Go! Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Posted on October 13th, 2008 by Clinically Clueless

With much trepidation, I write my first post for GO! Smell the flowers here from Southern California.

I feel honored (U.S) honoured (U.K/AU) :-) to be writing here and in the specialist category, inspiration for which the reason for this area will become clearer as I write more about who I am and what I have experienced in my life to date.

WARNING: I tend to be wordy, ramble, free associate and go off on tangents. Staying on track is my problem. Your problem is that you will have to read it! :-)

Well, technically you don’t, but I hope you will. Lots of things went through my head for my first post and I wanted it to be perfect. Alas, I am human and nothing will ever be perfect and maybe I will never live up to my impossible standards.

When GO! Smell the flowers asked me if I would be a guest writer, I was shocked and pleased. Then, I thought, “what an honor / honour…….”


“What a great opportunity. I’ve never done anything like that before. It could be fun. I visit the site at least once a day anyway.” I prayed and thought about it and felt like it would be a good way for me to step outside my comfort zone. So, I said, “yes.” Well, I bet you figured that one out, no duh. Okay, now that is the simple version. I want to tell you the rest because it wasn’t quite that simple.

Yes, I needed to step outside my comfort zone, that cozy little place that we all have that prevents us from taking opportunities and experiencing different things in life. This is quite different for me. Well, so is blogging which I’ve only been doing for six months. It has been a time of change and stepping into strange, unknown worlds…kind of like the Enterprise’s mission on Star Trek.

YouTube Preview Image

Being self-depricating, first I had to weed through all the thoughts in my head to find the flowers.

How did I get here?

What will I be getting myself into?

I can’t possible write that much. I don’t know how to write. I’ll run out of ideas. Jim is crazy. He saw through my phoniness. And on and on and on…it gets noisy in my head. (Listen…hear it?) Okay, so I had to sit down and talk back to myself refuting every negative thought that I had. (This is known as challenging negative self-talk.) At times, I also heard my therapist’s voice. (No, I don’t hear voices.)

I had to remind myself that I was going to be okay and that if it didn’t work out…I’d tell Jim and GSTF “goodbye” and run to the hills. Prayer, my husband and my therapist were also good support. As was thinking about my past history of stepping into unknown territories with success were helpful. So, here I am.

Well, there I’ve put my toe in…it wasn’t so bad.

comfort zone woman toe

What INSPIRES you to step outside your comfort zone? Or, share a time that you did so and what were the results? Or, is there a situation now where you want to step outside your comfort zone, but need some encouragement or support. Please, share because we are nosy!

Not nosy, maybe a little bit, curious at least! Seriously, it is just healthy for us to think about and tell others of our experiences both for youself and to INSPIRE others to step outside their comfort zone.

Also, it gives others a chance to encourage and support you and maybe INSPIRE you to go further, right?

Comments welcomed as we learn together to GO! Step outside our comfort zones.

53 Responses to “Go! Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!”

  1. Urban Pagan says:


    I am the biggest cynic going………..

    but I think you wirte brilliantly. keep it going- I’ll answe rthe question after I’ve admired your prose!

  2. Taylor Blue says:

    What a great post…so good I don’t know what to say. I’ll come back to it later…and good on you getting a compliment from Urban! :)

  3. Simple Zack says:

    This post couldn’t have been more perfect timing. One of my goals for this month is to meet a new person everyday. How’s that for stepping beyond your comfort bubble.

    Great first post CC.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hurray, your first post CC.. Great job.. What a great inspiration on a fine Monday morning here.. Who says Monday has to be “blues”?

    • Thank you Sarah!! Glad you were inspired, but to do what? I still don’t like mondays…cueing…Boomtown Rats.

      • Sarah says:

        Err..inspire to do nothing..perhaps just gaze into the sky and hoping I could see the future??? Huh.. here I am rambling like a crazy person.. well usually Monday morning means I will wake up at 8 and perhaps watch TV before I start work.. hehe.. weird eh.. I can’t believe it sometimes, still thinking like having to wake up at 7, wait for the bus at 7.30, reach the office at 9am and start work until 6pm.

