Another Free Flowers Contest … Talk Talk!

Posted on September 24th, 2008 by mike

Time for another free flowers competition, our 32nd! And time for some talking! First cue the prize:

$60 of flowers delivered anywhere in the world courtesy of our partners Flora 2000, the International delivery experts. Don’t you just love them.

I know, I know you want it. You must win! So this is what you do:

Talk Talk Comp:

Look at the picture below and come up with a short discussion they would have with each other if they were all stuck in the same room together. And we’re sure you know their smiles, but just in case: From top left clockwise we have Mrs Beckham, Mr Simpson, Dr House and Mr Burns.

You could always send flowers to someone right now, anywhere in the world . Simply click on the flowers banners and use promo code GSTF99 and you’ll be entitled to a bit of flower smelling discount! Contest ends on Tuesday 30th September Midnight Dubai time. Good luck flower smellers!

31 Responses to “Another Free Flowers Contest … Talk Talk!”

  1. Emma says:

    Mrs Beckham, Bart and Mr Burns are all mean self centered people. Dr House on the other hand, is just gorgeous! Could lose myself in his blue eyes. (I know it is not a connection or odd one out comp!) :)

    Great comp Mike – not in a creative mood at the moment so have made up my own competition answer! Will have a think and be back with something witty!

  2. Jim says:

    Greetings Mike, great contest which could proove interesting answer wise…here’s mine and if I’m shortlisted to WIN (pick me – pick me)
    I’ll give the flowers to someone here in India.

    They’re in the Simpsons kitchen, marj has finally left Homer for good.

    Vic B say’s – ‘I want a new HOUSE, Homer’ (hinting and purring that she wants to move in with poor old Homer)

    And Homer points nervously to Dr House – ‘He’s right there dammit, buy him, take him’

    House says ‘I’m all yours as I could do with some spice in my life and if you teach me how to bend it like Beckham I’ll be forever indebted to you – I’ll throw in UNLIMITED cosmetic surgery’

    ‘Excellent’ comes the Mr Burns reply.

    ‘DOH says homer.

    **Vic leaves with House.
    ***Homer loses his job.


  3. Lil'thoughts says:

    Hospital teaching room. House says, “So this is who they give me this year to work with. Did Cuddy put you up to this? Victoria says, “Oh no I’m also here to redesign hospital gowns they do look so drab. England’s fashion will do well here in America. I’ll call Kate and we all can have afternoon tea together, Okay House?” Homer interrupts and starts talking about this crayon he’s had up his nose since he was very young. Homer says, “I had it removed and replaced for the betterment of mankind, but sneezed so hard recently I think it blew out. Now that Homer is smart for the time being he’s wanting to get another MRI and a new opinion since Doctor Hebert is finally out of town. Ha he he ha” Homer has joined House’s team hoping House will finally have some conclusive evidence on the where abouts of said crayon. Mr. Burns on the other hand has taken a short nap and awakens as House slams his cane on Mr. Burns desk at that time Mr. Burns says, “why I’ve had enough of your goubley joubley story telling, I’ve been handing out your paycheck far to long. I”m feeding you to the dogs. Montey press that button!” Floor opens up and swallows House.

    Thanks for this oppurtunity. I love the Simpson and can’t wait for the new season of House to start and we all love the Beckhams for coming to the states and bringing their talents with them. :)

  4. Tangled Web says:

    Mr’s Beckham while awaiting for her doctor sees Homer and with a smile she giggles and says gleefully “Hi Homer”..”Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s really you”… In comes walking in Dr House to which Homer states “DOH”… Dr House is reading Mrs Beckham’s chart as Mr Burns walks into the room pointing at Homer while he yells “what are you doing in here.. I told you to wait in the car”.. As Homer and Mr Burns leave Mrs Beckham says “Bye Homer”… Homer waves and says “nice meeting you”… Dr House looks up from the chart and looks at Mrs Beckham as she says “you too Homer”… Dr House shakes his head and says “did you take the little blue pill I gave you?”

  5. Taylor Blue says:

    Victoria Beckham: What are these people doing here…everyone knows I am the best.
    Dr House: But everyone knows I am the best! (Rattles his bottle, throws in the air.)
    Victoria Beckham: Seriously, are you married to the hottest man in the world, do you have a perfume line, a clothing line, and even a hair line?
    Dr House: No but I have irresistible charm..
    Victoria Beckham: Homer, has more charm then you!
    HOmer: (Drooling over her) Donuts!!
    Mr Burns: Oh, come on Homer, it’s not like you haven’t seen a lady before.
    Homer: Mr Burns you are sadly mistaken but this is Victoria Beckham…
    Victoria Beckham: Even those fools now what greatness really is…
    Dr House: Come to my House then you will find out what greatness really is… :)

    • mike says:

      Sounds like a to be continued …. I’d like to see a fight between Dr House and David Beckham if house beds Victoria in part 2 – my money would be on House.

  6. Kathleen says:

    House: Homer is suffering from “dohitis”. GIVE HIM THE REMEDY!

    Beckham: I slept with Homer last night – is it contagious? (I’m sorry David).

    House: Yes, Victoria, it is – a lot of people have it. You need an injection too. However, I am immune to “dohitis”. Come here Victoria.

    Mr. Burns: I’m so glad I said no to Homer and Victoria. Can I leave now?

  7. mike says:

    Last day – any last orders?

  8. Lil'thoughts says:

    Fox Boardroom Meeting

    Homer: “Farts and says that was number 32 just today!”

    Victoria: “American manners, where are they?”

    House: “Victoria you joinging the Fox Network?”

    Mr. Burns: “Fox might move up in the ratings, excellent idea House. Mr Burns mumbles under his breath Yes more money!”

  9. Lil'thoughts says:

    It’s just that they are such an unlikely set that it’s fun to think of things they might say. Also my son wanted to see one word liners so I played off of that but didn’t do so well. lol :)

  10. Lil'thoughts says:

    Okay so heres one of one word liners.

    Who put you up to this?

    Homer: Marge!
    Victoria: Beckham!
    House: Wilson!
    Mr. Burns: Smithers!


  11. Lil'thoughts says:

    Oh surely someone could do better. :)

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  13. Urban Pagan says:

    Victoria Beckham- Hello I am Victoria Beckham and aren’t you Hugh Laurie
    Hugh Laurie- Yes I am
    Victoria Beckham- Oh look a drawing of homer and mr burns
    Hugh Laurie- Yes, if only we had included the people who actually do the voices perhaps they could actually talk.
    Victoria Beckham- Or indeed Matt Groening and his team of writers to put some script together
    Hugh Laurie- unfortunately we don’t have either so this competition really doesn’t work does it?
    Victoria Beckham – No. was it that helmet Mike who came up with this idea?
    Hugh Laurie- Yes it was.
    Victoria Beckham- Shame, it doesn’t work does it.
    Hugh Laurie- No, not at all
    Victoria Beckham- Bye
    Hugh Laurie- Bye

  14. mike says:

    Come on Urban putting me in the script won’t help you win – there again if it is a fantasy where Victoria Beckham actually knows me by name, then maybe, just maybe.

    Anyway to keep Fishy happy, here’s your:

    Applause :-)

  15. Jim says:

    Sorry I beat you to the best answer Urban, never mind!

    Fertile – we love you.

    You bring out the best in us all.

    You’d look great in Maroon I reckon.

  16. Fertile Fish says:

    Oh Jim, you’re just a big old softy………

    in the heady.

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