Flowers at OSHO, Pune. Day 4 – Dynamic meditation & silver!

Posted on September 26th, 2008 by Jim

So, flower folk it’s time I reported on some more of the activities I’ve been getting involved in here at the OSHO ashram in Pune.

The early Morning dynamic meditation started at 06.00am and resisting the temptation to settle for the early morning sleeping version, showered and stepped into my maroon robe and headed to the dark side of the moon auditorium where I joined white robes inc at the insightful evening meeting the night before.

Dynamic Meditation was due to last one hour and the black robed, white belted instructor announced that if we couldn’t take the full hour then leave now and once the session had started nobody would be allowed to join in as I prepared for one of the most surreal hours of my life on this earth………..

Dynamic meditation is in five stages and can of course be done alone for those wishing to try at home, in the office or on the tube but and will be ‘even more powerful if it is done with others’ (OSHO). However, it is an individual experience so you we were advised to remain oblivious of others around us, keep our eyes closed throughout, preferably using a blindfold.

“This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware, whatsoever you do. Remain a witness. Don’t get lost. While you are breathing you can forget. You can become one with the breathing so much that you can forget the witness. But then you miss the point.

“Breathe as fast as possible, as deep as possible; bring your total energy to it but still remain a witness. Observe what is happening as if you are just a spectator, as if the whole thing is happening to somebody else, as if the whole thing is happening in the body and the consciousness is just centered and looking.

“This witnessing has to be carried in all the three steps. And when everything stops, and in the fourth step you have become completely inactive, frozen, then this alertness will come to its peak.” Osho

First Stage: 10 minutes

I Breathed as chaotically through my thankfully clear nose as I could concentrating always on the exhalation for the first 10 seconds at least. Assured that ‘my body will take care of the inhalation and the breath moves deeply into the lungs’ it was easier said than done. I was as fast as I could go in my breathing, making sure it was as fast and as hard as possible without blowing my nose or turning the marble floor green.

‘Become the breathing. Use your natural body movements to help you to build up your energy. Feel it building up, but don’t let go during the first stage’ encouraged our instructor that I squinted moving around through the 30 or so maroon robes spluttering away for the remaining 9 minutes at 50 seconds. It was hard work, plain and simple and I worried about popping either a blood vessel or breaking wind.

Second Stage: 10 minutes

"Explode! Express everything that needs to be thrown out."

How about me I thought? This part was fun actually, encouraged to "Go totally mad. Scream, shout, cry, jump, shake, dance, sing, laugh; throw yourself around and hold nothing back" so I started breakdancing a little whilst making the sound of a cow. Sorry, it was the best I could do whilst aspiring to master the moves of year-year as shown here because I know I’ve got soul:

YouTube Preview Image

A dosed dived into a caterpillar, changed my animal noise to a distressed sheep and then dropped into a windmill BUT with no chance of a circle forming around me as I carried out but with no applause. Maybe music would have helped instead of everyones letting go noises which included tears, screaming, banging the floor, spinning, skipping and anything else you think of when you hear the words Monty Python.

Inspired to keep my whole body moving this breakdancing got me on the right track without my mind interfering telling me that going into the turtle move after the windmill just wouldn’t work. Be still mind.

Third Stage: 10 minutes

No for the real tall order as I followed the eyes closed / blindfolded gang and raised arms vertically above my shoulders whilst jumping up and down shouting the mantra, “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” as deeply as possible. I had to ensure that each time I landed on the flats of my feet I let the sound hammer deep into my ‘sex center’ as it is referred to in the handbook which also suggested I ‘give all I have & exhaust myself totally.’

My calves where absolutely shot but amazingly I kept my arms up and allowed my competitive streak to shine as I ensured my tarzan grunt was the loudest.

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes

Now was the rest I needed as we were told to ‘Stop! Freeze wherever you are’ so in whatever position I was in that would be it for FIFTEEN MINUTES where arranging the body in any way wasn’t allowed. A cough, a movement – anything would have, apparently dissipated the energy flow and the effort will be lost and all I wanted was to sit down and rest my calves.

This idea is to be a witness to everything that is happening to you in between me peaking at others around me some of whom had left their hands up in the air. Ouch – 15 minutes of that! Anyway I desperatley wanted to start body popping but didn’t have the courage so stayed still, sweat dripping down my neck, into my ears and working it’s way around my saturated maroon robe.

YouTube Preview Image

Fifth Stage: 15 minutes

Pretty much a free for all now as the auditorium ‘celebrated through dance, expressing our gratitude towards the whole’ whilst trying not to bump into anyone blindfolded and without slipping on the sweaty cold marble floor.

