Day 1 at the OSHO retreat

Posted on September 22nd, 2008 by Jim

Hi from the OSHO retreat in Pune. It turned out my health check aka H.I.V / AIDS test was a requirement of every guest at the ‘resort’ but that presented 2 problems that prevented me from a sound nights sleep despite finding the sound of the tropical crickets chirping comforting:

1) I am Trypanophobic – I’m weak at the knees with needles as the thought of them makes my palms sweat that and yesterdays episode with claustrophobia. That’s both phobias covered now then, at least.

2) The health center closed 30 minutes before I arrived so my medical would have to wait.

“It’s OK, Sir, you can stay tonight but you must register at 9a.m in the morning”.

I was still allowed in and at the white floored and white walled hospital type reception I was kindly asked to change my rupees for ‘credit tokens’ as no cash is handled at the resort, apart from at reception, you understand.

“Once you have registered in the morning you’ll need to buy your maroon robes to wear in the day and white robes for the evening meeting.”

“Are they compulsory?” I asked.

“Yes but after the evening meeting you can change into your normal clothes” the smiling lady confirmed as she handed me a schedule of classes for the following week.

“How long are you with us for, Sir?”

“Oh just 24 hours” I replied. That was the plan and the following morning a bought oatmeal and daal for my breakfast with my tokens an dafter a small pin prick on my finger my medical was complete and within 10 minutes my robes were handed over to me.

A huge relief, all was OK and I didn’t have to be cattle prodded out of the OSHO retreat although quite a shock upon arrival it has reminded me that HIV / AIDS is still a global killer that hasn’t gone away some 27 years after the disease was recognised.

Here’s an insight of what I could be instore for over the next 24 hours:

YouTube Preview Image

So much choice with the activities from Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, meditations whilst:


Laughing & drumming



Zennis (not tennis), Zen archery, painting, swimming, sauna, natural garden, inner skills for work and life workshops, Reiki, countless one on one courses I’ve still to look into and the OSHO discourses and seminar plus the evening meeting in white robes.

All this choice and so little time! Ironic in a meditation retreat but I ask you, what would you do if you were here from the list and why, do tell! Cheers…

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  1. Yoga. I’ve always wanted to take yoga or Pilates.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post.."Healing Rain" by Michael W. Smith ~ Worship in Song!!!

  2. Urban Pagan says:

    quite simply I would take the arrows from the zen archery and start slotting some of the deluded hippy nutcases with them

    ‘laughing and drumming’

    what barmpot makes these up as they go along??

    ‘sitting classes’

    they must train for years to teach people how to sit


    oh dear


    another unproven new age nonsense- AGAIN!

    what would I do really?
    I’d check out and tell them to stick the robes right up there chakra’s

    then check into a normal hotel have a few ales and chat to real indian people about india and life- not a group of misguided westerners who are washed up into the only cult to have ever been found guilty of a bioterro attack in the states.

  3. The Whirling exercise is amazing.
    But with only 24 hours? I’d just sit and laugh and cry. It’s the one place you could do really let go, and no one will think anything. No judgement, no hassles.

    Have Fun!

  4. Urban Pagan says:

    oh and good to see some typical cultist trickery going on already.

    1) appears to be a hospital
    this is an attempt to give it some ‘healing’ feeling and some degree of scientific validity- but there is none

    2) the medical
    10 minutes- hardly a full medical is it- again to give it scientific validity- don’t worry there is none

    3) credit token- controlling your economic power and thus taking power away from you

    4) putting you in a uniform
    already a method of social control has occurred

    5) seminars meeting etc
    all the key steps to brainwashing

    there is a word for a person who recruits others into a cult- its similar to cult- just one letter changes

  5. Lib says:

    And I don’t mean to harp on (well, blatantly I do) but I really don’t understand the whole HIV test thing?

    I don’t understand how it is raising awareness. It just seems so completely out of context.

    Did they test you for chlamydia as well? Or Hep C? Or did you have a quick MRI?

    If its a HIV ‘lets raise awareness centre’ or they are a retreat for people with HIV then maybe but to me it seems completely invasive and completely unnecessary.

