Go Stop the Anxiety!

Posted on September 26th, 2008 by Funkygirl012003

I thought I’d mention a little bit about how closely tied anxiety and fatigue are in terms of the body this time around.  The body is very much affected by the mind and vice versa.  When we get into long term stressful situations it actually begins to wear down the body, and that in turn helps wear down the mind and spirit leading to a deadly downward spiral. 

We should all recognize how closely intertwined our minds, bodies and spirits are, so we can take the proper measures to stop that spiral and improve overall health immedietely. 

The next time you find yourself feeling ill, rundown and just kind of chronically achy try a few of these tips to improve over the next week:

  • Drink water!  Right now to start clearing your system, hydrate the body and flushing toxins.
  • Don’t think about your worries.  Set aside a specific time each day when you will worry at your problems.  When that time ends you have to set those problems aside and do something constructive.
  • Physical Activity improves mood.  I recommend a twenty minute walk in particular.  It really helps.
  • Eat protein and complex carbs.  The protein will give the body amino acids that help produce dopamine and norepinephrine.  The carbs give the energy needed to get through tough days.

There are lots of ways to improve the health and outlook but the main thing is to let go of the anxiety and stress.

14 Responses to “Go Stop the Anxiety!”

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for those tip funky girl…

    Any thought on diets specific to body type / blood type regarding highs n lows?

    Sugar high, slumps – red meat for some, veg for others -anyone?

  2. mike says:

    Great post : In another life I used to work for a bank in London. I hated it; especially the train and tube journey in. About 4 years in I started having severe pains in my stomach – you’ve seen Alien where it pops out of someone’s stomach? Yep that kind of pain – I used to shut myself into the toilet at work and sit doubled over on the floor in agony until it passed.

    I had loads of tests. Nothing. Zip wrong with me. In the end I came to the conclusion it was the stress and asked for a transfer out to Hertfordshire, which the bank gave me. In a way I guess it was a kind of breakdown, I used to travel in on the train, get off at kings Cross Station feeling sick and ring from the station to say I was ill and then catch the train home again.

    I took a two week holiday in Cornwall, relaxed and got my life back to a managable level. The pain went. The mind is a powerful thing – it will find some way of getting it’s message through to you!

  3. aussiecynic says:

    My biggy is white bread….
    More than 2 slice every few days and I get bloated and feel tired and grumpy… hmmmm..
    But fresh fruit and veges and a good thick steak and I am over the moon…

    The Blood Group menu is rather good…
    For example when I eat the foods relavant for my grouping I feel great, loose weight and generally am better to handle those hiccups… hmm
    Yoghurt rocks… lol

  4. Urban Pagan says:


    what a refreshing change!!

    a post built on a combination of proven methods, science and common sense.

    doing well until jim came up with the ‘blood type specific’ diet, bodytype diet nonsense.

    its rather like the suppposed bs about allergies being detected by holding up a loaf to somebodies head.


    well in fg! gets my ‘gstf battle for common-sense and actual knowledge’ award of the week.

    • Well, I think body type/blood type might be closely tied to your genetics. Kind of like how some people can digest and tolerate cow milk while others can’t and it makes them sick. They just don’t have the enzymes to digest it.

  5. Great post with solid points. I only want to mention that if symptoms interfere with daily activities or last more than two or three weeks, it is time to obtain professional assistance to make sure there is not something else like an anxiety disorder, depression, etc…

  6. Emma says:

    Any tips for setting aside your worries? Any time I try to meditate, chill out or relax and I have something on my mind, my brain goes into overdrive and I just cannot stop the thoughts multiplying.

    Any tips welcome!

    • It takes time and practice to quite our minds. Sometimes, soft instrumental sounds or nature sounds. For me, personally they just add to the distraction, but it works for some. For some, fragrances help, but not for me…I have bad allergies. I do relaxation exercises where you tighten a section of muscle for a while then let it go, then another, and so on. Making sure the environment is cool and quiet. Have a routine a special mat or towel or whatever. For me, I focus on my breathing and my body and try to release the tension. Just being present to me and my body…sometimes, I end up crying, but then it helps. It really does take a lot of time and practice. I like the basics of mindfulness.

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