GO! Smell the reincarnation, flowers

Posted on October 10th, 2008 by Jim

Jim here, enjoying smelling the Rhodedendrum meets saffron scent coming from these original tara incense sticks I bought in Dharamshala, India. Accompanying the incense was me questioning if reincarnation actually exists after my close up with H.H the 14th Dalai Lama.

The Discovery, Recognition and Enthronement of Tibetan Lama have always been mystical and strange for most Westerners.

All I ask is for an open mind as I share with you some of the things I heard in Dharamshala.

After the 13th Dalai Lama died (?) various signs were witnessed that indicated the reincarnation would be in north Eastern Tibet in 1936. When the 13th Dalai Lama died his body was placed South while his head kept facing east.

Clouds were said to have formed in auspicious shapes on the North east horizon, snapdragons blossomed where they normally didn’t and star shaped fungi appeared in the North East of the tomb of the 13th Dalai Lama……

Following these signs and traveling on horseback several young male 2 year old candidates were tracked down ready for the selection process…..

The bodies one passes in and out of need not be human. One may have been a Doberman in a past life, and one may be a mite or a carrot in a future life. Some tribes avoid eating certain animals because they believe that the souls of their ancestors dwell in those animals. A man could even become his own daughter by dying before she is born and then entering her body at birth.

…..which included spotting mannerisms the boys exhibited and then asking them to select items from a table, some of which belonged of the 13th Dalai Lama – an ivory drum, a walking stick and a rosary.

Most, if not all, ancient religions with a belief in reincarnation, the soul entering a body is seen as a metaphysical demotion, a sullying and impure rite of passage. In New Age religions, however, being born again seems to be a kind of perverse goal. Prepare yourself in this life for who or what you want to come back as in the next life. Belief in past lives also opens the door for New Age therapies such as past life regression therapy, which seeks the causes of today’s psychological problems in the experiences of previous lives.

More auspicious signs followed at the house of the chosen boy such as people carrying barrels filled with curd, milk & water, monks gathering at the sounds of conch shells and reflections on a nearby lake and on it goes as Tibetans celebrated the discovery and arrival of their new 2 year old leader.

I ask you – do you believe in reincarnation? Regardless of what others might say – what is your take on it, wherever you are in the world, in this life or the next. Auspicious signs or generalisations?

A website, reincarnation station even offers you the chance to find out what you’ll be in your next life with a quick survey – I’m destined to be a parrot, apparently. Anyway have a GO! of their survey and see what your destined to be reborn as!

Lets share out thoughts on the subject of reincarnation. I’ll sit on your shoulder and watch. Cheers.

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  1. RYK says:

    There is a documentary on the whole thing which I saw on Discovery Channel, with the current Dalai Lama including B/W footage of when he was found as in 1938 as a 2 yr old boy. When the monks looking for him finally reached him they had toys with them, some which has belonged to the previous Dalai Lama and others which didn’t. When they showed the boy the toys he pointed to the ones which has belonged and grabbed them saying “those are mine, those are mine”

  2. Urban Pagan says:

    great stuff


    lets accept that your story is true. nd can be proved.

    lets say that there were 5 toys

    and he chose 2

    and he chose right

    whooy di do

    he got lucky in a game of probability

    and this theory that a dad could reincarnate as his daughter- erm the womn is already pregnant. what utter nonsense. this is even worse than he other stuff like placebo healing etc etc etc in its various forms.

    so the sign of his divinity is that he was REPORTED no evidence ACTUALLY exists- he wa reported by people with an interest in ‘finding their saviour’ to have got lucky n a probability contest. woah. I am so sorry I ever doubted the dalai lama’s CLAIM. Its so clearly true.

    Re-incarnation- yet again another example of mans arrogance to accept lik every other living creature and plant we die and that that.

    • Jim says:

      The locals in Dharamshala told a similar story to RYK Urban and the same was used to choose the 13 previous Dalai Lamas….

      • Urban Pagan says:

        GREAT SO its a commonly told story.

        like jesus walking on water

        if they want to prove it next time here is what they should do

        get the kids they think are the dalai lama

        get them in a room with 10,000 toys all looking similar or the same

        then lets see if they pick the right 2 out.

        • RYK says:

          agreed, it’s not scientific and we all know that. Just telling it like it’s been told and keeping an open mind. Why pick a random kid? Howcome the random kid turned out to be such an effective leader? Most HR managers would give 3 months wages to be able to pick like that.

        • Lib says:

          Not sure they would RYK, they wouldn’t have anything to whinge or moan about then.

        • RYK says:

          hehehe you speak wise words little master

  3. Purple13 says:

    I’d like to come back as a famous explorer of space – hero and all round good guy but knowing my luck i’ll come back as a woman!! (only joking girls!).

    Seriously, can’t say for sure until it actually happens which means i have to die to share my insights on re-incarnation.

    Do you know you’ve been re-incarnated? This could be 2nd, 3rd or even 7th time around for me and I might never know. Now there’s one to lay back on a warm summer’s evening when the evening star is just glinting on the horizon and ponder with a stalk of grass twirling lazily around in your mouth…….

  4. Just for fun, I did the quiz and I’ll reincarnate as a Tiger. From a personal perspective, I do not believe in reincarnation. I do not find any evidence for it. Furthermore, as a Christian, it goes against basic doctrine. I does not put God as soveriegn, it makes people “work” for the next life and it seems to nullify Christ’s basic purpose that he is the only way to heaven.

