Go! Smell the Books!

Posted on October 5th, 2008 by Funkygirl012003

Hi from the U.S.A flower people. We’ve recently opened up a booth at the local fleamarket. While we haven’t had much call to sell anything yet, we’ve sure been doing a lot of shopping in the market. I’d say we’ve gone overboard in buying previously read books.

It’s kind of ironic that we set up a booth to help clear out extra stuff in our home, but it’s only helping us to bring home more stuff!

Our fleamarket features both indoors and outdoor booths. While every other vendor probably has a few old books to sell off. I’ve found some good ones, especially by Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I’ll read them and probably sell them off to other people. Nothing like the endless cycle of reading.

There must be some interesting markets out there in your part of the world and every one has something in particular that’s commonly sold. What kinds of stuff do you find at your local fleamarkets most often? Do let me know….

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  1. Jim says:

    I did wonder what he difference was between ‘fleamarket’ & ‘garage sale’ – if any – is there?

    Dean Koontz – got to love his horror writing….

    Fleamarkets in the UK – AKA ‘ Jumble sales’ – not sure if they even still have them but its full of old CD’s (records in the 70′s & 80′s) books, clothes that smell strange but occasional bonus leather jackets that were last scene on pilot episodes of Kojak. The market near punch n Judy in covent garden in my fave – full of useless tat!

    Fleamarkets in Dubai – occasional craft fairs on a friday (i.e Sunday) but new stuff- rarely second hand.

    Fleamarkets in Bangkok / Mumbai / Cambodia – stuff always on display in the streets as the live fleamarket continues – all part of the culture and no special event needed.

    There’s always that ‘ well I picked this broach up at the fleamarket for $1 not realising it once belonged to Charlie Chaplains butler’

    ‘Really, how much is it worth?’

    ‘Oh at least $1′ :-)

    Anyone else shed their local views of this…

  2. Urban Pagan says:

    I am getting into the international fod markets that pop up from time to time.

    there si a really good one on Saturdays in Liverpool. They have a stupidly large range of cheses, sausage, chilli’s all manner of varied international produce.

    All well and good but I can blow 30 quid on cheese which is not the best health wise!!

  3. Lib says:

    Hi FG,

    We don’t tend to have that many ‘flea markets’ in Manchester.

    We have quite a famous resident one called Aflex Palace which is full of trippy hippy clothes/books/music and the international food markets (which I too can quite happily by shed loads of cheese from, chilli cheese or wholegrain mustard cheese, fit)

    I love going down to London though (going next weekend actually) where there are loads of flea markets, will let you know what I buy.

    • Jim says:

      Lib, Do they still have that xmas type flea market on the erm, well on the run up to xmas around St Peters Square??

      • Lib says:

        Sure do, should be here late November.

        Its quite commercialised though if that makes sense, you can buy ye old tibetan 60% polyester/40% woollen hats for the price of a small country so you don’t really get the flea market feel.

        Its still mint though, simply for the food and wine alone.

  4. We have these gigantic “flea” markets here, that are held indoors, at empty warehouses that were reconstructed to hold individual booths laden with the goodies of whomever decides to rent the space.

    It amuses me.

    In the words of the late great George Carlin — “ever notice how your stuff is your stuff, but everybody elses stuff is [expletive infixation deleted]?”

  5. aussiecynic says:

    we love markets and boot sales …
    there is one here once a month but it is pretty poor….
    we drive to the coast once in a while to fossick threw the junk and normally find something of interest and occasionally a treasure…
    cant beat a good market….

  6. Gareth in Thailand says:

    There are a lot of meat markets in Pattaya, from low end ones like ‘Worldwide a go-go’ to middle range ones like ‘Silverstar a go-go’ right up to the high end versions of ‘beach club a go-go’ complete with jacuzzi, trapeze and glass coffee tables.
    Unfortunately being married I can’t visit them.

  7. Urban Pagan says:

    the best thing about charity shops is this

    take along all your worn suits, shirts, trousers etc.

    then go back in the folowing day and buy them back for buttons. freshly laundered and pressed. a lot cheaper than dry cleaning

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