Flowers in the Indian media – The Dalai Lama article!

Posted on October 17th, 2008 by Jim

Jim here in Dubai, firing up a late night flower smelling post with news just in about news just out.

Last week I shared with you how, having scribed my way around India last month our blog entries were published in the Pune mirror Sunday magazine, issued with the Indian times revealing my OSHO experience. Well we’ve featured again – this time on my brief encounter with H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama aka Tenzin Gyatso:

Just click on these links below that have been added to our blossoming ‘flowers in the media’ section:

Dalai Lama article page 1

Dalai Lama article page 2

Following the Dalai Lama posts here at flowers debates ensued over the topic of reincarnation. See below and ‘previous posts’ if you missed it the first time as comments came in thick, fast & from the heart. Did we put the reincarnation issue to bed or does it need (ahem) resurrecting?

Traffic reached an all time peak here at GSTF with new visitors from India so welcome to you all.

Your comments about the article are both appreciated & valued. Whaddaya say?

36 Responses to “Flowers in the Indian media – The Dalai Lama article!”

  1. Purple13 says:

    “Way to Go Smell The Flowers” Jim. (pun intended)

    Congrats on the media coverage.

    • Fertile Fish says:


      Backslaps, backslaps, backslaps and yet more backslaps there Jim.

      What backslappin’ good post this is.

      Backslaps to you and to all my friends in The Founders’ Club, oh and sorry, backslaps to all those lovely newcomers, it really has been blooming in the garden whilst I’ve been away.

      Backslaps to everyone!


      Fertile Fish

  2. Lil'thoughts says:

    Wow what an honor. Congratulations! :)

  3. Lil'thoughts says:

    by the way can anyone tell me why my pic. doesn’t show up here??? Thanks

    • Jim says:

      @ Purple & LT – thanks!

      Hmmm – have you uploaded on Gravatar yet LT?

      Top right corner of the blog… & upload your image and you’re done!

  4. AngelBaby says:

    Wow what an honor to meet him in person. I can’t even imagine what it would be like. I hope that they continue on forever and China gives them their country and their rights back. Congratulations on having this printed in the Pune mirror Sunday magazine. I hope you frame it.

    Love and Blessings,

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      Maybe if they cease from partaking in terrorist activities and the West stops trying to exhert its continual will and agression over China they might consider it.
      However uninformed do gooders continue to setr back the process with their ill informed demonstrations and rhetoric.

    • Jim says:

      Cheers Angel – I’ve not printed a copy off yet and thanks for the suggestion!

  5. A/C says:

    Hey there Jim


    Perhaps a little divine intervention there with you changing your mind to stay those extra days at OSHO..

    Excellent! all the post

    But remember you still need time to Go Smell the Flowers! ;)

  6. Svasti says:

    Congrats! That’s awesome. Brilliant coverage for GSTF.

    Here’s hoping a few new regulars pop up as a result.

    Where are you going to go next? Can’t wait to see what comes out of your next adventures. :)

  7. mike says:

    Excellent stuff – well done Jim – perhaps you should have a new role here as a roving reporter – the articles were well written and fun to read. :-)

  8. Jim says:

    Thanks Earth Mother & welcome to GO! Smell the flowers…

    Did you meet him in Dharamshala?

  9. Gareth in Thailand says:

    What about my spot on BBC Radio 5 Live?
    No mention of that in ‘Flowers in the media’ I did, after all, give an unashamed plug at the end of my spot and repeated it after the presenter asked for the name again.

    • Ange says:

      I’m sorry I missed that Gareth. Do you have a recording of it where I can listen in?

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Hey Big Fella, it’s not like you to be quiet about such an event in your life?

      Come on do share, there’s bound to be a few good giggles in there as you preach your gospel according to GIT.

      Snigger snigger snigger

      • Fertile Fish says:

        Oops silly me! J

        ust realised, sorry GIT old boy (I would hate for others to think I was accusing you of being modest now, that wouldn’t be fair) of course you are not being quiet about it, why you have only just announced it!

        Apologies again Big Guy! You’re still the pompous smug conceited master we all revere!

        Arf arf arf

  10. Ange says:

    How wonderful to be displayed in the Pune Mirror! This could go global when and if they take all around India. Awesome news Jim. You never know what’s going to land in your lap ;)

  11. Blue Collar Goddess says:

    Congrats Jim!
    The ability to move something you love in a forward motion, up — not just a lateral move — should not be taken lightly. I’ll be working on The Hiss for the next two weeks — and will take my cue from you. It’s time to move the important things in my life! You inspire me, and so does this place.

    In spite of the . . . eh . . . thorns and weeds. ;-)

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Please don’t call GIT a weed Rufus, not nice that………

    • Jim says:

      Cheers Blue Collar Goddess and I’ll work on the foward n up motion!

      Let us know how The Hiss is going…..thanks for taking the time to smell the flowers here – your writing is another refreshing heart-no-the-sleeve addition to GSTF.

  12. Kathleen says:

    And the crowd goes wild! Kudos, for your all of your efforts, and for introducing the notion that we all need to “Go Smell the Flowers”.

  13. ethical eater says:

    Wicked stuff mate! – really got the ‘sense of the occasion’ from the report. Did HH have much to say on the polital situation afoot?

  14. ethical eater says:

    that’s political

    • Jim says:

      Hi there Ethical Eater…welcome back to GSTF!

      He didn’t commnet on the Tibet/ China situation at all – more of a global / Humanitarian generalisation….

  15. ethical eater says:

    That’s my boy. The big picture from the quiet one. Good to be back J

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