    • Barbara Gallon! says:

      Why now I am amused to see one religous doctrine decry another
      This just cannot be true because christianity says it is not
      I am entertained by the notion that one superstition is more plausible than the next
      keep it up girls, you are making this whole god supposition more believable by the second.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Well, there’s a book or two that are compelling, but honestly, who can say for certain? There are interesting stories about children who tell their parents exactly who they are, how they died, and who their “real” parents are.

    I don’t think it’s arrogant to believe in reincarnation – quite the contrary really. It’s more like succumbing to the fact that there just might be some higher order, that we’re not at all in control – nothing arrogant there. That’s a rather humble posture.

    I was raised Catholic, but for some reason, I sure do enjoy exploring possibilities.

  6. Svasti says:

    Alright. Since Urban’s already declared his hand here, I’m prepared for the bucket-o-scorn to come.

    Let me start out by saying once again, I don’t ever expect anyone to believe what I have to say. I don’t expect them to suddenly change their minds based on what I do say. And I don’t sit here thinking other people are stupid because they think differently than I do. This world is big enough for all sorts of ideas, beliefs, knowledge, information – whatever. And I am firmly anti-preaching of what I know/believe with the intent to bring others over to my way of thinking…

    Philosophically, the concept of god that I align with is that of ultimate freedom – “free to do, free not to do”. Which means that anything and everything is possible, and has to be possible. Even the bad things in life. This view is inclusive, even including all other religious and aethist beliefs. Whatever works best for you. That’s where I’m coming from anyway.

    So the following is a mix of what I’ve read, things I’ve been told and my own rather odd experiences. And I’m simplifying and using analagoy as much as possible, otherwise this would be hard to put into understandable phrasing, especially since I’m no scholar.

    As a student of yoga and meditation with a bonafide Guru… I’ve been taught this (which doesn’t mean I’ve bought into this without thinking. In fact, I’m still considering) – reincarnation happens, but not like you think it does. Even the Dali Lama and other well known ‘reincarnated’ types, aren’t just clocking in and out of life and death, then heading back for the next life. Granted, those lama dudes and other realised masters have more of a shot at retaining parts of who they are from life to life, but even so, its not like its a 100% transfer or anything.

    As an analogy, think of all living things as a humungous ocean. Basically like the source of all things, all life. Call it god if you want to. Or universal conciousness. Or whatever. So then, imagine a container dips into this ocean and grabs some of the good stuff. This animates the container, and the container thinks the water and the container are one and the same, and doesn’t really care that there’s an ocean out there. Perhaps the container no longer even thinks there really is an ocean at all? And anyway, even if it does exist, what does that have to do with the container and its contents anyway?

    So that’s sort of explaining life as we know it. Then what happens when we die? Energy is never destroyed, it just changes form. The container cracks, and the water returns to the ocean. We are recycled in one way or another.

    Its said within Tibetan, Hindu and related traditions that this human life is precious, because its not guarunteed we’ll get one ‘next time around’.

    Ofcourse, as Urban will demand… there is no proof for any of this. At least not in the way he would like it. If you become a serious student of one of the yogic traditions, then you can find out for yourself what you really think, and what your experience really is. And its not the same from person to person at all.

    My own experiences have also led me to believe in reincarnation, although my understanding of what that means exactly has changed time and time again. And its still changing as I continue to learn.

    As I’ve mentioned in previous comments, I have weird experiences. Always have. In a couple of very specific instances, I’ve had visions and dreams that make no real sense. I’ve known that I was one of the people in these visions. And that other people, even though they don’t look like people I know, are in fact those people. One of my boyfriends from many years back was one of those people, and there were several different visions. One of them… wasn’t even an embodied vision. It was the two of us, out of bodies and I recognised us both. The other key person I’ve had such visions and dreams of is my sister. Then, another ex-boyfriend of mine had those sorts of experiences and memories of me, whilst I couldn’t see.

    I know that sounds like absolute drivel. But all I can say is – I’ve seen parts of life in other times, other bodies and even being a man instead of a woman… and I’ve known they were me. And that other people I know from this life were also in those visions. No one specifically important or interesting though!!

    For now, I’m gonna leave it at that. Its all a very long story, and hard to describe succinctly.

    Perhaps I’m just highly deluded and anyone is welcome to think that about me, but I don’t care. Usually, I don’t talk about such things because I know that others think its a crock-o-shite.

    In terms of the Dali Lama stories – its not just one or two instances like that where he recognised possessions of the previous DL. There are many more, but they aren’t all documented in books. HH has often deflected these questions, and played down what he knows/remembers.

    Jim – actually, you drew my attention to this site: http://www.dalailama.com/page.54.htm
    On that page, there’s a couple of questions HH is asked about reincarnation, so I guess you can get it from the horse’s mouth right there… specifically questions 6, 7 & 13.

    • Jim says:

      Thanks for this Svasti and for sharing the links…all part of my learning!

    • Thank you Svasti!!! Although we differ in beliefs, I absolutely respect where you are coming from and am glad to be your friend. I also do not think that you are deluded and believe that you had those experiences. I’ve had some very powerful ones at church and home that have to do with Jesus/God. I know, how real they are and totally exhausting and re-energizing at the same time. Where we differ probably is in where we believe the source to have come from. Thank you for sharing so openly. Hooray for Svasti!!!

      • Svasti says:

        Thanks CC – that’s my philosophy too. Each to their own, and having respect for that. There’s no need to pile shit on anyone for having differing views. What does it achieve anyway, except trouble?

