chinese milk products. Last month investigators believed dairy farmers added a dangerous chemical to milk that was linked to kidney stones in dozens of babies and 3 deaths in China’s latest product safety problem.

The government vowed ‘serious punishment’ last month after China’s biggest milk powder producer recalled 700 tonnes of baby formula. The official Xinhua News Agency said the power was tainted with melamine, a toxic chemical used in plastics that contaminated pet food in 2007.

Melamine has no nutritional value but is high in Nitrogen, making products with it appear higher in protein. Suppliers trying to cut costs are believed to have added the toxic chemical to watered down milk to cover up the resulting protein deficiency. Latest news is that Chinese milk imports are now under keener scrutiny but is it enough?

Only today I’ve heard of consignments of children’s sweets being held up at the Dubai Port as they ‘May contain traces of milk’ on the back of this recent news.

What can be done to protect consumers and are measured like banning chocolate taking this too far? Comments welcomed.

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15 Responses to “GO! Smell the tainted baby milk….”

  1. The link to the article is not working. Due to this, over 6000 infants and toddlers were hosptialized due to this additive. It is also the same additive that led to the recall of dry dog food in the US last year where dogs either became ill or died. It amazes me. My mind doesn’t want to comprehend what has been done knowing the dangers. It is in the powered type milk, so in the US it is being found in cookies and candies that have the dry milk in it, as well as, in Europe. I can’t imagine the outrage that Chinese parents must feel against the government for this and I wonder how much permanent damage to the kidneys there will be and how many will die unnecessarily. I makes me angry and sad.

    • Barbara Gallon! says:

      I cannot understand why you think Chinese parents must feel outrage at the Chinese government Clinically Clueless my dear.
      It has not been a contamination scandal of their doing.
      I sincerely hope all those Chinese parents correctly identify the private business enterprises which produced the contaminated milk in the first place as being the genuine culprits in this scandal.
      From what I can see the Chinese government has reacted in a noble way since this issue was first identified.
      Lets get our facts right before we apportion blame.
      Its the Christian thing to do.

    • Jim says:

      Sorry CC! Link updated & fixed….found more up to date info as it goes so all good!

      Angry n sad – agreed!

  2. Purple13 says:

    On a similar vein – i.e what are officials doing about it – I heard on the radio today that an entire beach in Jamaica? had been stolen – apparently the golden sand had been especially delivered to create a golden beach as part of a new resort being built. An investigation has so far failed to turn up any suspects.

    Officials are now taking samples from other beaches for analysis. Apparently building materials are at a premium.

    What? Surely you’d have noticed several lorry loads (and i mean several) carting sand from the beach????? The mind boggles.

  3. A/C says:

    GDay Jim

    We have had 4 products so far withdrawn from sale in OZ. With many more being investigated.

    How to stop it
    easy stop using chemicals in our food supply.

    The sickening thing about this is it was and is aimed at products for Children, lollies, baby formula, milk products…
    I have taken the steps of telling my daughter check the labels of her lollies and not buy any which contain milk products from China,
    not being biased just being safe, I will do the same for any product regardless of where it is from if it proves harmful, not taking chances.

    • Jim says:

      A fair point but can you really avoid all the small print ingredients?

      • A/C says:

        not 100% but I think you can minimise the exposure…

        the only other is not to buy anything which is processed or manufactured….
        that is the only way… but given my recent learnings not even that is safe from contamination

  4. annie says:

    We do not have any problem finding other imported chocolates on the shelves in our department stores after
    contaminated products have been withdrawn.

    I am actually relieved that I have less headache with less choices and varieties on the shelves – coming back to basics -
    organic shopping experience.

  5. After a year of this saga, my wife is still wary about product from china.

  6. Jon

    It is good to hear from you again Jon. No music trivia today. However, your writing is excellent as are the issues that you bring up. I for one, do not shop at Wal-Mart. I am blessed not to have to. I am also willing and do adopt similar principals for most products.

    This brings up a much bigger issue regarding the economy and how much wages are everywhere. Some people can’t afford to do this. Having lived in Southern California my whole life and worked in non-profit organizations in positions requiring a Master’s Degree (or experience), the positions that are available often do not allow you to live in the same city where you work, it is in a dangerous area, or it is very small. Dual incomes or roommates are required. If you have a family, a dual income is necessary to afford a home. I realize that everyone makes career choices, but I find it quite sad. As well, as the gardeners, paper delivery, and other jobs that most immigrants obtain. They work so hard for such little wages. Okay, my bleeding heart is leaking now.

    I’d like to go back in time where the emphasis was on quality. But, have we gone too far to come back?


  7. Jim says:

    Thanks for this insight Jon, welcome back and great choice of avatar!

    Brilliant insights – an industry you’re familiar with then?

  8. Jon Different says:


    Thanks both for the supportive words, but where’s my 5 pounds?

  9. Barbara Gallon! says:

    Why you have not won 5 pounds sir!
    I cannot believe that jonathan (that’s a very manly name I hasten to add) would possibly use such a low quality mass market product.
    I have to say I would guess that he uses product by Elemis or some other high quality brand.
    Don’t keep us waiting any further Purple Jonathan the suspense is killing me
    and if Mr Different is entitled to, or should I say claiming 5 pounds I demand to be paid in dollars at the rate of $10 for guessing correctly.

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