The flowers founders update….

Posted on September 14th, 2008 by Jim

Well flower folk as we prepare to GO! head long into a full blown community we’re pleased to post this founders update. Our aim is to make GSTF a vibrant online community with the core topics of health, travel, inspiration, food and books here at the main blog. Over at forums there’s a wide range of topics as more of a water-cooler feel develops there bit by bit.

During the next 4-6 weeks Deep and the gang will be implementing the new Buddypress software from WordPress, viral techniques, personal profiles (including your own Avatar pictures so we don’t all look the same here) as we prepare to launch the GSTF ezine & magazine in conjunction with Flora2000 and become a true online community.

Ensuring the content here at flowers remains interesting that can spark debate and help us learn from each other whilst attracting new readers are the 16 founders. All have something unique to offer and their % breakdown of content they’ll be posting at flowers is as follows:

  • Mike French (UK) – 60% Books, 20% Inspiration & 20% Fun
  • Aussie Cynic (Australia) – 40% fun, 30% travel, 15% health & 15% food
  • Mighty Morgan (U.S.A) – 50% Inspiration & 50% health
  • Taylor Blue ( Canada) – 40% Inspiration, 20% fun, 20% general, 10% food & 10% travel
  • Funkygirl (U.S.A) – An equal split of Health, Food & Books
  • Lib (U.K) – 30% travel, 30% fun, 20% books, 10% inspiration & 10% food
  • Gareth in Thailand (Thailand) – 50% Inspiration, 40% travel & 10% food
  • Blue Collar Goddess (U.S.A) – 50% Inspiration & 50% books
  • Purple13 (U.K) – 50% Inspiration, 20% food, 10% travel, 10% health & 10% books
  • SimpleZack (U.S.A) – 25% Inspiration, 20% health, 20% travel, 20% books & 15% food
  • Arvind (U.K) – 90% Inspiration & 10% a split of the rest
  • Anges Biz (Australia) – 50% Inspiration, 20% health, 10% food, 10% travel & 10% books
  • AngryfromEllesmerePort (Abu Dhabi) – 25% Fun, 20% Travel, 15% Health, 15% Inspiration, 15% food & 10% books
  • RYK (India) – 40% health, 40% food and 20% the rest.
  • Jim (Dubai) – An equal split of all topics.
  • Em (Dubai) – An equal split of all topics.
16 founders in total contributing to providing the unique content here at GO! Smell the flowers.
  • Founders leaving us
Dubai Guy, Bo and Empress Nightshade are leaving us as founders due to time constraints so we wish them all the very best – you’re always welcome to pop back to GSTF and post comments from time to time.
  • Two new founder badges!
Rather than posting as Jim & Em we’ve decided it’s time to have our own badges and roles to play here at GSTF.


In October we’ll be converting the our experience & our books pages here at the site to community based pages during the coming months so any suggestions of what you’d like to see are most welcomed.


To all our founders in believing in GO! Smell the flowers and how relationships have blossomed here as a result and to all of YOU! We’ve had deaths, marriages, heart ache, hints of babies on the way and everything in between posted here to date with plenty more to follow as we all dig deep and share insights about our lives as a group. This takes courage to do and is becoming the essence of GO! Smell the flowers.

It’s going to be quite a ride over the next 18-24 months and the plan is to publish a GSTF community book about how it all started, the ins and outs, ups and downs, memorable discussion threads and how we’ve formed as a team starting from nothing and developed a deeper bond – planned for release in 2010.

It looks like it’ll be quite a gathering when we invite all the founders and active comment givers to head over to Dubai (we’re working on free flights) in 2010 for a GSTF gathering – watch this space – it’s going to happen!

Comments welcomed from founders, readers and contributors alike on where we could take GO! Smell the flowers. Cheers.

22 Responses to “The flowers founders update….”

  1. Hooray!!!!

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Courageous Steps ~ New Blog

  2. Ange says:

    I’ll be bringing my crew over Taylor. I don’t think I they would let me experience Dubai without them!!

    Jim & Emma, I think you have the right idea for GSTF and can’t wait for all the conversions to begin :) It sounds awesome and I’m so looking forward to meeting up with everyone… and I do hope that CC makes it too. There will be lots of group hugs I’m sure…. yippee!!!!!!

    Anges last blog post..Humanitarian Initiative

    • Emma says:

      Thanks Ange. Me too.

      I will be doing my first separate post sometime this week, just waiting for something to add to it! You will see why when I post it!

      • Ange says:

        That sounds very intriguing Emma… I’m excited and looking forward to your post!! (dancing) :)

        • Jim says:

          CC is IN then for sure!

          I’ll be approaching a major UAE based airline in 2009 once we’ve the magazine up and running and can approach a travel partner to bring a ‘bunch of flowers’ together in 2010 – hopefully without anyone having to break the bank to get here…..

          It’s on the cards for sure….will either be early 2010 or late 2010 as May – October here is a bit on the hot n humid side.

          We’ll prove that online connections work in future friendships not just reconnecting with the past.


  3. Jim says:

    Looks like I’d best increase the size of the twister mat for 2010 – a free for all!

  4. Sarah says:

    Finally, a Jim badge and An Em is great..really great..I am sure this place is going to be like a tropical forest soon rather than just the plain old garden..with all the trees, flowers and wild animals..not forgetting the fresh air and a few thorns here and there..

    Sarahs last blog post..Death Race – One Prison No One Wants To Be In

  5. Bridget Jones says:

    Hmmm.. All these %s! Mind-boggling! Kinda beg the question doesn’t it, now that audience expectations are set, how do we measure that the guys are meeting performance objectives? :P Bwaa haaa haaa :P

    Gud to see an Emma badge, Jim has been hogging the limelight with that ‘Jim & Em’ badge farrrr too much ha! :P

    We’re getting a tropical forest with wild animals Sarah..? Kewl! Bridget will be 40% tigress, 30% lioness and 30% Bambi! Did she get the hang of the %s…? :P

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Absolutely right.

      KPIs for the Founders’ Club. Precisely what is required to kick that ramshackle bunch into shape and let us mere commentors know what we should look forward to.

      GIT (I am assuming it is you behind this masterstroke, it would need someone with your business and leadership skills, maturity, perseverance, grit, determination and downright stubborness to implement these KPIs) how do you plan to measure performance and how often will they be reviewed?

      Looking forward to lots of spreadsheets, charts, waffle and liberal doses of corporate bollox jargon in the first review.

    • Urban Pagan says:


      what % fox?

      I’m not going any further with the animal analogies as I will get a slap!!

      • Bridget Jones says:

        If this fox thing is another manifestation of your dubious Umbrella sense of humour, consider yourself slapped Pagan. For the second time.

  6. mike says:

    Looking forward to your first post Em an “equal split” sounds painful! You be careful :-)
    mikes last blog post..Jon Haylett Interview Part 2 of 3

  7. Jim & Em says:

    Erm, well thanks Sir Elt – feel free to add your faves over at the flowers jukebox in the fun section of forums….

    Just post the link and you’re done! No needles needed.

  8. Emma says:

    More the merrier. We would love to get to know the families too as they are also a part of who you are!

  9. Taylor Blue says:

    YAY! I just told my husband to book off the time so we can all go.. :)
    Taylor Blues last blog post..Gossip Girl Spoilers Season 2 Episode 4-The Ex-Files

  10. Emma says:

    Cool! It’s going to be goooood!

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