        I actually think the source is all one and the same. The only difference I see in what I know of as god and what Christians, Catholics, Muslims etc think is this – I don’t believe that I’m the only one who’s right! ;)

    • Barbara Gallon! says:

      Mr Sva, I do believe that your are seriously delusional.
      Why the others are all skilled at promoting their own forms of nonsense but you really do bake the cake and eat it sir.
      You need help or perhaps just a reality check

      • Svasti says:

        Someone stop Barbie before she hurts herself, will ya?

        The complete lack of substantial wit on display is heart-wrenching. I have compassion for those who think they are offering up intelligent insults instead of a slobbery mess of words.

        Hey Barb – get your head on straight. I’m a female. Perhaps read a little, and you might just have noticed that.

        Your attempts to garner attention for yourself are hilarious.

        Everyone else here is attempting to contribute. What are you doing? Post some sort of actual opinion or position instead of your usual drivel.

        I dare ya!

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          Have no fear sva I ain’t about to hurt myself
          Sva, male female,does it matter? The drivel is the same
          I am flattered you find my writing hilarious though
          However this is the second time you have accused me of not contributing and that is patently untrue
          I may not be one of the god squad or easily succumb to superstition but that does not equal no contribution sir

  7. Sarah says:

    I tried to find out what I am supposed to be in the next life but when I tried to open the page, the page refused to load even when I tried for the tenth time so I assume reincarnation is not for me..

    *personally I do not believe in reincarnation although years ago I had been fed with this idea by my parents..

  8. Urban Pagan says:

    the idea of reincarnation is a lovely one no doubt- don’t be scared we don’t really die we merely come back- hooray.

    but its nonsense

    and as I often say extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof

    I am quite happy that when I die that is it. its fine.

    My point is this- look at the stats lets say

    20% are cristian
    20% muslim
    20% hindu
    20% other faith
    20% reincarnationists


    If we all suddenyl accept the concept of a higher being a deity then we must accept that there is one god whose word is unalterable as it is his word. Therefore 80% of the people HAVE to be wrong IF a god exists. But which is right? Why would this god allow the vast vast majority of us to live ‘wrong’? doesn’t make sense.

    And svast- please this is not a personal attack but I believe for whatever reason you have chosen to interpret everyday dreams or incidents as having more significant meaning- no harm in that its human nature and its exciting. But it doesn’t mean its ‘valid’.

    As for the Dalai Lama- sorry RTP Dalai Lama (RandomToy Picker) His Unholiness ‘speaks down his knowledge of this- if that were true he’s an even bigger idiot- surely if he had evidence this was true he would show the world and we would all know it was fact and could forge a spiritual path based on fact.

    So either a) he can’t because its nonsense- ie he’s a liar, or b) he withholds his facts- ie he’s an elitist who feels he holds supreme power to who can become enlightened. Either way- thats not a man (and he is just a man) I would listen to and definitely one I wold look to guidance for.

    • Svasti says:

      Hey Urban,

      As I said – there’s no proof in the way you’re demanding it. Not even from the Dalai Lama. Its the kind of thing that if you’re so inspired, you need to look hard for yourself. And for some people, they don’t need to look so hard.

      Urban, you probably don’t think people have strong gifts of intuition either – abilities that allow them to ‘know’ more things in this world than are apparent before ones eyes in a logical way. That’s ok – but there are many people out there with such gifts.

      I have some of those abilities, but in a relatively minor key compared to others I know. However, I have enough intuition and ability to “see” things to know the difference between an ordinary dream and a non-ordinary dream. Especially for the ones I had when I was awake. LOL!

      But it wasn’t just the visions that convinced me. It was other things too, but honestly, nothing I can tell you is going to make a difference to what you think. It might just sound like more meaningless drivel. And again, its not going to be the ‘proof’ you need, because it doesn’t work that way.

      I’m not sure the idea of reincarnation is just about people who are afraid of dying. If it was, everyone and every religion around the world would have it as one of their tennents. Why? Because you’d be hard pressed to look around and see many people who aren’t afraid of death. Pretty much everyone is.

      And interestingly, Asian religions tend to contemplate death as a reality much more closely than any others. Its not as if they’re pretending there’s a place called Heaven (or Hell). They are saying, no – its all here and now. Death exists, and so does life. And the conclusions they’ve come to about such things aren’t based on sitting around the campfire making up stories.

      Let’s just say that meditation and contemplation practices isn’t just sitting around watching your breath or your thoughts etc. There’s alot of very interesting practices from which its possible to learn more about what it really is to be a human being. Things you learn through your own experience when you sit down to do these practices day in, day out. And its really strange when you have the very experiences you’ve read about in books that were written by long-dead yogis.

      Your idea of god as being a person on a throne making the world and making up rules about said world… is not one I agree with. Its certainly not my experience anyway. And I don’t think everyone has to agree one way or the other – they certainly haven’t, just look at all those religious wars. But that’s getting off-topic here a little, because this post isn’t about the concept of god and what that looks like.

      However, I will say this. What I was saying in my earlier post is that if there’s a concept of god as unlimited – then anything and everything is possible, right? There’s no such thing as god making anything right or wrong. Its just people assuming their view of life and god is right over others. That’s what doesn’t make sense to me – that human beings can’t see their own opinions for what they are – just their version of the world.