        • Doing nothing is actually okay sometimes.

        • Sarah says:

          Sometimes, it is nice to just gaze into the screen of my laptop wondering what to do next and end up doing something else.. like taking a nap.. :-)

          Well, I have stepped out of the comfort zone since I was 17 and now I have found my own comfort zone again so I guess I can find comfort zone anywhere I go as long as I am capable of taking care of myself..

      • Atiq says:

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      • A simple and intelligent point, well made. Thanks!

  5. Welcome, CC.
    Stepping outside your comfortzone is actually “stepping into your future comfortzone” as that will be where you become comfortable. I see that you are pretty comfortable already.
    Well done!

  6. LOL. I’m honoured (AUS) to be here!

  7. Arvind says:

    Great post CC – well done!

    As for me stepping outside the comfort zone was when I delivered my first ever public talk. I used to be painfully shy but have overcome that over the years by forcing myself to speak in front of people and becoming comfortable in my own skin.

    As Jim will tell you after we partied together in London in July, I am now no shrinking violet!

    I now say to my clients – GO! Speak in Public!

  8. A/C says:

    Hi there CC
    I know you have waiting with baited breathe for my comment on your post..

    IT IS BRILLANT! Totally a blast!

    Nicely done, nicely thought out, and yes I could hear how noisy your head is, as mine gets the same.. sympathies, but its never dull in there..lol..

    I had a smile as I read along with you, and to answer your question:

    Yes I step out of my comfort zone far more regularly than I used too…
    I think it has more to do with age, than bravery though, each year I get older, each year I worry less and less about the things which would previously had me terrified.
    You know the ones..

    Is my hair ok, does my butt look big in these jeans etc..

    These days I just put on whats comfy, and well if my hair isnt right I’ll blame the wind…..
    Its all good…

    My point is Take a chance….
    A bird doesn’t know it can fly, until it takes that first leap!

    • Yes, I’ve been waiting…what took you so long!! I’m glad that you liked it. You could hear the noise too? Wow, I thought it was loud, but not that loud.

      I think, age does have something to do with it…I do care less about what people think, but still more than is healthy. You seem like risk taking is in your blood anyway.

      Go for a flight. Sounds like fun, but I’m not a bird…birdbrain sometimes.


    • Ange says:

      LOL Aussie… yeah I agree. “does my butt look big in these jeans?” I don’t ever wear jeans so I have other clothes that I wonder about and then just not worry at all… tee hee

  9. mike says:

    Anybody that puts a Star Trek video in their first post has got to be alright with me – and heh I already made my mind up ages ago that you were great Clueless!

    As to your question: What inspires me to step out of my comfort zone?

    I think the possibilty that I will end up enjoying myself, finding out new things about myself and other people and making a difference. Which were all the reasons that I, like you, threw my hat into the ring at GSTF (over a year ago now!)

    Looking forward to more posts Clueless – keep em coming. :-)

    • I was so happy I wrote myself into having the Star Trek video fit perfectly…I wasn’t trying. Thanks for the confidence in me. We have the same reasons for delving into GSTF. Oh, the pressure to maintain quality…

      Thank you,

  10. Purple13 says:

    Boldly going CC – great first post and welcome to the garden. I hope you don’t go running for the hills anytime soon.

    Comfort zones? Am I frightened of being in such a safe rut that i fail to notice change around me? If you’re happy then that’s got to be good and if challenging yourself only makes you miserable then why continue to challenge yourself?

  11. Thanks for the welcome.

    Discomfort or misery, when you make any change is normal and expected, but I have to think of the outcome which in the end should make me happier or healthier. Like therapy is miserable right now, but the end goal is healing, happiness and being myself. That misery seems worth it on most days.


  12. Svasti says:

    CC – congrats me lovely! Your work here is superb. I’m really proud of you for taking this step and for dipping your toe in. Big toe, was it?? Hope ya got a pedicure for the occaision!

    Okay – so, getting out of the comfort zone.

    Yeah, I’ve been busily doing that much of this year in a number of ways, as you know from reading my blog.