Lights on, class over as we left encouraged to carry our happiness with us throughout the day not even giving me a chance to pull of another windmill or caterpillar. I opted for staggering out and heading back to my room for a shower and another episode of the Sopranos and must admit I felt wide awake after that hour as I left the rave.

Did you click on smiley by the way?

After another shower, nap & 2 Soprano episodes I decided to get amongst a few of the guests here at the retreat – they’re human as well, right and my own take on all this needed other insights to spur me along.

As this lush campus is split by the road you have to leave and show your meditation day pass to come and go so I flashed my pass to a small wiry bloke with a long shiny silver grey breads and wise eyes – a yogi perhaps who gave me the ‘you’re OK son, please proceed’.

Having walked by the OSHO shop & the OSHO Multiversity (still to explore) I passed maroon robe couple hugging – not in the ‘we’re a couple’ way, just a ‘ we’ve bonded, we understand and we’re enjoying this moment’. Fair enough – not something seen everyday so good for them but the more I looked for it the more it was clear the hugging was big here.

Can’t hug when I’m hungry so I had my virtual money marked off on my voucher and ‘paid’ for my lunch and sat lapping up a delectable veggie curry in my Maroon robe and got talking to a blank faced bloke from Holland. He put down his copy of the OSHO times and introduced himself as ‘Christ’ and had been at Osho for a month and this was his annual leave from the ‘real’ world.

I wondered what brought him here, how he had changed and what experiences he had and if he could breakdance like me, laugh, or more likely, cry. He found his solace in playing the drums at the OSHO gatherings and helping out ‘working’ around the place and I left feeling sorry for him and gave him an over enthusiastic pat of the back just as he lifted his soup spoon to his mouth, dropping it as the clatter caused more purple robed to see what had happened.

Note to self – Hugs are good, back slapping during mealtimes not so good.

It was time to leave ‘Christ’ or was I being cynical but no, if I didn’t get OSHO, the group if Israelites clustered around another table certainly didn’t. Their conversation revolved around mobile phones and client contact software, how inappropriate, I though, here at OSHO how dare they – they’ll be talking about the price of the latest OSHO book they bought next.

Returning my tray of empty plastic dishes another maroon robe appeared – A German guy who was with OSHO 29 years ago, used to teach healing here but left a few years ago. He reckoned that OSHO was poisoned by the CIA / FBI and bit by bit his health deteriorated.

Now living off site but ‘eats here all the time’ and has his own silver jewelry business which sustains him nicely.

"NOW is a great time to buy silver my friend"

"I don’t wear jewelery" I replied showing him my empty and unmarked wrists.

"No I mean buy as in trade, people watch gold, oil and apple stocks butsilver is the one that will increase 5 fold in the next 2 years, just you wait".

Wow. I chuckled at the thought of a Zen like ticker tape stream being played under the OSHO screen at his evening discourses. Ohm. So what was drawing him to the place now that he wasn’t teaching the wisdom of OSHO? The peace, the spirituality or the opportunity to meet women, have random hugs or trade silver and close the deal quickly with an uncluttered focus? Maybe it was a simple as those who want to celebrate life, to come out of a cul-de-sac of depression, misery, melancholy moods and fears or was it just a change is as good as a rest?

I wondered. I really was starting to wonder but keeping the open / no mind approach it’s time I visited the OSHO Mutliversity center and book myself of a course, after another meditation class as there’s so much to chose from. I realised I was out of ‘virtual’ money and needed to get cash out to top up my credit and buy more vouchers so with no cash on campus I’d have to de-robe and leave campus.

More tomorrow as I work out the cash / card thing, pick a life course on offer here, try another meditation and return with clarity as I intend to stay in tonight and crack into the second season of the Sopranos. What with the main boss inside, Tony and his panic attacks and the therapist getting to him who knows what can happen but either way at least they have a living head – after OSHO had several attempts on his life and died, nobody took over from him!


YouTube Preview Image

Who does run OSHO now, I wonder?

All comments and questions relating to this article are much appreciated as my journey continues….

34 Responses to “Flowers at OSHO, Pune. Day 4 – Dynamic meditation & silver!”

  1. Urban Pagan says:

    great stuff Jim fascinating reading.

    as I understand it osho stated that nobody should take over from him. ace. the ego has landed.

    I am having a bite to eat now so will respond in full later

  2. I think this surviving on two to three hours a sleep per night is getting to me, I got kinda lost and passed out during the first breathing exercise.

    I remember playing a game called freeze as a child.

    I’m glad you were able to meet Christ! I’ve met Christ and God several times as well as many other characters including Dr. David Janssen from the fugitive. That delusion made perfect sense to me, my client was on an involuntary hold and did not think that he had done anything wrong when he punched his roommate. He was set up you see. So like Janssen, he was being falsely accused and incarcerated. It is scary when you start to really understand your client’s delusions.

