Food for thought from David…

Posted on April 22nd, 2007 by Jim

Thanks for David for sending us in his thoughts, one of which included:

‘As long as anyone believes that his ideal and purpose is outside him, that it is above the clouds, in the past or in the future, he will go outside himself and seek fulfillment where it cannot be found. He will look for solutions and answers at every point except where they can be found–in himself.’

Do you agree that what we’re looking for is stuck right slap bang in the middle within our very selves? Comments per-lease… 


12 Responses to “Food for thought from David…”

  1. Dubaidave says:

    I have to agree with my namesake, happiness is not just a cigar from Hamlet but a state of mind, wherever we are. The only important space is the 5 inches between our ears! Time for a duff beer anyway.

  2. Gareth in China says:

    Can anyone translate this broken sentence gibberish?

  3. Yea, most people just forget to look at the place nearest to them – themselves! That is why people just go about hunting without results.

  4. Lemmyfrommotoread says:

    Think about it Gareth. Poignant stuff wouldn’t you say? Or are you referring ot the Simpnosn clip?

  5. sarah says:

    I guess we spend lots of time searching for things we don’t really need or want. No such things as paradise. Even when there I need to change currency at an inflated rate!

  6. simplesimon says:

    Not a fan of quiet time myself. Can’t relate to these so called gurus who sit and ‘just be ‘ without doing anything. At work it’s no problem, sitting and doing nothing. But in real life…? Phew..

  7. AngryFrom EllesmerePort says:

    We already have a Tree Hugger regularly on this site – seems like he/she has been breeding like rats.
    What happend to good old fashioned fun/ranting/abuse/realism on this site? It’s all becoming too lovey. I may have to become controversial

  8. Gareth in China says:

    I was not referring to Simplesimon, I was referring to the gibberish in the article.
    Anyone believing anything other than aircraft, satelites, ozone layers and non terrestrial bodies are above the clouds is clearly mad.
    Also when I asked who won the 1984 cup final I have never found 2-0 to Everton, inside myself. However, I will concede I have not looked too deep as I’m a big girl when faced with a scalpel – just a quick look in my ears and nostrils all be it with the aid of a mirror.
    Now, going outside yourself – I’m not even going to start with this, assume some ghost based monologue.

  9. dubaidave says:

    The point is not to go outside yourself. It means endlessly hammering away at the treadmill for nothing, ultimately nothing. If you can handle quiet time alone they reckon you’ve arrived. Time stands still. When they asked Buddha when he acheived enlightenment he answered –

    ” It was during an out breath” Here’s me sat with my can of Guinness but I have to admire that.

    When did you acheive enlightenment Dave. My answer – After my 6th can.

  10. AngryFromEllesmerePort says:

    At last, Dave is on my side of the fence – forget looking inside/outside/ around yourself. The answer for enlightenment lies in alcohol.
    Ask any of the 19th century Paris writers/painters who found genius in Absinthe.
    With you Gareth – if it can’t be seen, felt, measured, photographed it doesn’t exist.

  11. AngryFromEllesmerePort says:

    Condolences Gareth – just heard the news about Bally

  12. Gareth in China says:

    Indeed, I observed a short moment of reflection for the squeaky one. Report says he was tackling a bonfire. Seems he went a bit mad and mistook a raging inferno for Gerd Mueller streaking down the wing. Maybe a lesson for other old footballers, don’t tackle anything that is not another footballer.

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