    So just in 2008, I’ve:
    * Faced the music of my depression and PTSD, and gone to get the help I needed. Even though I was terribly embarrassed to do so, thinking that what I was going through didn’t warrant that sort of attention. When I did get the help I needed, I couldn’t believe I’d let myself struggle on like that for so long!
    * Stepped up with family responsibilities. Spent time dealing with my uncle (mum’s bro) after a lifetime of not having him around – all to help my grandmother get settled in her nursing home. This was at a time when mum couldn’t help as she was in hospital.
    * Quit my job without another one to go to. Why?? Well, because I decided my priorities were other than being a slave to the corporate beast. I needed a minimum of 3 weeks for my yearly yoga retreat studies and I was only being offered 2. So I quit and took 5!! :D
    * Packed my life up into boxes and moved back home with my parents!! To make my trip affordable without a job. Its not a very easy thing to do as an adult child – as parents seem to have problems with boundaries and letting go of control. At least mine do!
    * Survived without a job for 2 months and didn’t succumb to the previous depths of my depression…

    Think that’s about all!!

    P.S. Oh, I *do* hear voices, so you’re definitely not as crazy as me! ;)
    P.P.S. And as of this week, I finally have a new job – one I really think I’m going to like. It was worth the wait.

    • Thanks!. Wow, you really did a lot and I know of other things from your blog. Tough decision making year, but you seem much stronger for it. ALL parents have difficulty with boundaries with thier adult children some just express it more than others. Good luck on your new job…I hope this one fits for you. Also, that you don’t have to take rides from strangers although that one seems like it was divine intervention.

      Aren’t voices fun…NOT. ;-)

      • Svasti says:

        My voices are usually helpful. Perhaps its just my intuition with the volume turned up? I dunno…

        Anyway, I don’t usually accept lifts from strangers but yeah, that one in particular was a gift!

  13. CC,

    Great questions – great post!

    I tell myself that for every door I close, a new one will open – it’s like an inner dialogue. I too, quit my job, for a year and a half, in order to spend time with family. It was uncomfortable and scary. For a multitude of reasons, it turned out it was exactly the right thing to do. I’ve learned to listen to my “inner self”, even when it doesn’t fit the seemingly “norm” – something that isn’t always easy.

    I’ve packed up and moved many times simply to experience new surroundings, and experience more profesionally – gulping along the way. No, everything wasn’t always perfect, but I think new challenges can be a good thing – keep us from stagnating, and adds some spark to our lives.

  14. Urban Pagan says:

    my ‘comfort zone’ is actually all about making a joke of stuff and not taking anything seriously. however recently I have started opening up to one person in particular and I find it painfully difficult- I just think I do everything ham-fisted and end up saying the wrong stuff at the wrong time- so the person on the receiving end has needed the patience of a saint. I also suffer insecurity about how the person views me and if I will say something to screw things up- however it is actually quite a nice feeling when you are able to START feeling comfortable about being honest and open and saying what you want as opposed to what you feel you should be saying.

    So as a situation I find it really difficult as I’ve not been so open before. However the person is very encouraging and puts up with my rubbish ways fo communication!! You see I’m a softy underneath it all but I don’t let people in, or people see that side of me. Why? I don’t know really. I am sure there is some deep seated reason behind it but perhaps its just finding that person who you can be comfy with and accepting that the aren’t going to judge you and there are no actuall ‘right’ or wrong’ answers. does that make sense?

    • Taylor Blue says:

      I feel that too sometimes. If I say something at the wrong time then they will judge me worse for it. But at least you have a start. People have to start somewhere.

      I am notorious for making everything a joke. But here at Flowers I take everything serious. That’s why I like it here. I don’t have to be a joker to say what I want. So to step outside my comfort zone would be to really listen and not block things out like I always do.

      • TB,

        I’m really glad that you find this a safe place to be serious. I find that too and others seem to also which just makes it a safe place the more that people open up. Thanks for being courageous. You may feel like a cat, but there is a powerful big cat inside of you!!

