Go! And I’ll see you later

Posted on September 14th, 2008 by Lib

Forgive me, this a little self-indulgent but I’m in that kind of mood today.

A very good friend of mine, pictured below, is on her way to Australia to live as I write this and boy am I going to miss her. Bon Voyage Miss Lopez and see you in Thailand next year.

It is of course much easier nowadays to keep in contact with people who are away in foreign climbs. Gone are the days of ‘pen friends’, technology almost allows us to have them in the same room if we so desire.

So, whilst I’m finishing off another chocolate eclair and trying to figure out how to load Skype, please tell me about your long distance realtionships.

How do you keep your friendships alive? Or any that you wish you could retrieve?

Right, where did I put that strawberry cheesecake….

38 Responses to “Go! And I’ll see you later”

  1. Jim & Em says:

    Quality stuff Lib and loved the Kate Bush track covered by the future heads on your Miss Lopez link – a pleasant surprise!

    Your ‘good friends’ quote rings true and face to face and putting in the hours doesn’t make for a firmer friendship, that’s for sure – you can always pick up where you left off whether it’s 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 years since you last hooked up.

    What with being poked on Facebook (matron) , building up relationships and sharing the ups n downs here at GSTF and the online media there’s often more virtual online activity than shoulder to shoulder stuff thesedays – partly reassuring and partly scary…we’ve made chums with founders here at GSTF and met them for the first time this summer – so its worked the other way – from online to real world and back again.

    We too wish Miss Lopez a happy new start in Oz and she’s welcome to get amongst it here at flowers as founders Aussie Cynic and Anges Biz keep the Ozzie content flowing – she’ll be chuffed to read your post when she touches down.

    Friendships are the strongest if you don’t expect friends to make you happy and content – granted they help but it’s us ourselves that do that which helps to make unconditional friendships blossom and remain with the exception of ‘buy us a pint’ or ‘ help me paint my fence’ stuff that all friends are there for…..

    More on this later…..buddy!

    • Lib says:

      Well thats one thing I’ve learned about friendship, no expectations, just let it be and if it does, it’s meant to be!

      • aussiecynic says:

        Friendship needs to be from both sides dont you think.. and to mantain the friendship you both have to stay in touch.. its hard with time zones and thing.. but there is always webcam and skype, voice mail, the phone
        so all those things should keep you in close contact..
        no excuses these days with technology being so easily available..

        • Jim & Em says:

          Agreed – AND new buddies online that develop before you meet offline!

        • aussiecynic says:

          I think so mate..
          Just look at us founders… I have no idea who the heck any of you are…
          but we are mate none the less… and that is so very cool….
          you could all be the same person…… multiple personality etc.. hehhehe
          mum told me not to talk to strangers
          having a moment of flash back…..
          cyberspace bringing the world together… lol….
          one keyboard at a time…..

        • Bridget Jones says:

          Oops Lib, I left a comment on Chook’s post that would be very appropriate here. It’s about cyber friendship.

          Agreed Chook, it takes two to tango, and if there’s no music, how can you tango eh?

        • Lib says:

          Thanks Bridget.

  2. How sad for you, but technology is amazing now. I am actually forming new long distance friendships from being online. Since we have unlimitied free long distance calling, I actually am able to speak to someone in another state which I have been doing!! It is fantastic. The next thing is visiting. I feel like I can go on vacation almost anywhere in the world and there would be people that I’d like to meet for the first time in person especially Australia, Canada and the UK.

    I love the quote that you put up. I’ve been wanting to use it. They have jewelry with that quote on it. And I whole-heartedly agree with Jim and Em’s statement about ‘good friends.’ Thanks for writing this post…it was uplifting.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Courageous Steps ~ New Blog

  3. And, oh do I have a craving for cheesecake!!!!

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Courageous Steps ~ New Blog

  4. aussiecynic says:

    GDay Lib
    Question where in Oz is friend moving too….?

    Being the queen of long distance relationships.. having most of hte kids 2000km away, family all arounf the globe, and countless friends on here… I find Skype and Email the best ways to communicate and then there is 1c txt messaging to the kids Mobiles etc… it is much easier these days to keep in touch but you do still miss them to pieces..

    you could solve the hassle by moving here to… lol…
    A few of my friends would meet up every 2 years or so around christmas and stay at my place as it was in the middle of the trip… and that was cool… but other than that as I said skype and emails is the best yet…
    good luck to your friend and mail her regularly…

  5. Sarah says:

    This is sad for me, I have a friend who is in Letchwork, UK and I have no idea if I will ever see her again although we keep in touch through YM

  6. Steve says:

    Sadly – it has been my experience that the later part of a long distance relationship never comes.

  7. Ange says:

    Hey Lib :) all of the above ways to keep in touch are great except for that one little thing and that’s being able to give your friend a real hug. I have developed a handful of good friends online who I keep in contact with regularly and there are times when we chat that I just want to reach out and put my arms around them. Maybe that’s just me being a kinesthetic type.

    It sounds like you two are pretty close and the friendship won’t suffer because Miss Lopez is moving away. My best girlfriend went to live in NYC for 6 years and when she got back, we picked up where we left off and the friendship is even better now.

    Skype is great and the only IM service I use. In fact, I have it on a USB stick so no matter where I am, I can always plug it into any PC and have my friends online. Be happy and enjoy hearing about her antics when she gets here. Here’s a “virtual” hug ((())) – not quite the same huh!

  8. miss lopez says:


    im here sat in an internet cafe near to bondi with tears in my eyes!!! That was sooooo sweet Libs, thank you.
    It doesnt matter how far away we are we will always be the best of friends, and that comes with a life long guarantee!
    I love you loads and wish u were here with me xxx
    Ill skype u as soon as ive got one of those dongle things were u can access internet anywhere

    Muchos love
    Miss Lopez

    • Jim says:

      Welcome Miss Lopez and glad you had a safe flight to Oz! Jim here in Dubai, 1/3 of the way between you and Lib!

      You’re always welcome here at GSTF and feel free to jump and and get yourself an Avatar / pic so you’re not the faceless one above – would love to see more of you here – Cheers.

    • aussiecynic says:

      GDay Miss Lopez
      and Welcome to OZ…
      oh how I love Bondi…
      from down here in Tasmania it really is a teasing sensation I getting..hmm.
      blue sky, warm days, sun shining….. hmmmm… envy..

      Dont you be a stranger around here either any interpretations of Aussieness just ask me or Ange… I used to live in Sydney and no there areas reasonably although its been a while…. hmmmm more pineing away…
      Welcome to Oz and Welcome to Flowers…
      GDay there

    • Ange says:

      Hey Miss Lopez!! It’s great to “see” you here!! Welcome to the garden and welcome to Australia! :) I’m not as far south as Aussie, in fact, I’m in Melbourne which is in between you and Aussie. Bondi Beach is a beautiful spot and I know you will enjoy the el fresco living as the weather warms up even more. Just remember to “slip, slop, slap” that’s shirt, sunscreen and a hat!! If you get stuck with any of the lingo… give us a yell. If I can’t sort you out… Aussie is sure to. Most of all, enjoy!

  9. Jim says:

    A welcome party for Miss Lopez!

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