Day 2 at the OSHO retreat, Pune.

Posted on September 23rd, 2008 by Jim

Well with so many things on offer here at the OSHO meditation resort and with the vast difference of opinion in comments from my arrival to day 1 (worth a read for those who haven’t yet) I’ve decided to change my flights and stay here for 8 days so I can take this place in and leave with an informed opinion as I write daily installments of how I find this whole experience.

Before I GO! on I need to clarify – our tagline, ‘one journey, many discoveries’ here at GO! Smell the flowers is exactly the aim and I’m living this by experiencing it without any preconceived ideas of what to expect. Any insights gained through your comments and research are also appreciated as I keep the confines of the OSHO retreat in perspective.

First I’d like to share this quote with you:

‘No man can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be true‘ – In Hawthorne’s book the Scarlett letter published in 1850.

This quote came to me from an unexpected source, the first series of TV blockbuster The Sorpanos – something that GSTF regular Urban Pagan recommended to me. I’ve brought the first 7 series with me on CD’s and will be watching a couple everyday – a first for the OSHO retreat where many come to naval gaze and get to know themselves?

YouTube Preview Image

In addition to my TV fix I’ll be getting involved with the activities that intrigue / appeal to me. I often do things in a rush, have a short attention span a poor short term memory and enjoy letting my enthusiasm get the better of my as I take over conversations with vigor. If my stay here can help any of those issues then great. It’s OK – brainwashing is not welcome, not welcome, not w…..sorry.

With over 400 books published from his discourses, this place is where avid readers of his work often aim to visit with the occasional testimony from well known people:

‘Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness.’ – The Dalai Lama

‘When we wrote and prepared for shooting Vanilla Sky, I constantly checked in with Osho’s insides. It is not so easy to present the unconscious mind with images and a story. Osho is the only one who can perfectly explain it all, the inner and the outer and that helped me and my team immensely’ – Tom Cruise, actor

However, as the comments show in the previous 2 OSHO posts it is not without controversy so let’s dig deep and I’ll try and check out what all the fuss is about proceeding with an open mind that Tony Soprano’s shrink would be proud of.

Do read the 3 quotes above and let me know your thoughts on them together with any questions. Tomorrow I’ll report on my induction process, any classes I take and my first white robe evening meeting experience together with my initial thoughts of the place. Cheers and thanks for your contributions.

26 Responses to “Day 2 at the OSHO retreat, Pune.”

  1. Gareth in Thailand says:

    One truly impotant statement I recently heard;

    “Stop pricking about in a dressing gown and free my comments from spam”
    Heard being muttered in my office this afternoon.

  2. Urban Pagan says:

    erm intereresting use of two quotes

    the dalai lama- Osho gave funding to the free tibet movement- so its no wonder the DL is a fan

    tom cruise- one of the most misguided idiotic brainwashed lunatics on the planet

    if these are the best quotes then BUYER BEWARE

    as for watching the soprano’s- ACE CALL- it should keep you feet a bit more planted in reality- enjoy it its superbly written and an absolute masterpiece. the first series is superb so I hope you start with that.

    so here are my questions

    1) do they mention his drug abuse
    2) do they mention their role in the only bio terror attack in US history
    3) why did he hate gandhi?
    4) why did he abhor socialism?
    5) why did he admire Hitler?
    6) why was he indicted on charges in the states and effectively kicked out?
    7) why did he need 90 rolls royces?
    8) what recongnised academic qualifications do they have?
    9) on what grounds did they request an aids test?
    10) what was your medical- what did it consist of etc


    • Jim says:

      Blimey Urban – I can only answer a couple of those:

      Yes, Sopranos from the start – on the 13th episode (started in Dubai) and Tony’s Mum is losing the plot, the just hit the guy in the boat (gun out of the fish) and about to load up 14.

      1-8 – I’ve honestly no idea.
      9) Grounds for an HIV / AIDS test was to increase global awareness and check that you weren’t infected.

      Since Libs comments that highlighted my ignorance I took the registration guy to one side earlier today and asked why and if anyone had ever been cattle prodded away for being +ve. He had no idea why it was insisted upon AND to his knowledge nobody has been turned away.

      So I told him I was Tony Soprano and popped at 1000 rupee into in his top pocket – dammit – no cash here – just ‘vouchers’.

      He reckons they have more trouble with locals / partiers looking for women and free sex and the security have to turn them away at the gates – the old 70′s reason for the testing through liberal sex, perhaps – again I don’t know. No mention of it now at all – a pharmacy in on site here.

      10) My medical – a o.00001 second pin prick in my finger and that was it. Robes issued 12 minutes after. That was it BUT honestly, I was nervous waiting – in the UK / US you’d have a therapist at the ready just in case.