      As is mine. Its based on my experiences, my upbringing, the things I’ve read and learned. And if that means that I think there’s something in the idea of reincarnation, so be it.

      The Dalai Lama knows full well he’s not going to convince everyone with what he knows. More to the point, he probably doesn’t care if people believe him or not. Its not his concern, he’s not in this game to win a popularity contest. Its true, he is just a man. But he’s a man who has dedicated his whole life to the study of what else we are as human beings, other than beer drinking, sex crazed, sports mad rats caught in a cage of materialism.

    • UP ~ At some point with all religions, comes the moment of taking a step of faith and conviction without 100% proof. I understand that some cannot take that step or leap for whatever religion/faith/spirituality. I respect that, but there is never 100% proof like you are looking for. I wish, there was. I can appreciate and respect where you are coming from, but neither Svasti or I can give you the proof that you are looking for to believe in either one of our beliefs.

      Again, I encourage you to research both sides of whatever belief and see where it takes you.

  9. aussiecynic says:

    here is comment to for many of you to chew over..
    I do believe in reincarnation…
    Yep there I said it…

    Having had it proven to me..
    I underwent a regression many years ago and it was taped..

    in hypnosis.. i did regress and gave up several names and places of who I was or the people and places around me…
    the funny thing was it was in a University study into it.. and ws supervised by professors ..
    the names and places I mentioned where later verified and confirmed as actually being there in the time stated and the places I named them..

    One thing which I did witness was a murder in tavern, being at the time a barmaid
    this too was later confirmed… as was the barmaid…

    Although I dont have the tape it remained in the University….
    I find it totally confirmed…
    in my eyes anyways as well as several at the university…

    • Svasti says:

      AC – thanks for your post.

      Its made me feel a little braver, so I’ll relate a story that, whilst it wasn’t part of a university study. It was pretty incredible, and it was my very own experience. Ofcourse, there’s no “proof” that any of this happened ;)

      I’ve always knew that my sister and I had a special bond. I had a strong desire from early on to protect her no matter what.

      In my mid 20′s, I was working as a practice manager for an alternative health care practice – chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists etc.

      Around this time I was engaged and living with my fiance. He worked shifts, so wasn’t always around when I woke up. I also had some seriously early morning starts for this job.

      Early one morning I woke up from a nightmare, screaming and crying. It was very vivid and frightening. It involved my sister and I being, well, molested and killed. That’s the easiest way to describe what was going on in the dream. I was terrified by this dream. My fiance was at work and I had to get up for an early shift myself.

      Funny thing is, by the time I’d gotten out of the shower, I had completely and utterly forgotten what I’d been so upset about only 15 minutes before hand. I didn’t remember again until I got to work and was doing some inventory.

      WHAT?!?! I was instantly a mess again, in tears and very fearful. But once again, after I pulled myself together it was as though I didn’t have the memory at all. Later in the morning I suddenly remembered *again*…

      This time I wrote the word “Dream” on the back of my hand as I was mystified. Why was I forgetting the dream completely in between these episodes and why did this dream have me spinning like a mad thing?

      This went on for a couple of days I think. Exact same sorts of reactions. My fiance couldn’t understand what was wrong with me and neither could I.

      I went back to work the following day and I was resolved to talk to my boss – a very, very talented healer. She is a qualified chiropractor, kinesiologist, craniologist, acupuncturist and herbalist. Major ego, but that aside, a very skilled woman.

      I explained what was going on and she wanted to do some kinesiology work. In case you’re not sure what that is – its a form of muscle testing that’s used to help diagnose all kinds of things. And its also used to help clear the body of emotional trauma, and has many other uses. Like the one she was about to do. Very interesting stuff.

      She had me sit on the treatment bed and took up a position next to me. She started asking a series of yes/no type questions and monitored my body’s response to them. She worked pretty rapidly, and at one point asked me if I was comfortable with the idea of reincarnation. Not a problem, said I.

      What she came out with, was a story that I can’t prove in any way. But essentially, my sister and I had been sisters in a previous life, many centuries ago. We lived in a small village which was raided. We were raped and murdered in our home. And I felt terrible that I couldn’t stop it, couldn’t protect her.

      She did some ‘clearing’ work on me, part of the treatment to remove the memories from my body and unconcious mind. And whammo. Suddenly no more tears, no more nightmares. Whilst the dream I’d had didn’t relate to exactly what my boss had uncovered, it was close enough in the feeling and intent.

      Ofcourse, my fiance was sceptical. But he couldn’t deny the difference in me from ‘before’ and ‘after’ the session I had with my boss.

      There’s other weird stuff with my sister but it would take too long to explain here.

      Other past lives I know of…
      * I was a man in a tribal setting of some kind. An ex boyfriend was a younger boy and we were doing some sort of manhood ceremonial thing.
      * Same boyfriend, different world. I was being married to him against my will, and I was contemplating killing myself instead of going downstairs to get married.
      * The weirdest one is the disembodied one. The vision occured the first night we erm, jumped in the sack. There was some sort of weird garden made of energy. We were walking in it, and then I recognised him. Oh, its YOU. We’d spent many lifetimes together, that was something I knew instantly.

      But yeah, I can offer no proof. Take it or leave it.

      • aussiecynic says:

        That is truly an amazing experience and one which will stay with you now doubting..