    Are you sure you are not delusional?

    By the way, did you answer my question about the shopping? This I have to know. If you are in a cult, you are on your own now.

    I am in a really strange mood…no drugs, alcohol or illegal substances honest.

    • Jim says:

      Hee hee CC!

      No cult just my experiences – I’m preparing an OSHopping post (OSHO / Shopping) over the next couple of days but just for you…

      Remember though – we buy cards with stamps on them – no cash to shop with, as such – a helper here marks all the 10, 5, and 50 rupee figures off everytime we ‘ buy’ tea, food or pretty much anything else.

      UNLESS you don’t have maroon swimming shorts – you have to buy, in cash, maroon OSHO shorts to swim in.
      There is a huge OSHO store – books, CDs – all OSHO AND an onsite post office so you can ship any CDS, books home – fair play to him he wrote over 500 books through his discourses.

      Robes can be bought here or brought into the place – 800 rupees / U.S $17 each.

      My meditation pass here at the campus – Entry and full-day meditation pass 475 rupees / U.S $10 per day

      Even though I am staying and paying 2500 rupees per night at the guesthouse on campus ( It is a tastefully modern air-conditioned room costing about 2500 rupees / 172 USD / 38 EUR a night until October 31st, 2008.

      I still have to pay for my ‘mediation pass’ to access the campus I’m already on.

      A deal is on at the moment – the OSHO weekend deal – 8000 Rupees per person if you’re Indian or 9000 rupees per person if your ‘international’ This includes robes so if I’d have known that when I arrived I wouldn’t have had to buy mine and the medfitation pass, food, registration and a welcome morning….

      Shops are 100 metres away in Pune high street and lots of them…even a subway!

  3. mike says:

    Get out Jim – it’s a trap.

    At the end of it they tell you to withdraw all your money and to deposit it in the La La Bank. Then you get taken to a chamber where you sit in a metal chair as they strap a helmet to your head. Jeusus pops in and gives you a chinese burn and a cheese sandwich and then they flick a switch that brings you to a higher state of awarness as a million volts surge around your brain.

  4. Arvind says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for sharing so avidly and funnily. If you are not careful, you may yet become a writer :-)

    A few months ago in London, I took part in an Osho Dynamic Meditation, except at the time I didn’t know it was Osho. I would probably have not taken part otherwise.

    There were about 40 people, not in gowns but in sweaty jeans and t-shirts. The doors were thankfully not locked so we could at least get out for a pee and escape the smell of sweat!

    The hour was more or less the same as yours with lots of screaming, shouting and break dancing too. I too had to resist the urge not to giggle throughout the session.

    There were some who took it really seriously, others were like me just going with the flow.

    How did I feel at the end of the hour?! Happy it was over and I could get some water. Would I do it again? Probably :-)

    Still not sure why it is called “Dynamic” Meditation. To me, a contradiction in terms.

  5. Urban Pagan says:

    using the phrase ‘dynamic’ is a simple marketing technique

    it implies

    better than normal
    more advanced
    more valuable
    greater skill level

    the mugs who pay for it then believe that they are also ‘dynamic’ and all the positive properties the word has by taking part. its a simple use of a word to make the same ‘product’ seem better and therefore more ‘chargeable’.

    Arvind I would be really interested in your opinion of Osho, with you being an Indian and that? care to share squire?

    • Arvind says:

      Hi UP – now I know why I have not often been described as “dynamic”

      As for my opinion of Osho, I think he was a very clever guy but ultimately a fraud – he used the growing interest in spitituality and mysticism for his own ends. He probably started off with good intentions but lost his head along the way. The drugs and the orgies probably didn’t help either.

      A few years ago, I saw a tape that was banned by his followers, which showed the last days of their commune in Oregon and all the excesses etc. It painted a picture of corruption and debauchery and yet he still has quite a following worldwide.

      Somehow the marketing machine keeps churning on and his disciples continue to visit and others get converted.

      Two of my friends are Osho devotees and I shall be pointing them to Flowers for their opinion.

      There is even an Osho retreat place in Devon:-

      NOT a single Indian face in that picture on their home page – does that tell you anything?!

  6. Svasti says:

    To me, Dynamic Meditation is a walking meditation – or circumnambulation. Around a temple, a mountain, between two points as a pilgrimage etc. It involves saying mantra internally whilst maintaining a primary and a secondary attention, and trying to merge all that you see so everything is non-different.

    This OSHO stuff smacks of money making and seems a little haphazard….