    What would happen if you were HIV positive? Would they send you packing?

    Sounds very wrong to me.

    • I’m with you Lib…I don’t get it. What do they do with the information. What if it positive. What about Hep A & B also. Oh, I just realized…I’m rattling off some of the same stuff…I don’t get it. It is scary that they do that. Who else receives the information? Why do it when you arrive rather than have it beforehand?

      Lib and I want answers…Well, I can’t speak for Lib, but I want answers to understand it.

      ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post.."Healing Rain" by Michael W. Smith ~ Worship in Song!!!

      • Urban Pagan says:

        as I’ve said before

        they mock up a hospital like facility so people believe they are being healed or cleansed

        mock hiv tests and the like will then give a fake scientific or medical feel or validity to what they do

        they have no rights at all to ask you to do this

        whats the bets that if you stay a few weeks your test comes back fine but they find other stuff in your blood- thats blocking your energy levels- all nonsense of course but esigned to make oyu part with more money.

        • Lets get an undercover television reporter to find the TRUTH and film it!!!!

        • Lib says:

          Yep, it would be interesting to see if anyone has tested positive.

          And is there anything in place to help with the often massive trauma if it is positive?

        • Urban Pagan says:

          first off like any controlling cult they dress you as they wish thus ensuring you can’t take a camera in!

          and lib the massive trauma would be offset by more paid for time at the ‘retreat’ no doubt.

        • Jim says:




          POST 2 COMING UP!

        • Urban Pagan says:

          staying for a week of brainwashing

          just do us a favour- make sure you defo leave after a week,. not a day longer. you are in a false environment mate!

        • Jim says:

          Its cool and the gang Gary – with this website, my fantasy league footy team AND I’ll right the next post in the next hour and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with part of it as I’m following something you recommended a couple of years ago – you’ll never guess it but give me 1 hour and I’ll post!

        • Urban Pagan says:

          interesting stuff!!

          another question

          are you the hardest bloke there? I reckon you could daddy it in about a day and a half

        • Lib says:

          I’m actually a bit scared for you….

        • Jim says:

          I am the handiest here, for sure….

          No question – as inspired by the film SCUM.

          **Lib it’s all good – enjoy the ride and writing here about it is great.

  6. Urban Pagan says:


    only by those who are totally open to the infinite power of the universe. The Western definition is simply to be a very wise man, which Rajneesh, in my opinion, was not.

    Even after returning to Poona, Rajneesh continued his Valium and nitrous oxide use and seemed unable to learn from his own mistakes. Rajneesh had often branded his critics as “idiots,” yet in his final years Rajneesh had no sane voice inside himself to say No! Enough is enough! Like a deranged alcoholic, Rajneesh could not stop his own self-destructive behavior, and the quality of his judgment dropped to below that of even the most ordinary unenlightened human being. Rajneesh had used the myth of Tantra to rationalize his dishonesty and selfishness, and now he could not stop. Earlier in life, Rajneesh had skipped out of paying a hotel bill, cheated a real estate agent out of a commission, and obtained millions of dollars from his own disciples through lies and fraud. In the end, Rajneesh had become a hopeless drug addict as well, and no amount of spiritual rationalizations could alter that fact.

    Rajneesh’s lifelong teaching had been that enlightenment is a state of perfect egolessness which brought about wisdom, compassion, and in his unique case, total infallibility. In the last months of his life, Rajneesh, now renamed “Osho,” finally admitted that the ego could not be destroyed, only “observed.” The very basis of his demand for total surrender of his disciples was that the ego contaminated followers had to submit their will to the perfect Master, because only the perfect Master had no ego and thus could do no wrong. If this were not true then why should anyone surrender to another fallible and corruptible human ego?

    Rajneesh even finally admitted that there is no reincarnation, and that the very concept of reincarnation was just a “misinterpretation” of other phenomena. This shocking admission meant that his previous frequent claims of being a famous guru in past lives were pure fiction, designed to impress, manipulate, and control his disciples. Rajneesh’s main teaching was based on souls, reincarnation, and achieving freedom from rebirth (moksha) through spiritual practice. His massive drug intake seemed to act as a truth serum at times, allowing admissions of truths that he had previously kept secret in order to remain in control of his cult empire. The course of Rajneesh’s life and his drug induced admissions proved to me that his most basic teachings were wrong and a lie. [see Do you have a soul?]

