GO! Smell the message in the bottle!

Posted on August 26th, 2008 by Jim

The Jeremy Vine show on the U.K’s radio 2 is featuring a discussion on how a message in a bottle has been reunited with its sender – twenty three years after he threw it into the sea in Orkney. Almost as old as this sting video from way back:

YouTube Preview Image

But are messages in a bottle simply litter as some environmentalists are phoning into the show to complain. If you work on a cruise ship and throw anything into the sea you lose your job. If everyone sent messages in bottles to reach out to others there could be cut feet on the beach. 

These days we can communicate in other ways with far quicker responses with the help of the internet, mobile phones and youghurt cartons joined yogether with pieces of string.

Is a message in a bottle a thing of the past  or a timeless way of reaching out to someone, somewhere?

Do tell, answers in comments only. Sent messages in bottles will not be returned or replied to – should sending messages in bottles be allowed or banned?

26 Responses to “GO! Smell the message in the bottle!”

  1. JJLoch says:

    Sending messages in a bottle has made books famous. If we all did it, a big mess would happen but it is a nostalgic thought that gives people hope.

    My daughter cut her foot on broken glass in a lake and we had to take her to an emergency room. I wish that never had happened. Guess that’s the reality.

    Hugs, JJ

    JJLochs last blog post..Who’s winning? Jeff or the Pool? LOL

  2. Oh, what a sad question to ask because I am concerned about the environment, I don’t think that people should do it. However, the nostalgia and romanticism of a message in a bottle has resulted in fantastic stories and I like the idea. But, in the end my answer would be no that we should not be depositing more into the ocean. Sigh!! :-(
    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..PAST JOURNAL ENTRY: September 1, 2005 ~ 6:30 pm ~ Remembering Pain

  3. If you wanna be romantic sure do the message in the bottle but if your an environmentalist just send it through e-mail :P fast and efficient and less waste. :D
    earthlingorgeouss last blog post..The Greatest Olympian of All Time is a Shining Inspiration for the Differently-Abled

  4. Sarah says:

    I am so against throwing things into the ocean, sea, whatever it is called..what happen if the sea creatures eat the ‘thing’ we throw in the water? I can’t imagine that..it would be awful although there are movies portraying how romantic it is to write a love letter and throw it out to the sea hoping to find true love..nonsense..

    Sarahs last blog post..Harry Potter, More Harry Potter and Cinderella?

  5. Fertile Fish says:

    Surely that’s a Police video, not a Sting video.

  6. Lib says:

    To the environmentalists, it would be interesting to compare the environmental damage inflicted by

    a) Phone masts, satellites (how did we get them up there?) plastics in computers/mobile phones (how do we get them to people’s home’s?) radiowaves and pissed off postmen


    b) Chucking a glass bottle into the sea.

    Its a sweet, national, no actually, global tradion which should continue innocently on its way into the future.

  7. Lib says:

    But space rockets don’t run on bio-fuel do they?

  8. Purple13 says:

    I don;t really see the porpoise of throwing a message into a bottle and then throwing the bottle into the sea… (liitle daytime humour folks) – seriously, its the ‘romantic’ notion that it may be discovered years later – a bit like a time capsule – nobody raised environmental issues about them did they? and those balloon races – all that rubber and string littering the countryside – where are the PC environment lobby on that one?

    Suppose you could be like Tom Hanks and fedex your message – his only took 4 years didn’t it?

    Oh I’m in a funny mood today – the medication must be kicking in…..

    Purple13s last blog post..New photo gift – Babygro Vest – now available

  9. aussiecynic says:

    I seriously dont think 6 billion people are going run to the beach with bottled message in hand and throw them in…. although it would be funny to watch..can you imagine those land locked country attempting this feet…. lol..
    but to the environmentalist… why do hippy’s drive comby vans… you know the ones those VW vans that you can throw a bed in and have to push up hill….. they always seem to blow smoke out the back…. if everyone drove comby vans there would be a problem but they dont.. perhaps all these do gooders should take their heads of the star struck clouds once in while..
    attend a little aromatheropy group, meditate on their belly buttons and go UMMMMM themselves…
    Oh did I say that.. ;)

  10. Purple13 says:

    spam never did the vikings any harm did it Sir Elt’? Watch that David – bet he’s sneaking chocolate chip cookies when you’re backs turned composing and stuff.

    Purple13s last blog post..New photo gift – Babygro Vest – now available

  11. Elton John - Drama Queen says:

    That’s right Aunty Bridget, I’ve lost loads ov weight see.

    But like, all that appened was I got wrongly accused, thinks it was a case of mistook identity, not sure really I’m not……

  12. Bridget Jones says:

    No kidding! Mistook identity no less eh?

    Here, a message in a bottle for you EJ:

    Worry not your lil head over whoever’s accusing you of being not EJ, we all know you sing a mean song, even that George Michael who eats tyres he knows he does! There! You just focus on getting your gold dug by the gold diggers now! :-P

    As for Aunty Bridget, she’s enjoying being serenaded by her man farrrrrr too much to be distracted by who else is who ha! :D

  13. Urban Pagan says:

    harsh words from Bridget!!

    how does this fella serenade you then? sounds a bit creepy to me

  14. Bridget Jones says:

    Hey you, my man’s no creep I’ll have you know. How he serenades me is between him and me! ;) Suffice for enquiring minds to know that he can sing better than EJ ha! :-P

    You do seem rather fascinated by him Pagan! Whatever would your little lady think of that eh! :-P Hmmm.. or is the fascination to do with Miss Jones actually? :-P Now, what would the little lady think of THAT!

    Huh? Bridget was harsh to EJ?? Aaargh, must be a case of mistook identity it musts ha! ;)

    Hmmm. I think it’s safe to say that we are all doing a good job sending messages without bottles – THAT is a lousy attempt to fit this thread to the topic at hand before Jimbo freaks out ha! ;)

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