Go! Smell the Heights of Abraham

Posted on September 10th, 2008 by Purple13

Taking the opportunity of the last fine day of the year and the last weekend before the kids went back to school, we stayed a bit closer to home and visited the Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire.

One of it’s main attractions is the alpine style cable car ride to the ‘summit’ and the visitor centre and cavern tours though old lead mines. Originally mined by the romans!

Of course yours’ truly can’t stand heights so we took the very invigorating walk up the hillside instead.

I was doing fine in the cavern tours as well until the second one at the top of the hill – towards the end after the last cavern, we were shown up a metal stepway that led to a set of steps back up to the surface.

Everyday folk would have had no problem but for me – I just couldn’t let go of the rail for dear life. So i opted for a walk back the way i’d come, scaring the life out of the next party coming through – perhaps I should have hid and made moaning sounds????

It was a great day, we all enjoyed it and I’ve blogged about it and Matlock Bath in more detail over at ‘our place’.


Think is the heights thing did get in the way. What days out have you had recently that a fear or phobia affected you?

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  1. Lib says:

    There is not.a.chance I would get in that cable car Purple so I’m with you.

    I went to Krakow a cple (isn’t that bad? thats how I write couple now, anyway) of years ago and me and my ma had this issue with the salt mines, fine on the way down but the wooden steps on the way back up? No way Stanley. We feigned illness to the rest of the group and sought refuge in the local vodka bar.

    I don’t reckon we missed much.


    • Bridget Jones says:

      LOL Lib re: feigning illness!

      Check this out: Bridget once took the cable car for L’Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix.. I’ll let you google its height when you feel able to, don’t want to be the cause of any dizziness that leads to the vodka bar ha! :-P

      AWESOME view!

      Guys you can’t feel alive if you don’t live a bit dangerously!!!

    • Bridget Jones says:


      I am having trouble posting comments! :’(

      I write okay? Then I “submit comment”, and can you believe this NOTHING HAPPENS. The screen remains as is, and it doesn’t show any activity e.g comment being loaded or some other technical stuff that totally escapes my limited IT skills.

      SO, I refresh the page. And press submit again. (unlike some, Miss Jones is smart!! She saved the comment in memory before she refreshed the page ha! :-P That she did it because she went through that misery once before and hadn’t saved the comment has nothing to do with it, she’s smart, end of discussion!)

      Okay, back to the story at hand, namely refreshed page, where i just paste the comment again in comment box.

      This time, after waiting for like an eternity, I get the ‘duplicate comment’ screen!!! THOUGH the first time the comment never showed up on screen duh.

      SO, I refresh again and guess what? The comment is there ha!

      Meaning, your system loaded it the first time while my screen showed no activity, but did not display it. Which made me do it again.

      All in all, it takes 5 mins (which I have) and patience (which I don’t) to get ONE comment out there. No way I’m putting up with this Jimbo, it’s too much grief. Where’s your Capo to take care of this? You know, Deep.

      And NO, I’m not writing all this again in Forum ha! :- P

      (okay, let me save this comment in memory before I submit, I’m sure I’m getting the same grief duh!)

  2. aussiecynic says:

    Hey there Purple…
    and dont let it get you down…
    One thing I love is Caves, they fascinate me and luckily the same with Hubby and Moppet, the unfortunate part of my fascination is I can go more than a few metres inside the opening…. yep a slight fear of the dark and the lack of space….
    I can go on tours of large tourist style caves no problem at all, they have that mood lighting etc, but on the less traveled cave which we explore at times I really struggle, even with latterns and torches I still cant do it….. which really puts the brakes on caving day out….
    I do act as look out… lol…

  3. Jim & Em says:

    Hi Purple – took a treacherous cable ride up to table mountain in South Africa and it a few times when in snowy climbs that seems far less dangerous – maybe the snow softens the blow?

    Phobia wise – just flown back to Doo-bye and still get butterflies when taking off and landing…..statistically it’s a long shot but a plane per week seems to be going down at the moment…….

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      The one up table mountain is great id you can go up just as the ‘table cloth’ or cloud settles on the top of the mountain, however i still prefer really high chair lifts at ski resorts, you just seem so isolated and peaceful stranded high up in the silent hills.

  4. Purple13 says:

    once – someone got me on the cable car at Alton Towers – I was semi-OK (eyes shut) but then they had to stop it to let a wheelchair user off so we swung lazily over the ‘deeper ravine’. By the time we got to the station, moi was clung to the centre poll with a look normally reserved for crazy scared sheep on my face. Never again.

  5. Deep says:

    Okay, I am currently testing out various things.. like Bridget said.. there is some problem with the comment form.. but can you tell me since when it started?

  6. Bridget Jones says:

    I got the first issue I talk about since my first comment this morning Deep, around noon Dubai time I think.

    It’s something I had encountered in the past, but weeks if not months back, can’t recall.

    As regards the comments mixing up without boxes and the error message, just now when I posted the comments.

    Also, I just tried and can’t open Aussie’s post to leave a comment, I click on comment, it returns me to homepage.

    Hope THIS comment reaches you!

    • Deep says:

      Okay, I am still on it.. this looks to be some issues related to JS files or one of the plugins.. I am going to disable couple of plugins related to the post and test out the things..

  7. aussiecynic says:

    I am also some issues with the comments taking a long to time to come up much the same as BJ but I am also find it taking a huge length of time to load the page…

  8. Yes, the page in IE and Firefox takes forever to load or doesn’t load. Then, I try again and it loads, but it takes a long time. (Get up go to the restroom, return, still loading…sorry for the personal details).

  9. Jim & Em says:


  10. Deep says:

    Okay, I just tested things in Opera.. worked smooth this time.. trying now from firefox.. can someone try it out from their side also?

    The issue looked to be with threaded comments plugin.. it was running on older version but again… I am not ruling out the possibilities of some of the javascript files causing the problem (there are quite few in the bottom of the page)..

  11. Comment worked perfectly!!

  12. I got to go, but I wanted you to know that it is loading quickly in IE. I only have Firefox and IE.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..PAST JOURNAL ENTRY ~ September 29, 2005 ~ 12:50 PM, Part II ~ Memories Continue!

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