GO! Get Healed

Posted on September 25th, 2008 by Emma

What did you do last weekend?

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Or does it seem a distant memory?

My weekend was one that I will never forget.

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I attended a basic course, learning about Pranic Healing. It was two days of mind blowing revelations.

Over the two days, I witnessed pains disappearing, physically felt the transference of energy and saw the dramatic effects of this powerful healing.

So what is it?

Pranic healing is an ancient science which uses prana or ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body. It involves the manipulation of energy of the patient’s body.

Have you experienced meeting people who made you feel tired, sleepy, and even depressed after talking with them? Or meeting people who energise you and make you feel good only a few minutes after meeting them? Then you have experienced energy transfers from a higher level to a lower level.

Is this just mumbo jumbo or is there something in it? Take a look at this video and see for yourselves.

YouTube Preview Image

As the evidence of the effectiveness mounts, more and more traditional are turning to Pranic Healing as another tool in the treatment of illness and disease.

Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, you are encouraged to consult a medical doctor and a certified pranic healer.

‘Think twice before you open your mouth. Words are like bullets. They are loaded with

‘emotional gunpowder.

Master Choa Kok Sui the founder of Pranic Healing

Whether you believe in Pranic Healing or not, how can you affect your own environment to enhance well-being ?

32 Responses to “GO! Get Healed”

  1. I am not even going to get into Pranic Healing other than to say that I believe that there are all types of healing, now whether I religiously agree with the practice of some is a whole different issue. NO! I’m not getting into this one!! NO! NO! NO!

    I will answer your question on how to enhance my environment to improve my well-being. Find a husband who doesn’t clutter! Just kidding, sort of. No, I would not trade him for anything. But, before my illness, I was really good about keeping things clean and having open spaces. After almost six years with a clutterful husband, we no longer have any place in the house other than the restroom that is clutter free and clean to my standards. That would be something that would really enhance my well-being. I’m feeling a little better now, so each week I try to work on an area. If I complete it I do, if I don’t at least I’m doing more than before. Having things that remind me of God in my life and Snoopy/Peanuts and dog stuff things helps.

    • Emma says:

      Lol CC! De cluttering can be so therapeutic!

      Pleeeease tell us what you think about Pranic Healing. Have you experienced it or know anyone who has?

      CC, you mention ‘whether I religiously agree with the practice’ – I do not know what your religious beliefs are. What i was surprised at with the course was the amount of religious connection was there. And I mean this is a ‘divine’ sense of the word as we were a room full of mixed religions from Muslims, and Christians to Hindus Buddhists and all encouraged to pray to help the healing process. The thought process behind this was to be a channel for energy rather than becoming a ‘god-like’ entity.

      I would genuinely love to hear what you think out of curiosity. One bit of research I came across was http://www.trinitytroyohio.org/hwb.php – it is very much biased towards the Christian belief system.

      To me, knowing and hearing all sides of discussion is to be well informed.

      It is great to hear that you are feeling better little by little. That is how we climb mountains, one small step after the other. You go! girl.

      • Emma says:

        Wow! CC,

        I stand in awe; not only for what you have put so eloquently but that you have shared it so openly at Flowers. Thank you, thank you.

        We sound very similar in our belief to keep an open mind and hear different points of view.

        Your research into theology sounds fascinating and something I really want to do some day – I was brought up at a Catholic girls convent although I am not a Catholic, they spent many years trying to convert me! If you have some good recommendations on good books or where to start reading, I would be very grateful!

        I would love to have a conversation with you about what you have written someday as there are all sorts of things now sparked off in my brain!

        Many, many thanks CC :)

      • What exactly are you looking for. If you want to start with the resurrection, way back when…I liked “Who Moved the Stone?” by Frank Morison who was a man who set out to prove that the resurrection was just a myth. The catagory to look in is apologetics for many of the books if you want to start from a Christian point of view. Just remember that most take a very conservative stance and may interpret the Bible in different ways. That is why I go back to the Bible, but then I want to know what the original context and language was because what I read doesn’t seem to agree with who I know God to be.

        One of the posts on homosexuality, which has been an issue in terms of my own theology, inspired me to really research. I know the basic Christian stance, but I have difficulty with it. So, I am now reading “Jesus, The Bible, and Homosexuality: Explode the myths, heal the church” by Jack Rogers a Presbyterian minister and seminary professor who was quite opposed to homosexuals and the church. He had a task assigned to him to research this area and came away with a different point of view. I want my convictions to be solid based on Biblical facts and my own experiences. For the most part, I stay pretty open-minded as long as the other person does as well. I like to hear other points of view. And, it is okay to agree to disagree and remain friends.

