Go! Look at my Ugly Side!

Posted on August 17th, 2008 by Blue Collar Goddess
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My son left a CD in my truck stereo Friday Night, and yesterday I listened to it while driving to work.  This isn’t some blatant promotion for the band, Blue October, but it is a blatant promotion of a certain song that made me think about how we tend to hide ourselves.

I am in the process of meeting new people, creating a new corporate network, and starting out at the bottom of the barrel in a new job culture.  I don’t want any of my co-workers and team mates to see “my ugly side”.  Quite frankly, I don’t want anyone to see the side of me that is deeply opinionated on several levels.  Most because at this time in my life, I don’t have the energy or the time to engage in licking the flavour (a line I stole from another Blue October song) of something until it’s tasteless. 

And isn’t that what happens?  You get a few people together who have cemented their belief in a philosophy or a tradition on completely opposing sides of the table; compromise isn’t going to happen.


Diplomacy insists that we behave according to moral structure in a civilized setting, and yet we continue to battle it out on the war-field.  Lives are lost, countries are left in ruin … because when we show our “ugly side” we are really ugly.

It happens in Divorce, the end of friendships or relations (which is just a different kind of divorce) and history begs us to remember how we hide until guns are loaded, lines are drawn and then we are free to behave as horribly as we want or can.


What is at the basis of your “ugly side” and what do you NOT want people to see the most about you, your character or your philosophy? 

I go first, in the comments. :-)


11 Responses to “Go! Look at my Ugly Side!”

  1. As promised, here’s my bit:

    Religious fanatics annoy the hell out of me.
    Bible Thumping So Called Christian Evangelicals scare the hell out of me more than anything. They scream and yell in the name of God for more cash, bigger churches, etc. Money is not the root of all evil, eh? LOVE of money is the basis for that crap.
    IMHO, religion is at the root of everything evil in this world and I have little to no patience for folks who insist that their God is bigger, better and mo’ bettah than my God.

    How is it possible to believe in an entity who has the gall to say (and I’m quoting the late George Carlin here) “If you don’t do these ten things, you will burn in hell for all eternity … but … hey … I Love You.”

    And that’s all I have to say about that.
    kthnxbai. :-)
    Blue Collar Goddesss last blog post..Go …t four minutes?

  2. Jim & Em says:

    Cheers blue collar, Jim here…

    My ugly side is impatience, self infatuation and ordering curries that are too hot & spicy! I tend to let religion and politics GO! right over my head so no danger there!

  3. Urban Pagan says:

    I’ve asked around and everybody has said I simply don’t have an ugly side. I tend to agree.

    But if pressed I would say I can be a little too passionate about things. And I can be verbally a bit cruel.

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Your first line is Bridget’s line really Gary! :-P

      Bridget cuts people out. When they have crossed the line and she’s reached the ‘that’s it’ stage, she turns to ice and cuts them out.

      For her per se, it’s not ugly, she’s doing the right thing. But some people think it’s bad. She really doesn’t ha! ;)

  4. My ugly side to me is my unjustified, emotional, out of control anger. Usually, my husband and therapist are the only ones who really see it. This and other ugly sides (my abuse and self-destructive behaviors) I share in my blog and sometimes here.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..My Truth ~ My Childhood Slideshow

  5. I know that I have some “bad” points about me……I have also had the opportunity to find out what the driving force is behind many of these that I like to term character defects….they have the capacity to make my life miserable, but if not acted upon they allow me to be a better person then my so called “ugly” traits have kept me trapped within. For me as much as they can sux at times they are the catalyst for personal transformation.

    Mighty Morgans last blog post..Kicking the habit

  6. Lib says:

    Bravo Blue Collar!

    You’re first comment really hit home with me and I couldn’t agree more.

    My ugly side? Well, I’m far too judgemental still. Its something I have been working on and I am way less judgemental than I was this time 12 months ago I’m pleased to say.

    And most won’t see this as an ugly side but I am far to ready to please people and to me that equals insincerity which to me is ugly.

    Again, I am getting better (I think it’s a growing up process) and more confident with saying what I really think as opposed to what they want to hear.

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