  7. Gareth in Thailand says:

    My boss here in Thailand is from India and his wife is an Indian journalist.
    I talked to then about Osho and spiritualism tonight (actually it turned into a wide discussion about the whole concept and Western obsession with it compared to Eastern people), interestingly enough she finds the whole thing rather amusing and really we spent most of the evening discussing what exactly spiritualism is. The concensus tended to involve ‘heavy marketing’
    They are both originally from Pune and know the Osho centre well, she basically held the opinion that the sex and drugs/orgies was the main foundation for it.
    Personally I think whatever puts wind in your sails. I’m happy enough in myself and the lot that I have so have no need for all this ‘finding yourself’ going to higher/different plains etc. Take pleasure in what you have or change it until you are happy, not that difficult really.
    As for ewaring robes, only at a Toga party me thinks.

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      Unles you enjoy looking a total kipper that is.

      In that case don your purple/mauve/burgundy/wine robes, shave your head, bark at the moon and generally do your best to look like a blackcurrent Tango man.

  8. Arvind says:

    Gareth, for those readers who are wondering what you mean by the Tango man, check out this Youtube video about getting tango’ed:-

  9. aussiecynic says:

    Can I tell friends that my friend Jim actually spit Soup over Christ…..
    My Grandmother would have me commited immediately… hehehhe… Christ what was she thinking.. lol….
    The meditation session seems a very interesting one.. mostly when compared to the previous night entertainment….
    This place hmmm I am finding it more and more unsetlling….
    I mean there is the cult like uniforms…
    These strange people …
    The cash issue..
    It all seems to me like a front for something a little more involved…
    and Yes the question of who actually runs the place and is making all the cash is a HUGE one..
    Perhaps Bill Gates took it over or it is some huge multi national pharmaceutical company testing the next generation of ADHD Treatment on unsuspecting guinea Humans…
    Either way Jim..
    I Do find this place frightening and whats worst it is in the guise of healing and new age theorys… hmmm.

    • Jim says:

      Well I’ve not concluded that as yet and have a 3 more days to GO! before I come to any ‘line in the sand’ conclusion.

      Lots, lots more to tip-tap way about and any fans of OSHO are more than welcome to join in the discourse here…

      **Tumbleweed blows

      Sign creeks**

  10. Ange says:

    Jim, the more you write about it the more I wouldn’t want to visit OSHO. Ashrams have never really appealed to me and although it would be an extraordinary experience, I can’t say that it sounds like my thing to do. That meditation is quite a ritual! It has certainly changed my views of meditation. I know that meditation means different things to different people and I guess the quietness and then the dancing, screaming, crying or whatever it is you feel like doing is a form of release and then going back into quietness and stillness can have a surge of emotions and feelings that you have been holding onto all out there and out of your system… a kind of cleansing if you will.

    • Jim says:

      Well Ange I’m only detailing a couple of the meditations as I try them….starting with the most popular!

      Meditation as I’m aware is about the NOW so I’ll try a few more sedate classes and report back.

      There is also the DO NOTHING option here -none of this is compulsory – how ironic – doing nothing instead of trying to get to nothing.

      **Tumbleweed blows

      creeking sign**

  11. Ange says:

    oh and I meant to say shame on you for taking a peak at what the others were doing… lol weren’t you searing a blindfold?

    and the story behind the smiley face… what a beauty!

    • Jim says:

      Thanks for clicking on that face :-) Ooops, another $1 billion trademark!

      The peaking was for the benefit of GO! Smell the flowers, you understand

      Ssssh – I caught others looking as well.

  12. amrito says:

    wow thers alot of bullshit here written about Osho. Its like you’re sniffing eachothers shit and feeling like you’re spreading perfume!

    Smell the flowers?!! This site and the people on it seem more of a cult than any Osho Center I’ve gone to.

    Good luck!

  13. amrito says:

    and the guru here seems to be Jim!!

  14. amrito says:

    and if you’d like to notify me with a reply, this is the comment to do it from.

  15. Urban Pagan says:


    so you are an osho cultist then

    what a mature response you child

    now go and let your guru find you , you lost freak.

    are you allowed to type in your purple robes or not you controlled brain washed follower.

  16. Urban Pagan says:

    oh and amrito what a fine bunch your group are. seriously they look really switched on people. or did the short bus break down and you lent them all robes.

    do you have circuses in Toronto USA? Or not? Or is this the circus?

  17. amrito says:

    haha, that was more mature than my response!!


  18. amrito says:

    Hey Urban,

    I know the ‘sniffing shit’ part was perhaps not the best way to introduce myself!

    But, I guess I’ll have some more worthwhile things to say in a bit!

  19. Jim says:

    (((Group hug)))

    A cult, what a wonderful idea – wait until I die first then you can watch me on a screen next to OSHO :-)

    I’m enjouing his Tao book right now – good old Lao Tsu – now that was a leader.

  20. Jenny says:


    As soon as your recognize that you are able to control your thoughts happiness will come within your reach….

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