        The thing I found the most interesting in mine was that in every life time I was murdered or died young before 30…
        and the one which appears to be the most recent I drowned which I think explains my fear of deep water…

        My hubby, an ex friend and I and my eldest son and my daughter….seem to be have been connected in many lifetimes as well…
        Hubby and I used to tell folks when they would ask how long have you been together… forever, since the dawn of time… and that isnt far from the truth….

        there has to be so much more to this than just a simple imagination, whatever the skeptics tell us….
        the belief has been around for a millenia, there is proof if we look, I guess it is like so many other things in the world that is dismissed as supernatural hocus pocus because they cant be explain…One day everyone will know the truth… I think…

        • Jim says:

          Awesome stuff – this is compelling reading…inspiring me to post a recent experience…….now is the time!

        • Svasti says:

          There’s definitely a case for certain people in our lives having shared other lives with us.

          The ex that I mentioned with whom I remembered several lives (incl the disembodied one)… well, I also “knew” through the, um, “voice” that tells me things some times… that this life was the last one we’d be spending together. It was the resolution of our karmic patterns. We would no longer reincarnate together. It was over.

          So it was no surprise that things ended badly. And I mean REALLY badly. At first he wanted to throw me out of the home we were sharing. Then he threatened me (I won’t print the threats here in case they scare anyone!). Then he begged me to stay and make it work out. But I had some very wise friends who pretty much orchestrated my move out of the house whilst he was at work.

          Then the fun began. He did a swift 180 on me and became a freakishly weird person. He stalked me, turning up all sorts of places he couldn’t have known I was going – except that he was following me. He chased me down the street. He stole money from me. He forged my signature. He tried to blackmail me into getting back together with him. He was non-stop for some time. In the end, I had to report him to the police. There’s more that happened, yet its all water under the bridge now.

          But I knew why all along. I thought to myself – what if you’ve spent lifetimes upon lifetimes with someone, and on some unconcious level you knew this one was it, and you weren’t happy about it? And here we were, breaking up. This time it was not just for a lifetime, but for good.

          It didn’t surprise me at all that he reacted in that way. Not that it made my life much fun at the time however!

        • aussiecynic says:

          ITs funny but we are drawn to some people, there is an attraction and no matter what happens they are destined to be apart of your life no matter how long for.

          Since my encounter there has been many people with whom I feel a kinship and many still an istant dislike or insettling feel..
          Looking deeper I found these to be more on intuitive level than one I can make immediate sense of…
          Putting it down to positive and negative past life experiences has helped my understanding a great deal.

  10. Susie says:

    I believe we are on a journey in this live and the ones that we have encountered in the past, to become the best well rounded soul that we can. Very interesting piece, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

  11. Taylor Blue says:

    I believe in reincarnation totally. And I believe in God too? Why can’t there be both? I believe that we chose our life here to teach ourselves lessons. Why is that saying God can only give us what we can handle? The truth is we gave ourselves this life. So, for me challenged every day with my daughter and getting frustrated I think, Why did I chose this for myself and what am I to learn. This is what I believe…and it’s funny because once I asked my pastor. If I said I believed in reincarnation I wouldn’t be accepted in the church right? He said right. Why not? That seems prejudiced.

  12. Purple13 says:

    Apparently I’m a reincarnation of a woman – typical! or i’m a woman or i’m a man who writes like a woman – must be all this time i spend around them.

    Anyone for girly night in? I’ll bring the chocolates and a large jigsaw puzzle – who’s bringing the Asti’ and the weepy film????
    (that’s not short for joanne! – its just Jonathan).

  13. Sweet Violet says:

    My philosophy is similar to Svasti’s.

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only modified. What makes the difference between my body being alive and being a corpse is merely energy. You can call it a “soul” or a “life force” or a pickled beet…a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. What it really is, regardless of what we name it, is energy.

    Mother Nature recycles everything she creates. If your dead body was not preserved with chemicals and locked in a vault, it would decompose and become part of the nourishment of the soil…which nourishes plants…which nourish animals…which leave droppings…which decompose and become part of the nourishment of the soil… This is the way nature works…why should the energy that powers our bodies be treated any differently? Whether it remains discrete and inhabits another body whole or it becomes diluted in the body of energy from other sources and recombine with it, it makes perfect sense that the energy, the life force, is recycled into becoming the life force of subsequent beings.

    This is outside a religious context. Religions can put values on the recycling of this energy, saying to be reincarnated as a snake is a step down and never being recycled…”becoming one with God” is the epitome…but those are just dogmas created by man to explain…and in some cases control. Outside of the religious explanations there remains the conservative, recycling nature of Nature, and I have heard no adequate explanation as to why the rules of natural recycling apply only to our bodies and not to the force that powers those bodies as well.

    • Svasti says:

      Hey Sweet Violet!

      For me, this isn’t quite the right place to go into specifics of my entire philosophy on all this life and death stuff.

      I’m part of a private school of yogis, and we recently purchased some land in north-east Thailand. Its a place for us to learn, study, go into retreat, live, grow food, and eventually to die. In that, its also a place for us to observe the cycle of life and death, and we are committed to making everything we do with the land useful to regenerate it. So that, as you say, everything is re-used and recycled.

      Indeed, this is outside of religion and dogma.


  14. Shinade says:

    Thank you Svasti for this commentary. of course being raised a protestant I grew up with many ideas that had been instilled in my head at a very young age. However, after much reading, studying, and seeking out truths I now hold my own opinions. Which differ greatly from the standard strict and rigid viewpoint of The Southern Baptist here in the US.

