Go on Smell the Aussieness!

Posted on August 30th, 2008 by A/C

We Aussies are a strange bunch indeed, a collection of diverse cultures all rolled up into one. something that most people dont seem to understand about us and you can argue about till the cows come home, is we really dont care where you are from, what you do for a job or even if you have one, we dont really care if you have millions or if you are penniless, sure we are interested about your place origin, but in respect to you as a person it really doesnt matter. It is who you are and what you do which defines whether we like you or not.

The Australian culture is one of ‘have a go!’, ‘a fair go for all’, ‘she’ll be right mate’ and looking out for your mates and thats about it. Take these sayings at their actual meaning and you have it.  We are Proud of who we are, proud of where we are going, and most of proud to be Aussie.

We might fight amongst ourselves from time to time, but watch out if anyone else has a go, we are Australian and the rest can wait.

All those who have been here for generations are raised with these things imbeded in our genes and understanding where we all came from helps.

Here is a song which more than any other defines who we are as Australians:YouTube Preview Image

What qualities do think define where you are from?

15 Responses to “Go on Smell the Aussieness!”

  1. Purple13 says:

    reminds me of the line from the bond film live and let die – friendship towards all with favouritism towards none.

    Here in the UK – I personally am very proud to be British – not in a BNP sort of way, but I appreciate the diversity of our land, the usual helpfulness of my neighbours and am always glad to be back whenever i’ve travelled abroad.

    I’ll stand when the national anthem is played and i’d consider it a single honour to be presented to my Queen (or King).

    Britain has some bad press – doesn’t everywhere, but its generally a small few that give unfavourable impressions.

    Oh and I believe good will always triumph in the end.

    P.s – wot no Rolf?

    Purple13s last blog post..Personalise your kitchen

    • aussiecynic says:

      I thought I would leave Rolf out of this one… besides he cried recently on TV and I cant bring myself to watch him until I have recovered my wits….

      I am the same when Advance Australia Fair is played, and I get really cross when Aussies dont know the words….
      I would be very happy to be presented to Lissy or charlie myself she is our Queen too…..
      Same goes here with the bad press, but I too think Good will triumph… in the end…. I just hope I here to see it.. 8)

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Joe, Bridget was presented to your Prince Edward when she was about 13. They shook hands. She didn’t wash her hands for a whole day, and seriously considered wearing a glove in the shower ha! ;)

  2. I am proud to be an American although I am not proud of some of the decisions and things that seem to represent our country, all the time. On the negative side comes materialism, division, black and white thinking, us against them, interference into other countries, cover up, individuallity and prejudice. On the more positive is a willingness to help other countries, a pulling together in times of crisis, freedom of speech, patriotism and diversity. Thats all I can think of now. I know that there is a lot more.

  3. Urban Pagan says:

    MUST say- its good for an aussie to post this- seriously for a nation of bigoted ex convicts to do such at thing is great- its a joke

    I am british but completely depsise the parasitic royal family- I’d happily hang them all. as for standing up when the anthem comes on- sorry I’d rather put nails in my knackers. I hope all royals and indeed royalists die a slow painful death.


    • aussiecynic says:

      ouch! pagan…
      I am not a royalist, but have respect for them…
      In Tassie we are more leaning towards to Danish Royal Family since Fred married Mary.. One of ours will Queen of Denmark one day…

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Bridget likes royalty! I reckon it has to do with all the Shakespeare drama she’s into!

      Granted though, there is a bit of a difference between the magnetism and evil appeal of an Edmond in King Lear’s era and the wishy-washy insipidness of a Charles in Queen Elizabeth’s times ha! ;)

  4. Jim & Em says:

    Ripper stuff AC and great to see your Aussie colours flying high…

  5. Bo Snr says:

    Hi Aussie.
    Always remember what the symbol in the top left hand corner of your flag is

    • aussiecynic says:

      I do mate
      It reminds us that someone 200 hundreds years ago … thought it a good idea to send all their troublesome criminals to the best country in the world…
      While all the fine upstanding, law abiding citizens remained behind in wet damp and dreary England….

      THANKS HEAPS!!!!!! 8) ;)
      Good one Noddy!

  6. Ange says:

    “… we are one… but we are many… I am, You are, We are Australian…….”

    I love that song Aussie… nice one matey! I love living here in this vast land even though it is so far away from the rest of the world although, we are ALL connected throughout the Universe… realistically, we are one race no matter where we come from. We are citizens of the world!

  7. Ange says:

    Hey Bridget, it’s nice to see you again :) I did hear a rumour that you were back and still as vibrant as ever! Missed you heaps… muah!

    Anges last blog post..Do You Care Enough About Yourself

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