Go! Smell The Shopping

Posted on August 14th, 2008 by taylorblue

I love to shop! It’s nothing get to do very often if at all. I don’t have friends that come over to go shopping with, and most of all the money to go shopping with. So now I have found a new addiction…shopping online. It’s kind of amazing what you can buy online if you really look.

So now in the last three days I bought a book on Afganistan, a kids movie, and the first two seasons of Supernatural. This is so much fun!! Who needs a babysitter to actually go out shopping, I don’t!

What is your favorite thing to shop for?

50 Responses to “Go! Smell The Shopping”

  1. Bridget Jones says:

    Coucou Tay, how are you girl?

    Shopping online.. hmmm.. I hear you but…

    Surely it’s something else to be surrounded by beautiful things, trying them on, getting a gf’s opinion, seeing admiration (or something else ha! ;) ) in your man’s eyes, all of which you do not enjoy from shopping online..? Plus I think you can only tell if something is right for you once you try it and prance around a little!! :D Not to mention the whole experience puts you in a good mood! Hey we are girls ain’t we?! ;)

    But then you are talking about movies and books and Bridget is referring to shoes, sexy outfits and lingerie ha! ;)

    Books and movies are stuff I could shop for online.. Oh, but did I tell you yet how nice it feels to be lost in time at Borders or Magrudy’s rummaging through book shelves? ;)

    • Taylor Blue says:

      Hey Bridge! I have missed you lots!

      I don’t have a babysitter or the time to go try on some clothes…I don’t usually buy them online though. But when the kids go back to school full time I’ll have lots of time for myself…and I will have to go to the mall and shop!!

  2. Lib says:

    Well Bridget hit the nail on the head for me, its books. I really could spend all day in a book store or rummaging around a street market stall.

    But I must admit, I love shopping online as well. I love getting the deliveries in work, its makes me feel special!

    Christ I am sad.

  3. Urban Pagan says:

    I must admit I love shopping. I don’t shop online- in fact the only stuff I have bought online is travel, insurance and some reggae for the i-pod.

    Apart from that I would much rather go to the shop and go through the whole experience. try the clothes on, scan the books. To me shopping has to be a hands on experience- its like with aftershave – I know what I am going to get so I could easily order online but I like to go have a nose round and make my purchase. I enjoy the social interaction of the whole shopping experience.

    Also – I have not figured out how to steal online- whereas in real life a foil lined bag will nullify any alarms thus making it ‘better value’. And more fun.

  4. Urban Pagan says:

    too right!!

    I wouldn’t trust a woman to shop for me. She’d probably get distracted by something and end up coming back with the wrong thing. Plus if I sent my woman out and a mouse ran into the shop she would scream the place down and stand on a chair. And what if a spider was there? She would I feel categorically refuse ‘to move until that thing is gone’.

    never send a woman to do a mans job

    ironing, washing up and looking pretty for her man are plenty to bother her pretty little head with.

  5. Urban Pagan says:

    this may surprise you Bridget but I like to cook. How about you? You don’t strike m as a cooking type?

  6. Jim & Em says:

    Shopping for flowers of course!

    Gotta be online rather than standing at checkout blushing? ;-)

    Use discount Code GSTF99*

    *Shameless promotion.

  7. aussiecynic says:

    I pretend to shop online….
    I say that because I only find the bargain I have been wanting when I havent the money to buy it…..
    I dont window shop for that same reason… it sux…. lol..
    but when I have the money…. and the time …. and the mood… well with time and money the mood is an given..
    I can shop, bargain with and above the rest of them….. I tell you…. lol..
    I am the only person I have ever known to get a $480 stereo for my son for a total of $205 simply by bargaining….
    and no it wasnt floor stock or damaged and after years is still working.. lol…..

  8. There are some times when I love shopping then many others when I hate the whole experience……mostly though I like to rush in and rush out and often there are too many people to get in my way….if the stores are empty and I can rush through it..then I’m a happy girl!

    Mighty Morgans last blog post..Kicking the habit

  9. Shopping!!! Did someone mention shopping!!! I love to shop. It is one of the things I enjoy most even when I don’t have the money, I still window shop and try on things that I would never wear otherwise. My whole family loves to shop at least those who were not married into the family. Even the men love to shop and my uncle line of work has always had to do with shopping malls. It is a gene in our family. Sales people and the store manager, know me by name at the Nordstrom nearby. On bummer, is that none of my friends are shoppers!!!

    I love to look at clothing. Then, a couple of years ago I became comfortable with online shopping…more clothing, shoes, odds and ends. Then, this year I discovered Etsy…jewelry, clothing, etc. Okay, I was a little, okay a lot, out of control, but now I’m okay!! SHOPPING!!!!!

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