GO! Do The Carlton Banks Dance

Posted on September 2nd, 2008 by angesbiz
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We recently had the “Where the hell is Matt” dance here and I came across another dance we can all take part in and get a good 2 minute cardio workout. Sitting at your laptop all day means you need regular breaks for stretching and general movement. So, do you care enough about yourself to get moving?

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  1. I care, but how much! With my depression, I lack motivation, not that I had much to begin with…No that isn’t true. I used to work our at least three days per week, cardio and weights. Medication, caused me to gain 50 pounds despite exercise, but since they have been changed, I’ve lost 10 and feel a bit better physically and emotionally. So, if I can fit into my workout clothes or anything that resembles it, my goal is to get on our treadmill by Friday of next week. This is a realistic goal…I could do more, but this is real. Why did you have to go and bring it up!!!! I just found out today that I lost the weight and fit into some smaller pants!!!

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Why Labor Day in the USA?

  2. Jim & Em says:

    Gotta care enough to keep the group hugs going,

    Cheerd Ange,

    ‘to the side, to this side’

    Breakdancing anyone?

  3. Lib says:

    Thanks Ange, that clip brings back so many memories.

    6pm, BBC 2, right after we’d had our tea, love him!

    And I think there is something in my body that kicks in to get me moving, I’m back at the gym now (obviously not right now) after a summer of not moving very much.

    • Ange says:

      great to hear Lib! You know, as much as I try, I just can’t get those Carlton Banks moves right, LOL. I feel very awkward trying however, it’s still a lot of fun and that’s the important thing. I have it bookmarked so that when I need a break from sitting here, I give it my best ;)
      Anges last blog post..Do You Care Enough About Yourself

  4. Jim & Em says:

    Hi Ange,

    You’ve inspired CC to post this at forums at GSTF!

    Great stuff….

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