        I also tend to stir up things because I do question and think differently and deeper than then my peers at church. I don’t just take what is taught by the church blindly. If it doesn’t make sense or fit my experience then I go looking. Sometimes, I find a satisfactory answer and sometimes I don’t. And, it is okay for me to say, “this is what the church teaches, but I don’t know if I agree.”

      • You were brought up in a Catholic girls convent…oh my. I have a general problem with Catholicism. While I love the historical and romanticism about it, I feel like they add things to the basic gospel that are not Biblical. I understand that their needs to be some type of hierarchy in any organization, but the Pope seems to be equivalent to God in some respects. We all sin and so does the Pope, so we all fall short of meeting God’s expectations. And, the whole reason for Jesus was so that we can have a direct relationship with God and not pray through others or saints. In fact, Christians are called saints. And, penance and all that and hail Mary’s are just additions. It isn’t necessary because our relationship with God is by grace, meaning we do not have to do anything else, but to accept Jesus. I hope I did not offend you.

        This is my summary of the gospel of Jesus, “Everyone rebels against God, does something that displeases Him, which separates us from having a direct relationship with Him and sentenced us to death. Because God loved us so much He sent Jesus, His son, to know what it is like to be human and for him to become the ultimate sacrifice for us. In our place, Jesus’s died and on the third day rose again to provide us with forgiveness and not death. Now, anyone who believes and accepts Him as their Lord can have a direct relationship with God once again which is the most beautiful thing that can happen in anyone’s life.”

        Sorry to keep going on, but you started something in me today.

      • Emma says:

        It’s all good stuff CC! I agree with you about the Catholicism. I have a few issues with it too and some great stories to tell!

        Thanks for the recommendation of the books. Another friend of mine recommended the Bible as a starting point and then proceeded to tell me to learn Greek if I really wanted to have an authentic version. This is a little too much to ask at this point! I think I read the bool ‘who moved the stone?’ many years ago so I think I will revisit it first.

        Then of course there is the question mark hanging over Mary Magdalene! Now that would be interesting to research.

      • Your friend is asking a little bit too much…that would be called going to seminary. Greek is the class that almost everyone dreads. There are enough resources out there that can give you the translations in their books. I’m not going to learn Greek. Yes, the Bible is a good starting point, but my concern is always if you don’t believe that the Bible is the Word of God and infallible how can you start there. You need to start with something else. To me if the resurrection didn’t happen, then I can live my life anyway I want. But, I believe that I did. That is what makes Christianity what it is and different from other religions and that it is based on grace, despite what it may look like or sound like, not what you do or how you live your life now. Although that it important, it comes out of a loving relationship with God and naturally.

        Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, Paul of Tarsus, etc…are real historical people that can be researched to a point just like any other historical figure.

        I’m sure that there are newer book out, but I’m not familiar with them. I also would want to read them again to see if my changes in theology match. I’m a work in progress as we all are Christian or not.

  2. Jim says:

    Interesting that mainstream is starting to recognise and even prescribe Pranic Em….

    Any examples or a link to a case study where mainstream handed a patient of and opted for alternative, such as Pranic.

    AND how did your course compare to REiKI?

    • Emma says:

      Yes, there are even nurses training colleges that are starting to offer an optional Pranic Healing credit within the course.

      If you manage to watch the video of the news report all the way through (it is 8 mins, but very interesting and well worth it), there are testimonial from people who have received healing and what it did for them. Also there are several medical doctors (one is Urologists, Eric Robbins) who practice Pranic healing at their hospitals along side the conventional style medicine.

      Here are some more testimonials http://www.pranichealing.org/testimonials/t_pranichealing.htm

      It is very different from Reiki is so much as it cleanses the energy first before re energising the body with ‘clean’ energy. Both forms of healing work with the body’s energy though.

      If you want to read further, this site goes through the similarities and differences http://www.medindia.net/alternativemedicine/reiki_pranic/similarprinciples.htm

      Or GO! Buy a book – Tapping The Power Within by Iyanla Vanzant, published by Hay House is a powerful book with many wonderful healing stories and looks at our spiritual and ancestral roots.

      It is a fascinating subject, the deeper you look into it!

      • Urban Pagan says:


        I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

        the really sad thing is that when people are genuinely very very ill they will clutch at any straws- and these healers use this desperation to make money. naughty at best- evil at worst.

      • Jim says:

        Thanks Em,

        I ran the vid right through this time.

        I wonder if science will ever explain the likes of our 6th sense, our instinct as it were?

        • Fertile Fish says:

          Wonder away Jim, wonder away.

          Meanwhile, back in reality, the economy of the world collapsed leaving millions in financial ruin and millions more with their hard earned savings plans worth nothing and properties that once represented asset investments now in negative equity.

