Our 33rd free flowers contest – Inspiration.

Posted on October 11th, 2008 by Jim

Time for another free flowers caption competition here at GO! Smell the flowers – our 33rd since December 2006!

Your chance to win $60 of flowers delivered anywhere in the world courtesy of our partners Flora 2000, the International delivery experts.


Rather than the usual caption contest it’s time to really put your thinking caps on as we throw in a dose of reality into the contest considering the global climate at the moment.

This statement was recently sent to us by one of our founders:

The world is heading into recession. 
The last 2 decades we have over committed to supply and outstripped demand and what we are witnessing as shocks in the finance system is nothing but loans going bad, as a result of projects failing due to lack of demand. 
There is a surplus of houses, cars, spas, designer brands, bottled water, dot coms, wine labels, places offering fine dining, dvd players, laptops,movie releases and ipods than the world needs, primarily built on borrowed money.  Many predict a deep and dark depression coming globally, especially in the developed world of US, Europe, China & Japan. 
The need for Inspiration is more than ever, and the world will need inspiration like never before.    

So, we ask you, in a maximum of 100 words to react to this statement as you see fit. It could be how humanity can inspire each other, what you feel about the statement, what alternatives we have in whatever form you wish them to be. Anything GO!s – just dig deep, write from the heart and post your answer here in comments. Your call! Sublime, ridiculous or pearls of wisdom all welcomed.




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Contest ends on Thursday 16th October Midnight Dubai time. Good luck! ALL are welcome….

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21 Responses to “Our 33rd free flowers contest – Inspiration.”

  1. aussiecynic says:

    Perhaps a World Depression is what is needed to bring us out of the materialistic rut we hide within.
    Some of the best times you can have are when times are the hardest.
    Can you see the value in a tree, grass, a garden, a quiet moment on top a mountain shore of deserted beach, watch lightening out at sea. No money required.
    Things we as kids put so little value on, now seem priceless in our memories and can be the most inspiring things of all…
    Lets share them again and inspire others with our actions.

  2. Purple13 says:

    Some one once said that it would take a global catastrophe to bring the world together and stop political bickering, wars etc. Perhaps this is it rather than an imagined threat from the stars beyond. The capacity was always within us to come together.

    I’d like to hear the media start talking the situation up rather than down. That way we could almost believe in better times ahead. Much better than all this moping about.

  3. Purple13 says:

    As Yoda would say – be like the blade of tall grass in the wind and bend for when the wind has spent itself, you will remain upright.

  4. mike says:

    Inspiration is an inner spark with drive to take action to achieve the remarkable. It is not fed by money, market forces and global well being. We need to provide an environment where we help people to have that spark. We need to energise people and bring an alternative perspective in the wet climate we are in, so they can still strike a flame in the downpour of rain that is the global depression.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I completely agree with all of the above. I can especially relate to aussiecynics remarks. This is a great way to jump in, and help educate others, if anyone is interested.


  6. This is a natural cycle and as per the natural laws as well. Nothing remains stable or static and everything has its own cycle and it is generous of existence that things never remain the same. And it is only in the time of crisis that men wakeup and do things that they were always capable of, but never thought that they could. It is in times like these that Men dig deep within themselves and come up with extraordinary efforts, wakeup and realize their potential and this is no different!

  7. RYK says:

    At a period when our financial security is about to be ripped off from under us, it’s going to be very difficult to enjoy the fresh green grass and beautiful mountains when seen from the window of our mortgaged homes. Contrary to popular belief, luxurious living does not form the bulk of a family’s expense basket. Mortgage payments(or rent), children’s education, insurance and savings would normally constitute 60% of the cost basket, with food, clothing and medical making up another 20%. So you can at best cut back on 20%. However, you will need to cut back to 50% and that’s the challenge.

    Here are my 100 words: There are plenty of things out there to enjoy without paying a high price, such as moment with a loved one, a walk in the park, swimming in the ocean, but to do those one needs to be mentally at peace, and the best way to achieve that is to become debt free and cost light. So my dear friends, take quick steps towards reducing your debts and costs and enjoy the beautiful free things that this world has to offer.

  8. Taylor Blue says:

    Live like there’s no tomorrow, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like nobody is watching… :)

  9. Susie says:

    Inspiration can be found in the basics of life, we have created an excessive world of needs for material objects. Which has landed us in this particular situation, with a bigger is better attitude.

    Sitting down to dinner with family and friends and not flying through drive through, going back to the basics of life, sharing, caring & listening.

  10. Melinda says:

    It seems to me that teh great words of Henry David Thoreau can and should apply to the current situation, particularly here in the U.S.

    “Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify, simplify” ~ Henry David Thoreau

  11. Sarah says:

    Stop and live, not just surviving..

  12. Lil'thoughts says:

    I kinda covered this subject in my September post “Love Taps.” Can it count for my 100 words?
    Here’s the link:



  13. Jim says:

    Thanks for all the entries folks…contest is now closed!

    **Stand away from the area***

  14. Taylor Blue says:

    OMG.. seriously…it’s a saying I have said here before and I thought it summed up what I wanted to say…is that a crime?

  15. Barbara Gallon! says:

    So you have committed multiple plagiarism with the same phrase.
    That’s abuse in my book my dear.

  16. Taylor Blue says:

    wow…you are a trip…

  17. Barbara Gallon! says:

    I am?
    Why thank you Taylor Blue
    I will take that as the compliment i am sure you intended it to be

  18. Jim says:


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