Go Smell The Hurricanes!

Posted on September 15th, 2008 by taylorblue

It seems like everyone is getting slammed by hurricanes these days. Is this a sign of Global Warming? I know I live in the Prairies where it is usually so dry and this summer we got so much rain!

Anyways, I was watching the footage of Hurricane Ike the other night as it was hitting Texas. And I said to my husband…”This isn’t so nice to the weather men. What happens if they get blown over?” And what happened? A weather man did….

YouTube Preview Image

I used to live in Ontario when I was younger and we would get hit by the tail end of the hurricanes so I know what that looks like. I can only imagine what that would be like. I have been through a couple of tornadoes but never something this serious. (One of my favorite movies…Twister!!!)

Please share your caught in serious weather stories…

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  1. Sarah says:

    I am lucky enough not to get caught in such nasty weather. The worst I had was a very bad drought where it was so hot and lack of water. During that time, I was sick all the time and never seemed to get any better until the drought was over and the rain has come. Recently there have been flood all over the country but I am lucky those places being hit are not in my area.

    *I thought the weather man was really being blown away like Mary Poppins.

    Sarahs last blog post..Death Race – One Prison No One Wants To Be In

  2. Bridget Jones says:

    At home when we get hit by storms, Miss Jones and like-minded buddies stay outside in the rain and the wind as long as they can get away with, for a kick and to feel one with the elements. Lots of Tarzan screaming all around of course.

    Then when it’s over, they tour the place to make sure they miss none of the flooding, the blown-off trees, the overflowing waterfalls etc. Oh and they give clearance to planes for safe take-off as well, but that’s not a Flowers story ha! ;)

    Then they wrap up the day in style at the sea-side watching gigantic waves crash on the shore. Pictures plenty plenty of course.

    What can I say, we are a bit on the wild side.

    During the storm though, they all huddle and tell stories of old times over tea and biscuits. When the electricity goes off, they light candles and share ghost stories and listen to the rain pelt and the wind wail. And fall asleep. Eventually.

    Any brave soul out there wants an invite for the next storm? Hurry up, seats limited :P

  3. Urban Pagan says:

    bring it on Bridget! sounds fun. nuts but fun.

    Will you hold my umbrella for me? Its one of those telescopic ones that gets longer when he touch the right buttons.

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Urban Pagan

      I thought I had made it plenty clear from the first week I stumbled upon this blog that I do not like this kind of language. At all. Hadn’t I?

      AND I thought you gave me your word at the start of the year that you would not use this kind of language with me? Hadn’t you?

      So, are you suffering from memory loss or shall I take it your word counts for nothing?

      Either case, Bridget is very disappointed in you.

      I would appreciate if you could keep your Inspector-Gadget-like umbrella to yourself in future.

      And no, you are not getting a storm invite.

  4. Urban Pagan says:

    should read when the right people touch the right buttons

  5. What serious weather story for where I live, Southern California (not in flood, landslide, fire areas)? Oh, I do remember in the 80′s we had an especially rainy season and streets were flooded that normally don’t get flooded. We had stranded cars and such. That was scary, but I was able to avoid most of those areas. We get little tornados or funnel clouds now. Weather is actually pretty boring out here, but we have earthquakes. Not weather. I really feel for those in hurricane areas and those who lost someone.

  6. aussiecynic says:

    serious weather hmmm…
    we get a huge range down here….. rain like now with 125km/h gusts of wind… yep at the moment…
    rain and hail mostly, then the frosts start that is shortly as soon as the rain ends another week or so…
    the snow is still about but its the ice on the roads….

    back NSW you get storms real storms.. thunder that sounds like a freight train going through your lounge room, fork lightning so bright you would think the gods were having a party… amazing stuff…
    Hubby was caught in a Cyclone once in Queensland, he thankfully was safe….
    but my worst storm experience was coming to Tassie on the Spirit of Tasmania…
    Its a huge ferry 4 stories above the water… which travels between Melbourne and Devonport across Bass Strait….
    A guy got drunk and as we hit rough water he fell and hit his head on bar, anyway normally he would be airlifted of, but the weather made it too dangerous so they had turn the ferry around and go back to Melbourne 2.5 hours.. the guy as far as we know was ok.. anyway this made the ferry 5 hours late and put us in the worst of the storm…

    apart from the wind howling through, we had a 12 metre swell which made the ferry feel like Gyro…
    But this was topped off with 10 metre waves hitting the ferry from all directions… by the time it was realised how bad the storm had become it was to late to turn back again and we had to continue on through it….
    every person except for hubby and most of the staff was sea sick… they actually ran out ice and sea sick pills….
    We had 3 kids sick at the time with one of the boys passed out in the tiolet…and a very queezy me…
    Hubby had the time of his life… the lower decks of the ferry which contained cars, freight and the pets was flooded through and our poor dog and cat got soaked… we eventually arrived and thankfully the storm passed around dawn..

    We did play a prank on the kids the next day as we saw land though….
    we told them we had been blown off course and had to make port in New Zealand…. so we decided to stay there instead of Tassie..
    a really cool elderly couple who happened to over hear… told the kids that it was true and they were delighted as they had never been to New Zealand….
    Well you can imagine the looks on their faces… lol…

    aussiecynics last blog post..Will it blend? Parents Revenge!

  7. Jim says:

    Did you mention TWISTER Taylorblue….where’s that mat?

    A few that come to mind Weather wise:

    In my year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo (100 ish km from Santa Barbara) it rained for 3 days solid and instead of canceling the rugby game the match went on and we played in barefeet it thick mud – it was by far the most enjoyable and gritty game of rugby I’ve ever had…

    Dubai tends to be v hot and humid but on occasion it rains for more than 2 hours and the drains can’t take it – just flooding and the odd freak wind storm often creates twister effects with the sand but nothing like enough to lift a cow / camel through a windscreen (why does that always happen in films)

    Final one for now – attempting to climb Europes highest mountain (Elbrus, in the Caucaus region of southern Russia) after 6 days of acclimatisation it snowed and snowed that meant our attempt to the top with only 12 hours to go had to be canceled – the elements won, we did the right thing and left the mountain which is stil there, waiting to be climbed.

  8. Lib says:

    I love you Elton.

  9. Lib says:

    Hi Taylor,

    Its boring where I am weatherwise, it just rains.

    And rains.

    And rains.

    Although someone did die last year on a street corner in Manchester after a freak gust of wind.

    Anyway, a I went on the Twister ride many, many years ago at Universal studios when they were testing it and there was a lot more ‘wind’ in there by the time I left.

    Scary it was.

  10. fittydent says:

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