    I have often wondered about reincarnation many times and have viewed much material in relationship to it and the choosing of each ne Dalai Lama. However, I am still not convinced that these rituals are any different than any other belief system that ones chooses or is chosen to follow.

    But, I have always found it very curious that when ever some one close to me passes on that shortly there after I hear of a new birth. The very night my mother passed away in a tiny hospital that very rarely excepts maternity I heard the screams of a newborn within minutes of my mother’s death.

    Then there are the unexplainable means by which, at least for me, that I hold knowledge about specific things that I have never studied or in some cases ever heard of in my life time. So these have often times caused me to wonder greatly about reincarnation.

    However, I remain a Christian. I am a follower of Christ. Mind you I am a non traditional Christian because I have chosen to leave religion out of my life where God is concerned and have chosen to worship, follow and listen with my heart. I live my life trying to live as Jesus did and not as most religious affiliations try to tell us to live.

    It is not for me to know for sure nor to judge. I believe we are all God’s children and that we as a global community truly need to adapt tolerance for everyone’s faith and walk with God.

    • Svasti says:

      Shinade, wow. I’m impressed with your open-minded and flexible approach to spirital beliefs. I have several friends who are Christian but much more spiritually oriented, and less stringent with the whole “the world is only 2000 years old” business.

      You’re right – in some ways, actually in many ways I don’t think it matters one bit whether you’re agnostic, atheist, or take the path of any of the religions. Except ofcourse, for those that think its a good idea to kill people up in the name of religion. Then again, I think this is a human error, misreading and misinterpreting the concept of god to suit their own ends.

      Whilst some people are known to reincarnate quickly, it doesn’t always work that way. My own studies and what I’ve read tell a much more involved picture. But yes, it can happen that way.

      The reality is, none of us know for sure about anything. We can follow our heart, we can study, we can pursue the more esoteric side of humanity if we choose – but until we’re experiencing such things as the death state and thus knowing what happens for ourselves… we can’t.

      I do really think, the more open minded we can be, the better off we are. I’m so glad you’ve found a position that works well for you.

  15. Jim says:

    Ok, inspired by the comments above hands up from me….

    I had my first past life regression session 4 weeks ago just before I left for India. I’m happy to share the experience here – it was going to feature in a book oneday but it’s the right time in this thread…please read with an open mind!

    A revered mystic was over in Dubai from Delhi and I spent 90 minutes with her. she talked through any issues in my life and asked me to sign a disclaimer that I was open to hypnosis / past life so off we went…

    Within 8 minutes the Archangel Michael was being channelled through me (bright blue eyes) and was instructed to remove a grey smoke
    that I could see / feel over my chest…

    “What is the name of the smoke, archangel Michael?” Asked the Medium

    “Simon” I replied through Michael as it were.

    On it went – it turned out that simon was an earthbound soul who had resided in my body for some time (earthbound souls do not die naturally I was told – illness, battle, car accident)

    “How did you die Simon?”

    “I was a Roman solider killed in battle, sword in the back, I could taste my own blood” I replied…then for some reason started laughing….a deep, dark laugh….

    “Archangel Michael please take Simon into the light – Simon are you ready to leave jim & go into the light?”

    “I suppose so, jim isn’t doing any harm so I’ll move on” I said, very matter of fact.

    “Right, you’re not to inhabit any more earthbound souls, Simon, Archangel Michael will take you up to the light”

    “Ok then”

    and as I felt the grey smoke go the tears trickled down my face with an immense sense of relief.

    This happened – call it what you will it happened and I felt better for it……some don’t go at all -they refuse and the session can go on for several hours …..

    Then, it got even more interesting once my tears had dried…..The medium then asked michael questions through me ABOUT other people…illnesses, a bad spirit and for his advice through my voice,

    “What do I need to do with my health, archangel Michael?” She asked

    “Drink more water, it’s your kidneys” I replied…..

    No idea where that came from but I said it and it made sense to her.

    We ended it with her sending love & light to my loved ones & family.

    That, was my first experience with past life regression and one I’ll always remember.

    • Taylor Blue says:

      Jim…that is moving and amazing. I wish I could say that I had an experience like that to say that I have proof. Hold on to that memory.

    • Svasti says:

      Nice one Jim. I’m glad you shared!

    • Thank you for sharing Jim. That was facinating and how has it effected you since…any changes in thoughts, feelings, behavior, etc?

      • Jim says:

        Well it was an amazing sense of relief and an experience that will be with me in this life & the next…

        I kept an open mind during the process and just let my ego go – the healer kept asking my permission to channel through Michael – t did feel like there was a presence, really.

        Cue Gladiator?

    • Barbara Gallon! says:

      Roman soldier hey jim?
      The tears are rollin down my cheeks as well
      And my sides ache too as I just can’t stop laughing at your story.

      • Urban Pagan says:


        if I wasn’tmassively in love with bridget you woulwd be close

        • Svasti says:

          And here I was Urban, thinking you’re a man of taste and discrimination!

        • aussiecynic says:

          Was that comment aimed at Barbara or Bridget???

          I do hope it is the former not the later although in either not nice…

          shhhhh personal remarks please refrain….

          Barbara is NOT Bridget just so we are all clear… hmmmm….

          Just not Nice…
          play nice people

        • Urban Pagan says:

          I agree AC

          Bridget is brilliant- a very very intelligent person – warm, humourous, funny, quirky, very attractive- hence why she has landed the top prize- MOI!! And a fact that a lot on here may not know but English is not Bridgets first language- I won’t say what is but for someone who doesn’t speak it as a first language her writing skills are amazing. And her conversational skills. And lots of other skills too.