          As the corrupt leaders of the largest Western power bails out the shareholders of the financial institutions at the expense of hard working tax payers, it might be fair to ask why no one used their 6th sense to see what was coming?

          Surely the miraculous 6th sense is not confined to daydreaming new age fantasists? Surely someone in government in a major western power, or global finance corp, or respected journalist must possess these amazing senses also? The law of averages must surely suggest they do?

          Then why was no one taking evasive action, or broadcastimng loud and clear what was going to hapen ahead of the crisis?

          A thought occurs: They didn’t because the 6th Sense is just a chain of expensive spas, does not exist as a mysterious mystical force.

        • Jim says:

          So you don’t get ‘ feelings’ about thing, Fertile?

          Serious question – good vibes / bad vibes – you know?

        • Urban Pagan says:

          feeling are responses built on experience surely?

          the thing about sixth sense is that people only remember the coincidental times something similar happpened to something they may have been thinking. but never the times they think and it never happens. look at it logically.

        • Jim says:

          No I mean a good feeling or a bad feeling about a place or a person, a knowing, so to speak – not a deja vu or is that your point?

          Employing someone, leaving a rock concert on cloud 9 or ratty and irritable with all the energies in the crowd?

          Just wondered…..the 6th sense in terms of that 3-6 second judgement we can often make – one that OSHO would rather we didn’t.

        • Urban Pagan says:

          irritable with all the energies?

          its not that though is it

          its likely to be anxiety caused by mild claustrophobia.

          its interesting how these feelings are often recalled retrospectively- ie ‘I knew that would happen I could sense it’

          6th sense is an interesting concept as it is completely unprovable. again.

          to me people who claim a sixth sense simply rely on the same sort of skills fraudulent psychic cold readers employ

      • Emma says:

        Thanks UP and FF.

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion and you have just voiced yours. Shame you put down anyone else who believes in ‘this hippy alternative treatment’

        I was hoping that we could create a space here where people could put their opinions forward without ridiculing other people’s opinions.

      • Urban Pagan says:

        but surely if someone puts up an opinion with extraordinary claims they should be willing to explain them, to back them up and to ‘prove them’.

        or are you suggesting blind acceptance of anything anyone puts up? serious question.

        And I do not put down the individual naive enough to believe such unproven stuff- just the people who claim it has any validity other than as a placebo. its fraudulent claims are morally wrong.

    • Urban Pagan says:

      erm ‘mainstream is beginning to recognise and even prescribe pranic’

      sorry but its not

      the medical link is to a person with a PHD- could be in anything. If the BMI were to recognise it then that would be different. But they don’t.

      A few pointers- an interesting post no doubt- nicely written and that. But- its not a ‘science’. It has no scientific basis at all. Neither do chakra’s. At all.

      The ‘medical doctor’ is not a recognised medical doctor. Its someone with a PHD. Why would a ‘medical doctor’ want anything to do with an unproven practice (in fact proven not to work other than as a placebo) as homeopathy? they wouldn’t.

      As for the diagram. It proves absolutely nothing at all.

      I am al for people doing what they want. But this is nonsense.

      And the analogy of ‘have you ever spoken to someone’ etc etc etc is errant nonsense. This is not down to higher lower energy levels. Its to do with loads of factors- eg- mood of person, topic of converastion etc etc etc.

      If this was true surely the pranic people could get a thousand people in a room to listen in booths to a speech. The speech would have the same effect on all people. They would all come out feeling the same energy. Only that is not the case. Unless its in terms of mind conntrol and cults.

      Sorry but extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof and their is none of this working at all.

      Another new age nonsense bites the dust. Please feel free to come back with scientific evidence of this working and the results being replicated. You can’t. They don’t exist.

      • Emma says:

        If it could be proved or disproved, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

        Which is why we ask people to say what they think, not try and persuade everyone else to their point of view.

        Again, thanks for your opinion – and it is just that. An opinion.

        • Fertile Fish says:

          I’ve responded to this a few times now, but keep getting chucked into spam……..

          Could that be Founders’ Club policy at work?

  3. mike says:

    Not sure about Pranic healing, but it’s certainly true that being in the same room as some people can leave you drained – prob more from how they behave and others leave you energised.

    As to your question – I guess by showing an interest in the people around you rather than being self-centered and self-absorbed.

    • Emma says:

      Nice one Mike. Focusing on others around you is so rewarding on many different levels if we can only take the time to do it!

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. aussiecynic says:

    this stuff is great you know..
    I havent used this type but have tried others… hehehehe.. shhhh I can hear Pagan stunned silence… lol..
    Using various forms of healing to cure what ails you is I think a sensible way to go…
    If one thing doenst work thenm try something else….