    • UP,

      Thank for sharing so real and deep. You make total sense and I can relate. Joking and teasing is a great way to interact and push people away or not let them get to know you. I’ve used sarcasm and teasing which is actually quite empty if that is the only way I interact with that person, but I feel safe.

      I know the feeling and the thoughts of trying to say what you think people want you to say, so I end up fumbling my sentences because I get so anxious. Finding the “right” person is difficult. At the beginning of therapy my level of trust was so little that with my therapist would greet me and then I didn’t say anything for a whole hour. There was another time that I asked him to not look at me. I am really glad that you found that rare person who can allow you to be yourself without judgement. Congratulations for taking that opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and just talk about real stuff/being yourself. By the way, I saw your soft side, but I am very intuitive and pick up on things like that. I am really happy for you. And, when you are ready, you will know why you use your gift of communication to keep people at bay.

      Thanks again for sharing and for the support and encouragement!


    • Ange says:

      Urban, this is such a generous post by you. I really felt like it could have been me that you are opening up to (and no it’s not me) but it could have been. WOW I’m impressed that you shared this… thanks for doing so… I had a feeling that you are a softy underneath it all :)

    • Open says:

      That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for couinibrttng.

  15. Lib says:

    Hi Clinically,

    I don’t know why I’m surprised that its so good but truly, it is! So good to have a post from you.

    I used to live constantly out of my comfort zone, always trying new things and looking for the next thing that would challenge me (although not knowing thats what I needed if that makes sense)

    But thats slowed for the last year or so.

    However, I am about to enter into another exciting time in my life that will challenge me so I’m back there again!

  16. Thanks Lib for the compliment!! It feels good to be on board or planted into the garden. Living out of your comfort zone can also be a defense of continually moving, so you don’t have to deal with other things. Or it just may be personality.

    • Lib says:

      Go into ‘defense of continually moving’ a bit more CC, it sounds familiar.

      • For me, at one point in my life I was constantly busy and going to school full-time, working almost full-time, an intership, church leadership, student association VP, and on and on. It was my way of not having to think, feel or deal with what was underneath all that. My mind was constantly focused on something else. Constant adrenaline running in my system. It was when I slowed down and was only working full-time and involved in church that my emotions and issues knocked me down the first time…I actually had to deal with my past and present at the time which was something I avoided all my life. I hope that make sense, Lib?

  17. Emma says:

    I guess I am better late than never, CC, to say great first post. I have been off line for a few days attending a great course in London which had the message about getting out of your comfort zone to live a more fulfilled life. And here I find your post! Great synchronicity.

    Good luck for Wednesday and I look forward to reading your other posts.

    • Yes, synchronicity…do you hear the Police? Thank you for the compliments and the well wishes and thoughts. I just posted another post for tomorrow Dubai time. It is still today here…that sounds funny, but you know what I mean.

  18. Ange says:

    CC, I enjoyed this post and I can resonate with you also about writing elsewhere other than my own blog. It’s refreshing to know that I’m not alone and Mike also when we first joined GSTF just on a year ago.

    Getting out of my comfort zone is not unusual as everyday seems to bring new challenges and directions. At the moment, I am getting to know a group of inspiring people whom I am assisting to learn about Internet Marketing. There are quite a few newbies and remembering all the motions I went through and the mistakes I made in the very early days are all coming back to me. I’m having fun and working with them has given me a new lease on life!

    Thanks for sharing all that noise in your head… sometimes we just have to shut it out and get on with it. Welcome to the garden as a writer!

  19. Welcome aboard Clinical….good to have you in the garden. As for comfort zones..I myself have learned that anything or anyplace I tend to associate with a comfort zone is more of an “uncomfort” zone..It’s more of a place where I like to stand still because I dare not tread into the uncertain waters of life.
    For a LONG, Long time I swore that high heel shoes were comfortable…that is until I put on a pair of sneakers.
    For me a comfort zone is not so comfortable as it is something “known”

  20. Alexwebmaster says:

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  21. ashley says:

    Hi CC,

    I’m a closet transgender and getting out of my comfort zone would mean to come out. Life won’t be easier but I think it would be mentally healthier for me. It would better my self-esteem and I think I would happier that way.

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