GO! Smell the food on day 2, OSHO

Posted on September 23rd, 2008 by Jim

Here at the OSHO resort that claims to be the oasis of wellness and meditation in the affluent area of Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra, Pune. Time will tell if I leave with that conclusion but the food is really on the mark as guests cash in their vouchers for food & drink following a couple of concerns in comments at my earlier post today.

Residents can buy food stamps here if they choose to eat on campus (some live off and eat off site and come in for classes) and claim them back for food. Interestingly enough a statement on the vouchers says ‘Contribution for meditation activities‘ at the footer of the ticket.

Largely Indian based I tucked into daal, paratha and a massive piece of papaya this morning with my masala chi there is also designated smokers area and wine available for lunch / dinner for those who fancy a tipple. At lunch there was more of an International theme but strictly vegetarian. From Italian pastas and pizzas to Japanese sushi and miso soup and a selection of curries.

Coincidentally, a feature in the Pune mirror today reckons Brits could be waking up to the sound of snap, crackle and poppadom at breakfast time as our love of curry grows which would take some getting used to, everyday. Cereals & fry ups may well be history as we opt for lentil curry, daal, paratha or korma by the year 2050 according to Jo Ruddock, Kellogg’s head of research. Curry for breakfast anyone? Waffles and a short stack always did it for me during my time studying in San Luis Obispo in California.

Just to clarify the idea here it’s a Meditation Resort where I’m free to come & go and set my own pace and agenda by choosing if I want to do something or would rather rest or leave the resort to go shopping, drking or whatever else. I can learn the Osho Active Meditations which are techniques specifically designed for “our contemporary over-charged minds and stress-impacted bodies” and try a few classes while I’m at it.

So much choice and I’ll post an activity update tomorrow as I’ve just had my first sample! Cheers….

51 Responses to “GO! Smell the food on day 2, OSHO”

  1. Sarah says:

    Hm.. Got to love the poppadom.. If you ever reach my home, I might fry some for you to enjoy as snack.. hehehehe.. Let me tell you a story of paratha, if you visit Malaysia, you can get Roti Canai which is the same as paratha.. and don’t be surprised if you come across a paratha with a romantic name like “Roti I Love You” or creative name like “Roti Bom/Bomb” (I have no idea what’s the difference but these are the new hybrids)

    There is a joke about the ridiculous names:
    If Roti I Love You is the dating level then Roti Kahwin (Marriage Roti) comes after that and later on there might be a Roti Boy. (Roti Boy happens to be a brand name of a famous bakery)

    :-) By the way, it is common to have curry as breakfast, because I usually have my paratha with curry but… on some occasion when I don’t feel like eating with curry, I have it with sugar (yes, this is not a joke).. try it.. maybe you will like it.. hahahaha.. as long as you don’t mix up with salt..

    *It is also amazing that you have decided to stay on for 8 days.. maybe someday I shall do the same as what you are doing.. when I am your age..

    • LOL!!…”When I am your age.” Oh, wait I think I’m around Jim’s age…I better take that back!!

      The food sounds wonderful. It actually sounds like a resort where they provide activities all day that you can do there or outside their little world or a combination of both. I’m rather partial to vegetarian food and Indian flavors. I love dal. I just don’t like it if I can taste coconut. Coffee is usually all I can handle for breakfast; otherwise, my head is in my plate of food. Brunch will do it with wild Maine blueberries please!.

      I look forward to hearing more about you inside, tell all, adventures.

      Remember the warning signs we all gave you, so be ready to run, if need be.

      • Jim says:

        OK CC and thx for the concerns – I’m busy writing Day 3 post but will have to add snippets in comments otherwise I’ll not have enough time to write but to far its clear:

        1) 60% of people here are robe wearing residents – often returning ones at that – no robes after 9pm by the way – back to normal clothes.

        2) 30% as above but live off site so they robe up before coming onto the campus and just need to show their daily ‘meditation pass’

        3) 10% ‘work’ here and have done for many years – one 30 years who was with OSHO early days.

        I’d say a few come here year on year as its their place to be rather than be here full time.

        Strange though – onone replace OSHO – there is no figure head. Just him on video, book and CD.

        • Urban Pagan says:

          thats because prior to his death he insisted nobody should head up his movement as all his disciples were gods. convenient that he managed to control people even in death eh!

    • Jim says:

      I’m 36 now….37 next week so 33% through I reckon, my life, not at OSHO :-)

      I had a salty lassi drink earlier, yum.

  2. Robin J says:

    Email me….I will give you the Robin J unenlightened reality retreat….you can come and go as you please the bingo hall is just around the corner. You get to stand at bus shelters and have ‘real’ people share their entire life story with you, you can meditate while watching repeat episodes of friends, eat anything that doesn’t move on it’s own in the fridge and I will throw in my family so you really get a taste of what life is like for us unenlightened ones. It is the greatest misconception of the new spiritual movement that enlightenment is something you can teach buy or give away. You will never get it until you ‘get it’ and that moment can come at a bingo hall a bus shelter the dinner table or in the middle of the night. You can be awakened anywhere at anytime sorry to shatter the illusions and shut down the cash registers.

  3. Gareth in Thailand says:

    How is Sashimi vegetarian?
    Any veggies out there care to comment?

  4. Svasti says:

    Wow, doesn’t sound like any yoga retreat I’ve been on! More like a great big holiday resort, so I’m glad you clarified with that last comment.
    Can’t wait to hear more though, about the various activities.