    In his last days, Osho argued with his doctors to ignore their medical ethics and give him even more nitrous oxide. Osho rationalized his drug addiction just as a teenage boy might if caught smoking marijuana by his mother. The God “Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh” had fallen down to the stumble-drunk Osho, and a substantial number of his disciples were so addicted to his artfully seductive words and false image that they could not see what was happening right in front of their own eyes. In late 1989, in a final bizarre act, Osho ordered his dentists to remove most of his teeth for no legitimate medical reason. If Osho had suspected that the mercury fillings in his teeth were causing him health problems, he could have easily had the old fillings replaced with modern white plastic dental fillings. Why Osho wanted to have so many teeth removed is a mystery to this day. Needless to say, their removal did nothing to improve his health.

    In the years after Osho’s death, the Poona ashram has been turned into a “cashram” and is run for profit. Color Puncture, Tantric Tarot, encounter groups, and every crackpot scam in the book is being peddled by Osho disciples for large sums of money. I think back to the day when the just turned 40 year old Acharya Rajneesh instructed a Japanese woman that “Meditation must not be made into a business.” The corrupt means have gotten so far out of hand that the original intent of the ends has long been forgotten. It would be wonderful to believe that enlightened men were perfect in every way. That would make life simpler and sweeter, but it would be fiction, not fac

    • RYK says:

      This account is very weird, on one hand the author acknowledges him as extremely sick physically and on the other hand berates him for the side effects of the medication.

      Osho was definitely enlightened and exceptionally articulate. Buddha, Edward Bach, Mohammed and others who were enlightened were nowhere as articulate as him and one is unable to grasp the essence of life from their writings. Infact some of these enlightened messiahs being uneducated left behind religions with unscaleable practices and these have gone on to become the bane of life in today’s world.

      Osho’s message on the other hand was extremely well delivered and contemporary. He repeatedly emphasised that he is not creating any “ism” and warned people about “isms”.

      I suppose in the end, no one is perfect, even if they are enlightened, but to write him off and not experience his message is to deny yourself of a tremendous wealth of understanding.

  7. Urban Pagan says:

    the wealth of understanding being

    ‘how to self appoint yourelf as a guru, break the law, build up massive personal wealth and get laid while masquerading as a ‘guru’


    are you denying he was a crook?

    are you denying he was off his head on drugs?

    do you not think is retreat is a scam to seperate people from their money in the name of mysticism?

    • RYK says:

      crook and drugs is not relevant. The message exists and can easily be distilled from the clutter by someone even with half a brain.

      • Urban Pagan says:

        I disagree RYK

        Why would anyone want to take any moral guidance from a man who refuses to respect any moral code at all. What ‘authority’ does he have other than self promoted?

        drugs are definitely relevant.

        would you take a spiritual message off someone high on angel dust or crack?

        neither would I

        ironic that the phrase half a brain is used. the amount of nitrous oxide and valium he took that is all he had left

        • RYK says:

          he wasn’t issuing moral guidance, but was triggering self realization. Infact he does not issue any guidance at all in any of his teachings. He tries to point out that this is a dream and that the meaning of life is meaningless.

        • Urban Pagan says:

          so this is a dream eh?


          RYK you appear to not need the services of a nurse- do you really believe life is a dream? if so I challenge you to give me any material goods you have collected in your dream and I will then propel you to the next level of consciousness.


        • RYK says:

          sorry, late reply:
          yes, this is a dream, my dream. I have dreamt that I am alive and my world is filled with all kinds of people and things.
          This logical answer can be reached by thinking about what happens upon death, what happens upon non-existence? If my senses do not exist then the universe does not exist either.

          Or does one believe in the Super-Mario-Bothers/Religious concept of death: going to live at the next level? So my frail sick body at the age of 85, will become a fit new body at a level called heaven or hell, where I will be surrounded by former relatives, magical beings and virgins to whom my wife will have no objection ?

