Go smell 4 weeks without internet!

Posted on October 2nd, 2008 by Simple Zack


5 weeks ago I moved into what I would soon find out to be, an Internet-free zone.  No connection in the apartment, not even wireless signals to mooch off of.  Finally, yesterday at 10 am, a cable guy arrived to install this glorious product of our information age and I must say, it’s better than it has ever been.  Although, the 5 weeks of no Internet (except for the university library) was rewarding, I am glad to once again have it in my reach.

Tell me, could you live though 5 Internetless weeks?

29 Responses to “Go smell 4 weeks without internet!”

  1. Ange says:

    um… NO WAY! I couldn’t even imagine it Zack. So what did you spend your time on without the online world?

    • Simple Zack says:

      Well, the first thing i did was get a life. Then I opted to find a job on an organic farm. Later on, I read a bunch of great books, learned to cook, volunteered, and learned to front flip on a trampoline. After that I discovered the true meaning of life. Not a bad 5 weeks, I’d say.

  2. Hmmm…..Noooooooooooo! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! With my depression, the Internet has become an extremely useful therapeutic tool of expression, connecting with others and having fun. The other thing is that many of my friends and my chuch communicate via email, so I would miss a lot of important things. For a little while that would be okay, but for 5 weeks NOT…maybe, a week tops.

    Zack, I’m with Ange…what did you do?

  3. Jim says:

    NOPE! Not a chance – FIVE weeks – 3 weeks is the longest I’ve ‘gone without’

    So welcome back Zack (that rhymed) and when GSTF loaded up today I thought there was an error and was about to email Deep!


    • Simple Zack says:

      I was hoping that maybe I’d trick someone. :)

      • Jim says:

        It worked with me – I still look at your post and think Aaaaargh – we’ve crashed!

        Your 5 weeks experience sounded great so feel free to share bits as and when….you’ve crammed it alot without needed the distraction of the web. However, this place is my solace for sharing my travels, experiences and learning more so hey, feel free to get totally addicted and immersed here…. :-)

      • You actually did to me, but it was past my bedtime. I actually reloaded the page several times until I realized that there was a post title…duh!!! Well, done!! I didn’t want to admit it…thanks Jim. I enjoy the company.

  4. Arvind says:

    Zack – welcome back – and NO chance of living 5 weeks without the internet.

    Yesterday, the net was running really, really slow and I had withdrawal symptoms

    Maybe we all need to get a life! :-)

  5. Urban Pagan says:

    now now kids lets not get carried away

    I coped without the interweb for about 21 years. Not that tough really. But perhaps I’m just double hard and everyone else is a bit more fragile………. I never cried at Bambi either

  6. Lib says:

    Nope not for me Zack, I need it for work as much as anything.

    And my cyber friends.

    And my cyber pets.

    And my cyber boyfriend.

  7. Gareth in Thailand says:

    Wake early alarm chimes toning
    Roll out of bed after a few minutes moaning
    Off into work for a day at the office
    Its the daily routine for half the polulace
    Switch on log in, hear them windows chimes
    Must have been played about a million times

    The daily delivery of junk and spam
    Have an erections for 4 weeks? Maybe I can
    Prescription medication delivered in a flash
    Thank goodness for that, I hate that rash
    University degrees, free on line
    What does that do to the value of mine?

    Nigerian family with wealth to be freed
    Won’t take much, just nuture my greed
    Western Union ten grand through to Abuja City
    When its lost ask your friends for plenty of pity
    Is there no end to the crap they will send
    Stop reading log off, before you go round the bend.

    Tinternet, e-mail, no thank you. I could go without them but it seems its now indelibly ingrained into most of us. I even tried to ban e-mails between some of my team members, one asked “What should I do then” I suggested talking might be a good alternative and wouldn’t invlove CC’ing me so much. 4 weeks without it would be great.

  8. Taylor Blue says:

    NOT A CHANCE! I don’t even know how I could even sleep without being online. You are a brave soul.

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