      The Dubai visa process, every 3 years for ALL except UAE nationals is an HIV / AIDS test, plus chest scan before your visa can be processed – results take 36-48 hours.

      Hope this helps – I’ll do what I can to answer your points but may need a bit of time to dig deeper.


      • Urban Pagan says:

        a further question

        why did you choose to stay for 8 days? why not 2. why not 3?

        or is it because they recommend you stay for 8 days?

        being honest Jim I think you are already being controlled by this cult. I really do.

        You have so far

        1) succumbed to a medical test with no notice (CONTROL)
        2) left behind your only independent means of movement- money- (MORE CONTROL)
        3) agreed to irrational ‘uniform’ codes (MORE CONTROL)

        sorry but you’ve been there a day and you are being controlled

        you haven’t actually mentioned anything you have done?

        according to your account


        had an HIV test
        had the words quickest medical
        agreed to wear robes
        watched the sopranos
        handed over your independence

        great stuff

        can you not see why I am really concerned about this. and to the hippy f***s who will talk to me about ‘free will’ he surrendered that when he gave up his independence at the gate and he’s my bro and is going through a few changes at the moment so is ‘ripe for the picking’.

        Jim, as a brother and a friend realise they are there to brainwash you- you are too vulnerable at this time. seriously.your not looking for this b.s. enlightenment you are looking to escape reality. sorry. sort it out

        • Yes, what else have you done? You also didn’t mention food. Witholding of food is another way of mind control. If you are not back within how many days, when do we send out the search party? I am comforted by the fact that you still have contact to the outside world via the computer, but if suddenly for some reason you can’t use it or they ask you not to….RUN!!! (Please, put clothing on first)

        • Jim says:

          Thanks for the concern folks – I’m here for 8 days in total as my next stop is Delhi and then trekking in the Himalayas and I can come & go from OSHO as I please….no activity is forced upon anyone, some do just come here to chill, swim and use the sauna and others come here every year and have done for the last 30.

          Just trust all is fine, I’m writing about it, not ripe for anything and can call the shots as and when I please – I’m checking my fantasy footy team Urban, doing stuff for the strategy of GSTF and watching the Sopranos. Its all good.

          So – I’ll post about all the food I’ve had soon enough – in fact I’ll do a special food post right now CC – trust me I’m eating well…… post coming up.

    • Alok John says:


      1) do they mention his drug abuse

      Nitrous oxide was used for dentistry but we don’t know how much he took. “Drug abuse” may well be defamatory and untrue.

      2) do they mention their role in the only bio terror attack in US history

      Prob not. It is a long time ago. Some sannyasins were involved in poisoning a salad bar. It is not unheard of for people who have been baptised into the Christian church to go on to become criminals.

      3) why did he hate gandhi?

      Gandhi was against industry and technology. Only industry and technology can provide a decent standard of living for a billion Indians. I think he also blames Gandhi for inflaming Hindu nationalism leading to the partition of India in ’48 which led to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

      4) why did he abhor socialism?

      Sometimes he spoke for socialism and sometimes against. I think he was against communism because it cannot provide the wealth that capitalism can.

      5) why did he admire Hitler?

      Of course he did not admire Hitler.

      See this link

      6) why was he indicted on charges in the states and effectively kicked out?

      The Attorney General of Oregon said explicitly that he wanted to close down the Oregon commune. Osho was convicted of two counts of immigration fraud :

      Organising sham marriages
      Lying on his immigration application by saying he only intended to visit the US briefly for medical treatment.

      Sham marriages may well have taken place in Oregon but I am sure sannyasins were smart enough to arrange them themselves without Osho’s help.

      It may well be true that when he completed his immigration form he did not plan to settle “permanently” in the US.

      Osho was pressured into pleading guilty on these charges. He was told he would await trial in jail if he did not plead guilty and his lawyers persuaded him to plead guilty for the sake of his delicate health.

      7) why did he need 90 rolls royces?

      93 actually!

      He said it was to make a joke about American materalism. “While their mouths are open I will poor some truth into them.” I suspect the RRs protected the commune from a Waco-like siege. The American Government hates poor people like david Koresh and his followers but has great respect for wealth. There was certainly the possibility of a terrible shoot out between the Commune and the National Guard and other government agencies. The RRs might just have tipped the scales. This is just my opinion, I have not seen it anywhere else.

      what recongnised academic qualifications do they have?

      There are no qualifications for meditation and spirituality. Amrito, one of the current leaders is a MRCP, a doctor.

      9) on what grounds did they request an aids test?

      I don’t know how it is today, but in the past many people found sexual partners in Pune. If one person got AIDS and could trace it to a partner they met in Pune, and this became public knowledge, it would do great damage to Osho’s work.

      Thus the rule was and apparently still is, if you are HIV +ve, you cannot enter the campus

      10) what was your medical- what did it consist of etc

      No other medical

  3. Urban Pagan says:

    ace stuff

    this is getting interesting

  4. Lib says:

    Achtung! Achtung!