        • Jim says:

          Urban does your offer of

          ‘taking any material goods RYK has collected in his dream and I will then propel you to the next level of consciousness.’

          Is that like a Tony Soprano type role of steal and destroy ? ;-)

        • Urban Pagan says:

          cue tony soprano style speech

          ‘it means my people will reach out to him and liberate him of his goods. he is after all a friend of ours’

  8. Gareth in Thailand says:

    Well Jim, if I was there in Pune what I would do is pass on the retreat, check into the afore mentioned Blue Diamond Hotel, then arrange to meet my old buddies Macarand Balkundi and Shirish Shewalkar and get on the sauce while talking about old times in India and China (they both worked with me in China as well as Pune and Chennai), I think I’d be much more uplifted and refreshed after that and then up to the vineyards in the hills where there are a few nice resorts with swimming pools and great food. Sorry mate, retreats and robes are not my thing.
    If you need all that to ‘sort you head’ out then you should be thinking about a real bonna fide funny farm.

    • Jim says:

      We’re right behind the Blue Diamond Hotel and I’ll check it our for sure Gareth, no worries.

      They don’t lock the gates here…


    • RYK says:

      Jim, also get down to ABC Farms, nice place round the corner from the Ashram

      • Jim says:

        Ok will do – I’ll check that out as well.

      • Ayu says:

        Excellent ! It is what once was hush-hush’ and some of us only found out in later years may younger pploee know how wonderful spiritual bonding in combination of the physical with a mate IS and never abuse it .divorce abuses .careful choice/selection of partner in the first place requires better education than our generation had with open/honest information !! Sexual expression of love is crucial to THRIVING in this world and being healthy ~~~~ one can survive without it BUT not thrive !!!! I know ~~~ as a widow seeking a special someone to share the rest of my life with in its totality !! AND the churches need to awaken the truth and speak it !!! Churches have actually caused pain by omitting the truth in the past of God-given sexuality and what should be the enjoyment all of our lives with it !!! MCW

  9. Jim says:

    Great insights so far Urban and loved the Kissinger /fields quotes…

    • Urban Pagan says:

      so what did you do on day 1 then?

      how is the friendly smiling faces of indoctrination doing?
      will they discuss the use of bio weapons in the states?
      will they talk about their gods drug abuse?
      what was the hiv test in aid of?
      what was the rest of the medical for?

      please tell us

  10. Jim says:

    Thanks for sharing Satrakshita and welcome to GO! Smell the flowers….

  11. Urban Pagan says:

    hmmmmmm typical cultist apologist behaviour

    discredit the person writing rather than all his claims

    ie- the bloke against us is not creditable

    but lets skirt over durg abuse, bioterror attacks, fraud, drug smuggling, using gullible people to amass a fortune

  12. Zen 99 says:

    Are you serious? Calder is what you could term a hostile witness. If you know his background you can’t really take what he says at face value. What an idiot.

  13. Zen 99 says:

    Well as I understand it the only thing Osho was ever charged with was arranging marriages? Can you imagine Osho arranging marriages in a place with 5000 residents. It’s the only thing they could come up with to get rid of him. And check out the Tom Robbins interview on youtube. Great insights on that whole mess.

  14. Urban Pagan says:

    so ‘zen 99′ was osho’s group responsible for thge only bioterror attack on the us?
    was he indicted on numerous breaches of immigration law?
    was he whacked out on drugs?
    did he admire hitler?

    the answer to all is YES

    how ‘zen’ is it to have 90 rolls royce?

    he was a fraud in life and that hasn’t changed in death.

    all you can do is criticise calder as an individual but neglect to deal with these facts.

    interesting- are you still in his cult then? are you another brainwashed follower?

    more ‘yes’ answers I feel

    • RYK says:

      the rolls royce’s were so that the media would notice him, who notices people giving discourses on enlightenment ?

      And atleast he didn’t use the Rolls’ as a garbage truck unlike an Indian Maharaja (whom Jim is scheduled to meet) :)

      • Jim says:

        Thanks for the insight RYK – so I’ll have to REFUSE a ride from the Maharaja then? :-)

        Sorry, that was shocking, REFUSE….lol.