    General I try and keep a positive outlook in my environment…
    its when I go all philosophycal that things really begin to move around here…. you’ll no it when I go there.. lol..
    but in this mood I can see things slightly clearer and general see ways to improve on them…. on many levels….

    the fact of how peoples energy can effect us is interesting and have had many friend over the years who when they came for a cuppa and a chat would leave feeling the need for sleep…. They would just drain the energy right out of me… the other side of the coin is they would feel great… since energy in the human body is said to be primarily electrical I see no problem with the energy exchange concept.. sort of like jump starting your battery with jumper leads…
    great post … now for that bubble bath….
    I feel the need for a recharge… lol

    • Of course, I have a psychological approach to this. One, it first depends on the amount of emotional energy that you have before meeting with someone. Two, it also has to do with how intuitive your are, how much you pick up on peoples emotions. I find people that are draining are often more self-focused, closed-minded, shallow in conversation, are real needy, want something from me that they are not saying, and/or are not able to give back emotionally. This is energy draining. However, people that are energizing even if they have the same problems and talk about them are more positive and able to give and take in a conversation and be supportive of me as well. So, I don’t view it as an energy thing, but more as a mood/personality thing. Also, if you are more introverted being with people is draining versus extroverts where being with people is energizing.

      • aussiecynic says:

        I agree CC… but there are times when the emotions dont come into play… and it can can still have same effect…. the emotional or lack of can be draing and energising also…. I tend to get energised by the atmosphere of a room… first before even meeting and at times seeing anyone… that old saying you could the air with a knife and the air was full of laughter… thats how it works for me… mostly…. but certainly as you said the mood and personality plays a huge role allot of the time also… ;)

        • That is still could be intuition and being attuned to your environment. I do the same thing because I was brought up that way for survival. It is like as a parent you know what silence is good silence and which one you better check out.

          However, I will also tell you that on a spiritual level I can sense things that are later verified that isn’t emotional, intuitive or attuned or part of that may have a little bit, but the rest is spiritual…like picking up on energy.

    • Emma says:

      Thanks AC and what you say about various forms of medicine, is what some open minded medical doctors are saying. Combined together they can be pretty powerful.

      Next time you are feeling ‘out of sorts’ or generally fed up and tired, try putting a large handful of salt (yes ordinary salt) into the water. This is supposed to cleanse the bad energy and your aura and leave you feeling a whole lot better!

      And UP, to save you the time of googling, no it is not a scientifically proven fact it works, but it has made a difference to me on many occaisions. :)

      I am off for my salt bath now, AC, enjoy your bubbles. Ha ha ha!

      • aussiecynic says:

        I do enjoy the bathsalt bath but there are times when bubbles are called for… lol…
        I’ll try this one probably over the weekend….sounds like a plan..
        simple things I find work best… besides there are reasons why these remedies have been used for so long …
        solt is a wonderful cleanser
        thanks Emma

  5. Urban Pagan says:

    sorry but if I may for the sake of parity

    ‘open minded medical doctors’- this implies that the medical community is opposed to finding new methods of treatment. Its not. Its opposed to treatments that have no scientific validity. The majority of the medical community in terms of research spend years searching for new treatments that work. Please show me the medical people who agree and are ‘open minded’. Are there studies in the lancet?

    I would say a placebo, positive affirmation and conventional medicine can be powerful

    Enjoy your placebo bath! I am glad the placebo effect of putting an indiscriminate amount of salt in a varying level of water makes you feel better. But it is the placebo effect again. No harm in that. But I think you personally would get the same effect with your belief system if a ‘guru’ told you to put dandelion/ cinammon/ a walnut/ etc in the water. Unless there is a reaction between the salt and the water which causes a release of endorphins. If so- we have a scientific breakthrough!!!

    Just having fun

  6. Ange says:

    I was at a seminar earlier this year and one of my friends was conducting interviews with people from all walks of life and feeling a bit drained and low on energy. He came across a couple who offered Pranic Healing and he had a treatment after which he felt so energised… he said it felt like they had completely cut off all the ties/energy of all the people he had interviewed that day and it was very refreshing.

    I haven’t experienced it myself and your post and the video makes me think I would like to try it. Good for you Emma… it sounds wonderful!

    • Emma says:

      Hi Ange, yes it certainly is powerful stuff when you witness it first hand.

      Like many alternative therapies, you have to be open and willing to receive the treatment. If you are curious about it, I would definitely recommend giving it a try with an open mind.

      When you talk of cutting ties, Pranic Healers believe that people send out emotional ties or chords to people around them. Some are very loving and bonding , but others can be negative and destructive. So when you cut chords, it is usually the unauthorised or begative chords you cut which will leave you feeling very energised!

      Please let me know how you get on if you do try it!

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