    Security on the gate?

    Is that to stop people getting in or getting out?

    • Jim says:

      To stop tourists getting IN…..

      30% of the guests here have day passes – its not all residential so travelers passing through often rock up for a day or 2 with a pass and that’ it – others stay for 4-6 months……

      • Lib says:

        Thats what they say.

        Well, if you’re not out in 8 days, there’s going to be an A-Team reunion special in India.

        • Jim says:

          LOL Lib…

          I saw you’d popped up and expected an AIDS comment on people coming n going to the resort, so to speak……you get the all clear, pop out and pop back in and then what?


        • Well, I don’t feel satisfied that the questions Lib and brought up in Day 1 OSHO about the HIV test were answered. Still lots of questions that are left dangling. I didn’t see any response after in any of the posts that addressed it either.

        • Jim says:

          I honestly can’t answer any more behind the rationale of the medical procedure here CC – I’ve asked but no one knows here…?!?! Questions are left dangling indeed and I do my best to try & find out the answers, hence my 8 day stay, rather than 24 hours!

        • “A” for effort. Do your best!!! ;-)

  5. Jim says:

    There’s still plenty of questions being raised and answered in the DAY 1 Post….these will probably take a 3-4 day life as they GO! down the page as more is discovered & revealed.

  6. Ange says:

    I have been reading with interest Jim. It does sound kinda weird however, that’s what life is about. Having a thirst for knowledge, trying new things and I too am glad you still have contact with the outside world… so you can keep us informed :) I’m keeping an open mind and am interested to hear what you choose to indulge in and the results you achieve. Now that you are staying for 8 days rather than 24 hours, you have plenty of time to experience it all!!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Who’s Zorba the Buddha? So, personally, I’ve looked at the quotes and read about Osho before answering. I think the end result may be fine, but honestly – I think life is much more basic – peace and serenity and changing our thinking should be much much easier – and not cost a thing.

    I’m all about finding it in nature, and that’s all! If we all did the same, no one would disrespect earth, suffer from anxiety, feel depressed or eat fast food – the root of all evil…………….

    Please don’t stay for eight months, and don’t drink anything offered at a specific time, place and with the whole group present.

  8. Kathleen says:

    Oh yes, I do have a question.

    Why are you watching the Sopranos at all, especially in light of what you’re seeking?

    By the way, the only reason at all that you should need an HIV test is because an exchange of body fluids is expected. (Where’s Emma?) EMMA!!!!

    You’re kind of like the Beatles on this journey.

  9. Jim says:

    Hi Kathleen & welcome!

    Funny you mention the beatles – they’ll be featuring in a post for Day 6 and I’m from near Liverpool so great instinct on your part!

    Em is back in Dubai and the HIV thing here was a way of showing the world that this place takes all that very seriously as it WAS rumoured in the 70′s to be a free love place (now they charge) kidding!

    A couple of days to go..thats all….! And has a google at Zorba the Buddha…. :-)

  10. Urban Pagan says:

    ‘great instinct’


    this is a prime example of new age thinking!! someone say something unrelated and as a new ager you read into it!! Its a coincidence not ‘instinct’

    now if she had said ‘you are like the beatles which I get a feeling you may have spent 10 years of your life living near to Liverpool 300 metres from your nan’

    that would be impressive and great instinct!!

    Jim- I think you’d be ‘impressed’ by cold readingpsychics!

    • Jim says:

      Well funnily enough I’ve been meaning to post a beatles track in one of the OSHO posts and just as I’d selected it for post 6 OSHO this comment landed!


  11. Chaitanya says:

    Hi Jim,

    I am not sure whether u know it or not.. but they have published ur blogs in the local daily (MIRROR) yesterday on 5 Oct… i was reading it with interest till the point came when u mention about ur journey to the bank (HSBC) and all the beggars, car horns, dust and dogs that u encountered on your way..

    I feel like that are many good things which form part of my city and ofcourse my country… you could have mentioned some good things… definitely you do not have the right to write anything of our place and give leave a bad impression to others..

    I am sure that there are enough good things about our country which are incomparable and you westerners will never understand…

    Its a matter of time till u explore…

    Thanks & Regards

    • Urban Pagan says:

      was any of the stuff Jim wrote untrue? or was it perhaps the fact it was an unpalatable truth that hurts?

      I think the thing we learnt from it is that Pune is a great place

    • Jim says:

      Hi Chaitanya.

      Welcome to GO! Smell the flowers – my comparisons made with the real life on the streets of Pune to the cotton wool life behind OSHO – I know which one means more – the one that Pune offers – it is REAL and a place you should be proud of….

      I LOVE INDIA!!.

      The people, the place but OSHO inc?

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