      • Urban Pagan says:


        although I don’t recall the dalai lama needing 90 (why 90) rolls royce paid for my other peoples money to get his point across?
        or gandhi?
        Or Mother Teresa?
        Or the Pope?

        Surely if his message was strong and real it would have got through without sponging cars off muggy western tourists?

        And if as he claimed he was ‘god’ surely he could have sorted a better way to spread his word.

        Oh hold on he admitted the god thing ‘was a joke’. just before his death.

        He then said he was actually the reincarnation of buddha.

        So essentially he made it up as he went along.

        I am rolling round giggling here. And unlike the ‘guru’ its not because I am ripped to the t**s on nitrous oxide.

  15. Zen 99 says:

    Ah! So you’re the brainwashed American. I bet you wear a flag!

  16. Urban Pagan says:

    erm not american. so you got it wrong. ooooooooh your so enlightened aren’t you?

    and you calling me brainwashed is the pot calling the kettle.

    notice you haven’t actually responded to any of my points have you. typical cultist behaviour. do you want to address the points about your great leader- who was just an ugly indian fraudster and drug addict who set up a cult to get his ugly ass laid. I’m guessing whenever you are ready. or rather whenever your cult has told you you are ready.

  17. Zen 99 says:

    Hi Urban Slander, sorry to have painted you as a brainwashed American if your not. Now all the slander is impossible to respond to. Very difficult to respond to a negative. Like trying to prove that you didn’t have sex with your mom. Once it’s out there you can deny it all you want but try to prove that you didn’t have sex with your mom.

  18. Urban Pagan says:

    is that the best you can come back with?? laughable. run along little boy big man talk here.

    you still avoided every point I made. again. either answer- or rather ask the people who control you what you should answer and then maybe then you can come back with something. as for the ‘mom’ comments. are you 12? if not- have a good look at yourself.

  19. Jim says:

    All contributions welcomed folks….

    I’ll be posting about this for the next 7 days (staying 8 days in total) so plenty of opportunity to constructively get all points across without taking it to a personal level,


  20. Urban Pagan says:

    no problem

    I am just waiting to see if Zen responds- I won’t hold my breath though

  21. Kathleen says:

    All of those activities sound beneficial. Laughing is great for health – shouldn’t be dismissed. Laughter Yoga is a legitimate means of lowering blood pressure – no joke – the studies have been done.

    Personally, Yoga has become addictive for me. It’s like giving yourself a massage – Chi Gung too as well as Tai Chi – all gentle and healthy. (Except Tai Chi – I think it’s a bit hard on the knees). They all make you become present in the moment. Those and the natural garden and swimming would be my personal choices, since you’ve asked.

    Jim, since you say you are unfocused, I’m envisioning two minutes of Tai Chi, followed by Laughter, then on to Yoga and a jump in the pool – I’ll look forward to reading what activities you did choose.

  22. Sambhava says:

    I can’t believe that sannyasins have not realized the obvious truth surrounding Osho’s heavy metal poisoning. No, it was NOT thallium administered by the CIA

  23. Sambhava says:

    That’s the computer playing up again…
    If you want to know who was responsible for poisoning Osho with heavy metal you should go find the dentists who packed his teeth with MERCURY (ie one of the most dangerous heavy metals out there!). It’s only because governments are keeping dental mercury poisoning completely covered up that the truth of Osho’s poisoning never came to light. If you want to read the REAL truth surrounding Osho’s premature death and how his own dentists were directly responsible then you’re welcome to contact me by e-mail. I’ve written a series of letters describing in detail how this most obvious of truths has been completely overlooked because of the mass-conditioning imposed by governments regarding the highly toxic poison they’ve had packed into everyone’s teeth.
    I would like to see the truth surrounding Osho’s heavy metal poisoning available for everyone interested. What I’ve written can be sent via e-mail through attachments, or alternatively, I could send the entire article to an e-mail address that can be read by anyone.

    • Jim says:

      Hiya Sambhava and welcome to GSTF!