    • Jim says:

      Busy writing up my first taste of activity here Svasti.

      Food is encouraged here – no one I’ve met is fasting at all.

    • Svasti,

      I am really glad you are here. I hope you stick around and continue to join in on the discussions. I know that you can make this place even more lively…different perspectives and points of view are great. It makes me smile when I see you here.

  5. Sweet Violet says:

    Curry for breakfast? Of course! Have you never had egg curry (delish!)?

    My husband is Indian and in his family leftover curry from the night before is a common breakfast. We have “English breakfasts” in our house because I am the cook and I am not Indian, but when visiting his family, curry is on the menu, three meals a day!

  6. Lib says:

    I must admit, I have had Kedgeree for breakfast before now but would struggle with a full on Bhuna.

    Isn’t it funny how you associate different foods for different times of the day? Someone in my office has just had a pastie for breakfast (rank at any time of the day to be fair) but the smell, pre 9am, was so wrong.

    • Jim says:


      Eh? Isn’t that a dog food….

      Kedgeree chum? Seriously, a new one on me.

      • Urban Pagan says:

        irish dish with rice and smoked fish I believe

        • Lib says:

          Its actually a South African breakfast dish consisting of smoked haddock, boiled eggs, rice, onions, curry powder and turmeric.

          Its well tasty.

        • Urban Pagan says:

          I’ve just done a search on it and apparently it originates in India

          so it would appear the indians are cornering the market on the brekkie!

          ready brek is apparently a very popular cereal with the new agers. ‘enliightened ones’ could watch the adverts on telly and a strange orange aura would appear around the person who had consumed the cereal. this was taken by the new agers to be a sign that the world was in a state of flux. interesting.

          Next week on Urban Breakfast- Orphan Crispies- snap , crackle and no pop. arf arf!

  7. Urban Pagan says:

    sorry but if you are feeling the pace after a night out a cold chicken chilli massala with a warmed up naan bread is the stuff of legend!

  8. Lib says:

    Erm, I’ve just tried to put brilliant in as a comment and it won’t let me because its too short.

    When did this blog become sizeist?

  9. Urban Pagan says:

    I’ve had some issues with posting today too

    • Jim says:

      Do let us know any specifics as Deep is on the case upgrading us – any issues just CONTACT US or EMAIL so it’s not clouding the topic if thats OK…

    • I have a comment above because I am having lots of difficulty. By the way, what is commentluv?

      • Jim says:

        Comment luv is when you post a comment and it finds / parses the last blog post you’ve done and features the link directly to it when you post the comment…

        Deep has disabled it as upgrading under the bonnet but will be back – see earlier posts for examples – it means readers will click n head to check your blog out when you make a comment which is great…..

  10. Lib says:

    Thats it then! I’m destined not to diet.

    Its a sign.

    • Jim says:

      The beetroot salad is good here lib, Porridge was on offer at breakfast today in addition to the India food and ginger tea although the coffee machine won the day…..

  11. Urban Pagan says:

    do they have a nighclub and casino too jim?

    and aren’t you tempted to try the laughing and drumming class??

    I’d go to that for ironically a laugh

    or go in there and burst out crying as they are all drumming. as they stop I’d say ‘oh this isn’t crying is it- sorry’

    then go into the crying class with a drum and do the same

    you could really get upto mischief there

  12. Lib says:

    Or burst out crying and have a 3 yr old like tantrum because your drum doesnt work properly.

  13. Urban Pagan says:

    or cheat and take a pre-progammed electronic drum kit and laughter track in

    then while they drum and laugh you can sit having a smoke looking pleased with yourself

  14. Jim says:

    Oh AND I got a tour of the place – taken around the resort by a Belgian girl and her female Taiwanese Tonto complete with plated pigtails. Dressed in our burgundy robes, we were were led around. The campus was attractive: a combination of colonial, traditional low rise office buildings and new age pyramids. It was nice but not in the same league of say a deluxe holiday resort. The best description I could give of the surroundings was a down market club med that had recently been renovated.

    I had expected quiet and isolation. It was quiet but not isolated. It was partly overlooked by low rise residential buildings and higher rise office blocks. Basically you went to the bottom of Pune high street and turned left and you were at Osho….

  15. Ange says:

    hmmm… food… curry… not sure if I’d have it for breakfast though… porridge is more my style.

    I love the picture of the snowcones lol… very creative and the looks on the snowmens faces just says it all really.

    This OSHO resort or oasis of wellness and meditation sounds like a hotel. I mean, there are some that are there full time, daily visitors and then others like you are doing. Robes during the day and then normal clothes at night. A designated smoking area, wine with lunch and dinner. Is there a pool too? Are oyu going to take some meditation classes? I would love to know their techniques.

    PS with the comments problem, I go back a page when the error message comes up, clear my caches and then submit my comment and it works… very annoying though :S

  16. Svasti says:

    Hi CC – I’m glad to be here too. I read a really large number of blogs on all sorts of topics… so I’m not as regular as I’d like to be commenting on them all. But I’m beginning to get the hang of GSTF.

    Oh and Jim, wow, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’m honoured!! :)

  17. Jim says:

    Hey you’ve something unique at your blog – this is just the start!!
    **CC – thanks for making Svasti feel welcome – you talent spotter you, :-)

  18. We’ve been following each other’s blogs for a while now. :-) She really can help the garden to grow.

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