GO! Smell the Flowers whilst recovering from Jetlag!

Posted on September 7th, 2008 by god

time to smell the flowers?

Arvind here back in London after a visit to the USA in August.

I have been back over a week now but only just getting going again. For probably the first time in my life, I am really suffering from jetlag. I have spent many sleepless nights in the last week and then struggled to stay awake during the day time.

All the time I have felt rather tired and disorientated. Or maybe this was due to the British “summer” which I returned to after the tropical heat in Atlanta.

I have tried all sorts of things to get over the jetlag – working out at the gym followed by the sauna, herbal sleeping tablets, even alcohol but to no avail.

So what do you suggest I should do next time? What are your tips for getting over jetlag quickly?

15 Responses to “GO! Smell the Flowers whilst recovering from Jetlag!”

  1. Ange says:

    Hi Arvind and welcome back :)

    I can’t say that I have ever suffered from jetlag. Usually, a sleep is all I need and my body clock adjusts to wherever I am. I always drink plenty of water on the flights. When I travelled to Barbados last year (which from Australia takes 2 days), I felt great and enjoyed my holiday and I did the same on the way home – drink plenty of water that is. Whether that’s the trick I can’t say, however it worked for me. I’m sorry that I don’t have any magical cures for your jetlag… I haven’t been to that place! Maybe some meditation will help?

    • arvind says:

      Thanks Ange – next time I go to Barbados I too shall drink plenty of water. But what a place to get over your jet lag – just chill out on the beach and get drunk on the rum.

      Actually, ever since I got back a week ago, the weather here in London has been non stop rain. So perhaps i am just having sunshine withdrawal symptoms.

      arvinds last blog post..Lessons in Life and Leadership from a 90 year old!

  2. Oh, I feel for you!! I just waited it out and tried to follow a bedtime and wake up routine and the same time. However, one day I fell asleep on the telephone at 4 pm. They say that traditionally it takes about a week. Good luck and hope you had fun.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Bill Melendez will continue to live due to his work on Peanuts and the voice of Snoopy!!!

  3. Jim & Em says:

    Welcome back to flowerzzz zzzz zzzz Sleepy / sleepless Arvind :-)

    ‘They’ say that West – East is fine jetlag wise and it’s the other way that hurts, as in your case.

    Taking Melatonin can help on the flight as it ‘tricks’ the brain that you’ve had a fix of daylight hours and need to sleep.


    Also setting your watch to the time of the place of arrival so you’re in the zone can also work for some…..best of all…try testmatch cricket when you’re back- a surefire winner to help induce sleep!

    • arvind says:

      Thanks Jim for the welcome – it seemzzzzzzz a long time away from Flowers.

      I tried watching England play Andorra at football (soccer) last night – and even THAT didn’t work!!!

      I have been trying Melatonin actually and that worked to some extent, knocking me out for 14 hours at a stretch.

      Oh well, I will just have to get drunk on champagne tonight.

      arvinds last blog post..Lessons in Life and Leadership from a 90 year old!

  4. Urban Pagan says:


    try melatonin tablets

    they will sort your jet lag out straight away

  5. aussiecynic says:

    I have no tips to save you from Jetlag
    the only tip for plane travel I can give you is to sit at the back of the plane..
    you dont hear of planes backing into mountains…..

    luv Aussie…

  6. Jim & Em says:

    Another thing regarding melatonin….

    It can get you arrested at Dubai airport…seriously:


  7. Purple13 says:

    The obvious tip is to stop flying (don’t half make your arms ache for days afterwards as well??)

    Seriously – welcome back.

    When I went to the USA once, we’d been at work all day Friday, got home, packed and as we were leaving for airport at 2am, didn’t bother going to bed – sat up watching old movies. Then flight (8 hours) then strange country – fly drive so strange car and everybody on wrong side of road! Those 8 lane roads following a map to our motel etc. you get the idea.

    Finally got to motel, the guy behind the desk asked how long we’d been up so got the full story. “Geez, you brits!” You’re probably suffering a bit of jetlag – his advice was to go to our room, take a small nap, get up, have tea and an early night and we’d be right.

    So we went to our room, crashed out for a couple of hours kip, woke up late the next morning having slept right thru. But we well enough after that so it kinda worked.

    If you’re wearing a vest, DON”T take your shoes off and scrunch your toes in the carpet!

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  8. Jim & Em says:

    Just back in Dubai After a 6 hour flight – hardly jetlag but not drinking alcohol on the flight helped feel fresh…

    Did you have a beer /wine on your US flight?

  9. arvind says:

    Thanks EJ – I shall be right over.

    In return I shall cook some Indian grub for youz and your David. Deal?

    arvinds last blog post..Lessons in Life and Leadership from a 90 year old!

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