      How about I write a follow up post with your information on the poisoning?

      I’ll post it under ‘health’ of course!

  24. Urban Pagan says:

    so mercury in fillings caused his death.

    so why aren’t we all dying from our fillings?

    there is nothing quite like a conspiracy to get the juices flowing

    • Sambhava says:

      Hi Urban Pagan,
      Are you ASKING me if what I’m writing is the truth, or are you TELLING me that it’s NOT..?
      If you want an answer to your (predictable) reply then please send an e-mail address and you’ll have your answer whether you want to read it or not.
      Regards, Sambhava.
      PS. Would it affect your ego if I informed you that you don’t have a clue..?

  25. Sambhava says:

    Hi Jim,
    I sent off a reply to the address on your mail, but I don’t know if you’ll read this first. We can sure do an article about what I’ve written.
    But the only way you’ll ever get over to anyone exactly what I’ve written is by including everything I’ve covered. It’s no use writing anything about mercury on its own because everyone is has been mass-conditioned into not being able to percieve even the simplest fact that what they’ve got packed inside their mouths is a HIGHLY TOXIC POISON! They’re all running around thinking it’s harmless “dental amalgam”. So you can take it from me that the article, if we’re gonna attempt it at all, will have to include ALL the facts I’ve mentioned in my letters.
    PS. A very brief answer to Urban Pagan’s comment: Smoking kills you. There are people smoking all over the world. They’re not ALL dead. WAKE UP!

    • Jim says:

      Ok thanks Sambhava – I’ll have a good look through & will reply back to you in due course…

      Glad you’re smelling the flowers with us!

      Incidentally, I had all my old fillings out and replaced with Porcelain – my teeth now have the life expectancy of a toilet ;-)

  26. Sambhava says:

    Hi Urban Pagan,
    What’s that for a reply..??!! Actually nothing is coming out of my mouth. I’m TYPING it!

  27. kath says:


    Thank you so much for opening up that debate about Osho. I’m not going to defend Osho but it must have been hard to resist the ego trip. My theory is that he had convinced himself he had already reached mastery and was no longer susceptible to such things as drugs (or spiralling, out-of-control ego trips!!)- he must have thought having reached mastery he was in a position to use drugs NOT drugs use him. In one of his books he actually warns against the danger of drugs affecting self-mastery – but of course he was addressing mere mortals like myself.

    And unlike most of us in our teens, he probably had little exposure to the effect of drugs and it must have blown his mind when he finally got to experience it (what a mind to blow!). Calder is obviously bitter but correct in saying that ultimately Osho was human. Perhaps ‘mastery’ is an ongoing phenomena and not a closed concept.

    But here comes the ‘however’; if you didn’t know who Osho was and was totally unaware of any of this sordid background information and you picked up one of his books and read it – you would be surprised just how life-changing that can be. I think that’s what some of the bloggers were trying to put across – only to be rudely dismissed by the unhappy person behind ‘Urban Pagan’.

    About 10 years ago, I was drawn to a book in a 2nd hand store entitled, The Psychology of the Esoteric. There was this old guy with a beard on the front but I had no idea who he was. It was really interesting and much of what was written resonated with me. I’ve never been much of a fan or follower (I actually don’t subscribe to any form of organised religion – spiritual development should be a personal thing) so it didn’t really occur to me to find out more about him. When I saw a book by him I would buy it, read it and found myself really getting excited about becoming more ‘aware’ and ‘conscious’ – not because the books told me to be – but because curiosity about the stuff beyond words was always there.

    Years followed and my partner at the time decided to start teasing me about the Osho books in the bookcase eg: ‘You’re an orange person!!!’ ‘Are you into partner swapping?’

    What?!!! I couldn’t believe what he was saying and insisted he had got it wrong – in the back of my mind I remembered hearing about this cult of orange people and thought it must be that Maher baba whatever – he’s got it wrong. A quick internet search and I was eating humble pie.