          But I am sure svasti meant Barbara NOT bridget- Right??

          Either way bridget is ALL MINE!! So there. Unlucky fellas but you missed out and I won!!! Hooray!! Lucky lucky UP!!

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          Sva, why the callous slur on urban pagan?
          Why I am almost lost for words!
          such comments from who claims to encourage partcipation its disgraceful sva
          And urban pagan, bridget is undoubtedly a lucky girl but why does she not reciprocate your feelings here?

        • Urban Pagan says:

          In fairness Barbara I wouldn’t attempt to second guess that! But Bridget has her own mind,her own reasons for posting or not and I respect them, as I do her 100%. Maybe she will post, maybe she won’t. But its ultimately up to her when she posts and what she posts. I wouldn’t attempt to influence her either way- she’d beat me up (only joking!!)

        • Svasti says:

          Definitely wasn’t referring to Bridget. Why, I haven’t had the pleasure of making her aquaintance yet!

    • Urban Pagan says:

      I tell you what is impressive Jim

      the fact that your roman soldier could speak fluent english- amazing that- and highly unlikely.

  16. Simple Zack says:

    The reincarnation station says that I’ll be a Tiger in my next life. Sweet!

  17. Kathleen says:

    I’m going to be Mrs. Ed!!!!!!!

  18. Svasti says:

    Hey all,

    I just remembered this video, which you might be interested in… jaw dropping stuff. But then again, for those of us who have been down the path of contemplation, there’s an awful lot here that sounds familiar. Its about 18 minutes, but well worth watching.


  19. Urban Pagan says:

    is everyone sniffing glue today?

    • Arvind says:

      Just what I was thinking UP!

      • Jim says:

        Arvind, what is your take on reincarnation then – do tell as you’ve a foot in the UK and roots in India…

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          Reading between the lines in judgment of his comment there jim, I would hazard a guess that arvind is less than convinced by the notion of reincarnation.
          Why I would go as far as to say he is so sceptical that it is good enough to say he does not believe in this reincarnation horse feather baloney.
          I may be wrong of course but cannot see reason why he would make the comment he did if this were not his point of view.
          However i am surprised you had you had difficulty in working that one out sir.
          Wait, I retract that last sentence, having read what you have written, i am not surprised you couldn’t work that one out

        • Jim says:

          I’m working on it Barb, all my writing is a work in progress…..

          Part original / part reincarnated.

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          Are you going to make that post under ‘comedy’ jim?

        • Arvind says:

          Barbara, you said it all for me!

          I do believe that we never die and we go somewhere afterwards, but I just don’t think I would come back as a horse!

          Isn’t it amazing how everyone who has a past life regression is always a king or a princess or something else equally majestic, but never a murderer or crooks :-)

  20. Gareth in Thailand says:

    For the record I think its rubbish and anything recalled in ‘regression’ is probably simply a subconscious desire or role play similar to a dream. We dream each and every night however we are not always able to recall them, when we can many are pretty wacky so why not the same thing for regression and so called visions or recalling past lives?

    Anyway on a different note;
    I guess the thing I’m left wondering is why does anyone give a toss?
    If you can’t remember past lives on a daily bassis and/or call on the information you gathered in past lives, rather like having a library at your disposal, then what bloody use is it even if it does exist.

    Reincarnated, not reincarnated what difference does it make if its not a fully functioning cognitive memory in your brain for recall any time you want as a reference. If you have to be hypnotised / drugged / regressed in order to remember you had a past life then surely its of no use so why bother wondering?

    If find it strange that nobody regressed ever seemed to be a simply barrel maker, a lazy workshy beggar or some other non-descript underachiever, always the Queen of Egypt or a witness to some heinous crime.

    • Svasti says:

      Hey Gareth,

      Whilst I don’t agree its all a load of bollocks, I do agree with the statement – why does anyone really care?

      In almost 99.9% of cases, its not gonna matter one iota what you did when or where or with whom.

      But if that’s true, why do people care that other people care?

      Some people are more naturally inclined to look at such things, and find answers. So what? Some people are more inclined to sit and watch the football and drink copious amounts of beer. I don’t see the difference personally – its all preference.

      For the record, I have never had to be hypnotised to remember any of what I’ve experienced. Most of it has all been in the waking state, although some of it has been in dreams.

      Oh and in none of what I remember/have seen, have I been a queen or anyone terribly important (as per one of my overly long comments above). I don’t think Jim or Aussie Cynic have claimed that either.

  21. Urban Pagan says:

    a question then svasti

    why did jims roman soldier speak english and not his native tongue??

    because ‘simon’ was jim’s subconscious doing a bit of role playing.

    • Svasti says:

      I seriously dunno, Urban.

      Do you think the fact that Jim’s roman solider *did* speak English proves anything? Or perhaps… its something neither of us understands?

      “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy” Shakespeare

      Why is it possible for babies to learn whatever language they happen to grow up listening to? Why is it possible to learn another language once you’ve learned one?

      • Gareth in Thailand says:

        YOu don’t grasp the human capacity to learn?