    So all this time (15 books later) I had been reading the words of the orange people guru. Being a lawyer, I admit a touch of intellectual snobbery crept in and I felt somewhat embarrassed – however I was determined to remain impartial. If I had ever read something dodgey like ‘Hitler is cool’ – I would have arranged an immediate book burning. The content of Osho’s books are brilliant (if, of course, you have a leaning to such things – not recommended for the Urban Pagan types).

    In the past 6 months I have also started reading/listening to Eckhart Tolle – strangely enough the content is undeniably similar albeit expressed differently. Nevertheless, the core content is the same. Now I don’t mention this to imply that dear Eckhart could end up the same way as Osho (if you’re familiar with Eckhart you will know he is a very unassuming, humble man) or that he has plagarised Osho’s works – rather that it is obvious they are both speaking from the one source.

    I submit that this is most important. As fellow human beings – we understand the propensity for corruption all too well – it’s really not that fascinating. I forgive the crazy Indian and for those who feel duped – why not take on some accountability? One should never give over their power to a cult or religion – why not read widely and experience all and then take away the very best from everything?

    There is no one way. The answer is not in organised religion/cults – that’s where history tells us things go a little perverse…

    But don’t completely write-off Osho – although he probably wouldn’t give a shit if you do!


    There are 5 houses in five different colors
    In each house lives a different nationality.
    These 5 owners drink a certain beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar and keep a certain pet.
    No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar, or drink the same beverage.

    The CLUES:

    The Brit lives in the Red house.
    The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
    The Dane Drinks tea.
    The Green House is on the left of the White House.
    The Green House’s owner drinks coffee.
    The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
    The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
    The man in the center house drinks milk.
    The Norwegian lives in the first house.
    The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats
    The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
    The man who smokes Blue Master drinks beer.
    The German smokes Prince.
    The Norwegian lives next to the Blue House.
    The man who smokes Blends has a neighbor who drinks water.

    Who owns the fish?

  29. Sw Sagari says:

    A one day committment to enlighenment?

    Sounds minimal to me.

    To all the others – if you can find a clearer master than Osho go for it.

    ‘When the student is ready, the Master appear.’

    Please and Love to all.


  30. ptaylor says:

    Osho ‘em the money. People never learn when it comes to gurus and cults do they? Osho was a quack, a charlatan, a pimp, a crook, a fake and many other last names – and of course, he said he didn’t know that his closest disciples, who had learned the right way to live from him, were running around trying to poison people but hey, he dictated some good books. Keep buying ‘em if you want – a secret dossier is about to be published soon that will provide details of where all the money is going. Yes, that’s right – they’re building a rocket that will fly the Oshoists in to a black hole.

  31. A pal encoraged me to check out this site, great post, fanstatic read… keep up the good work!

  32. I’ve seen Rajneesh enjoying with 2 blonds at the same time – Eh! sex Guru

  33. Zale Al Said says:

    I’ve always believed, people who don’t have any moral conscience, need to show they are following someone, in order to prove they are right. All Rajneesh followers are those who stand out / apart from a crowd. They want to be different. So, If a 100 people say yes, they will say no. Just to get noticed. If you tell them computers are the way to go, they will say no typewriters were better, and you won’t be surprised if they siblings would still be using a typewriter at home.
    They just want attention. Give them that, and they are on top of the world. These people find it hard to blend with the current times. You’ll always notice they are a few decades back in the way they speak, and show they have a good knowledge of old times and are well read. Actually they are just real time life failures.
    On any point of view they opinion differs. It’s just that they cant move on and adapt to current times and cannot even comprehend doing that.
    These are all psychologically demented people who need help.

  34. David says:

    I have recently come across OSHO on youtube and after watching all of the videos I could find I think the whole point is this. When I listen to what he says, I feel… wow! What a wise and very compassionate person to deliver such messages. I don’t care what he did, or what someone else says he did, if he was insane, a drug addict, or whatever. I only hear the message and then it either resonates within me or it doesn’t. The source of the message is irrelevant. I find almost all of OSHO’s messages resonate clearly within my own being.

  35. Billy Benet says:

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  40. To CJ, not really sure if there’s any real issue with the server. I also use the netflix, but am not experiencing any real issues. I live in Korea.

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