      • Urban Pagan says:

        my point is this svasti- the fact that a roman soldeir spoke english as opposed to his mother tongue casts massive doubt on the whole thing, surely. it doesn’t add up.

        perhaps it is how jim would like to be viewed and his subconcsious is allowing him to do just that

        • Gareth in Thailand says:

          Is this true Jim, have you got a little Centurions outfit in your wardrobe?
          Who do you play opposite? Someone out their got a Cleopatra outfit and do you try and ‘arrest’ or ‘conquer’ her ?
          Dear me, what OSHO did to you.

        • Svasti says:

          Perhaps. But then, perhaps not. As I said, “assume” this really happened as Jim said it did. In that case, its something pretty interesting and out of the usual understanding of human beings. And in that case, why wouldn’t the roman soldier use Jim’s natural language? My point is, we don’t know how this works. So your question, whilst valid, doesn’t prove or disprove anything.

          You have every right to disbelieve what Jim has to say. But that can never take away from his experience. And it doesn’t make what you have to say correct.

        • Barbara Gallon! says:

          What is you are so fond of sayin sva?
          Yippety yip yap?
          Or words to that effect

  22. Jim says:

    Well – I take all points of view after my experience and I never was one for Latin – maybe Archangel Michael is a modern day spirit guide?

    I”M SPARTACUS (The farm, Peter Hooton)

  23. Lib says:

    I honestly have no idea whether re-incarnation exists or doesn’t, more to the point, I don’t actually care.

    It might sound harsh but why would I waste my time finding out what I was in a past life when I have a life to live now?

    Its not as if being armed with that knowledge is going to help me in the future (whatever that is) is it.

    And as for your experience Svasti, extremely strong though it is, were you not influenced by where you were working at the time?

    For example, someone else could have had your experience and not being au fait with healing/reincarnation, could have put it down to a nightmare/overtiredness/bad dream.

    And who’s to say they would have been wrong?

    It might appear that I am closed to this, I’m not, I just fail to see what the benefits are of believing.

    • What a refreshing point of view!! Thanks Lib! And, that does not mean that I agree with you and that does not mean that I don’t. I just really appreciate your different perspective.

    • Svasti says:

      Heya Lib,

      Nope, where I was working had no influence on what happened. Its a lil quirk of mine that’s been around much longer than that. As I said at the top of all this, I don’t expect anyone to understand or agree. But I don’t give people a hard time for *not* believing, so I fail to see the point in others giving a hard time to those who do.

      And as I also mentioned, it really doesn’t matter anyway…

  24. Jim says:

    News just in…

    Our Dalai Lama posts were in the Pune Mirror mag last Sunday – we’ll post about them at the end of this week!

  25. Arvind says:

    A wise old Indian guru was once asked by his disciples to tell them about their past lives.

    He simply laughed for a few seconds and then paused, before saying:-

    “You already have so many problems and challenges in your current life, why do you want to know about your previous lives?!”

    I believe we should focus on the life we already have and make the most of it.

  26. I have a comment to you under Purple 13. Sorry, I got confused.

  27. Svasti says:

    Oh my, now you’re asking very in-depth questions. Not so easy to answer in this sort of format.

    Personally, I don’t believe we’re here picking up gold stars or experiences to become well-rounded beings.

    Hmmm… how to put this? Nope. We’re here in this world because god can do and be anything. God wished to experience itself as other than itself, and that’s the world, and everything in it.

    Unlike some eastern philosophies that say the world is just an illusion, I come from a school of thought that says no – the world is real. But its just that its not the whole picture. What we can see and do with our human selves is also limited. Until people start yearning for a return to the source, so to speak. Or in other words, achieve enlightenment, a realised nature that all things are one, non-dual.

    My school of thought also says that its everyone’s destiny to reach enlightenment at some point. Even if it takes many thousands or millions of lifetimes to do so.

    And in the mean time, all living things (not just people) exist in various states of ignorance and suffering.

    But ultimately, the goal of our essence nature is to be one with god’s essence nature, which is our essence nature really. Only we don’t know it for the most part.

    Okay – I’m gonna stop there…

  28. Jim says:

    Brussel sprouts eh Elton?

  29. Kathleen says:

    Thank you. The notion of God experiencing itself as “other” is definitely fodder. I appreciate your insightfulness. It ties a lot of teachings together.

  30. Svasti says:

    You’re more than welcome :)

  31. Elton John - Drama Queen says:

    Brussel Sprouts see, they makes em in coventry in one ov them sweatshops see, that’s why Tesco sells em so cheap right.

  32. Barbara Gallon! says:

    Elton John I respect you sir
    I get the feeling yours is intentional nonsense unlke the others who write here
    Wait no, that is an incorrect statement
    In spite of the others equally ridiculous claims, theirs is also intentional nonsense

  33. Taylor Blue says:

    Are you having fun making a fool of yourself Barbara? YAWN…

  34. Barbara Gallon! says:

    And you are worried about me making a fool of myself!
    That is rich my dear…..
    Do you ever read the nonsense that you write?

  35. Taylor Blue says:

    Obviously you haven’t read what you wrote..

  36. Barbara Gallon! says:

    Touche my dear
    I do hope that word is within your grasp

  37. Svasti says:

    Yippetyy yip yap yip yap.

    Can anyone understand a single word of Barbie’s attempts at intelligent English language?? Translators please!

  38. Barbara Gallon! says:

    I rather think they do or my comments would not garner responses
    Tell me now, what does ‘yippety yip yap yip yap’ mean? I think we need a translator for that one…..

  39. Svasti says:

    And that’s cool. You’re welcome to your opinion but I think there’s fine line between having said opinion and telling other people what they think is rubbish. You know… :)

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