GO! Meet Ed Gajdel!

Posted on August 12th, 2008 by Jim

Meet Ed Gajdel - one of the finest and highly acclaimed photographers in the world who we recently met in Toronto. Check his inspiring work out and you’re sure to spot a few familiar faces. He recently submitted one of his photographs in recognition of becoming a flower smeller:

We’ll be adding him to the flower smeller gallery we’re building up after awarding him the badge at the end of July. Maybe you know more flower smellers? Just let us know and pass it on!


When do you let your heart lead your sight? Do tell!

12 Responses to “GO! Meet Ed Gajdel!”

  1. Emma F says:

    Great photos – I like the black and white ones – I mentally add my own colours.

    My heart leads my sight when I look at my children (which I can’t do at the moment). I think how amazing it is that they developed from an egg and a sperm, that they grew inside of me without me consciously doing anything, and how they continue to grow and develop into individuals – all three of them are so very different.

    I think of the science and then marvel at how they are more than that, with character that comes from something more than DNA and amino acid sequences.

    • Urban Pagan says:

      ‘they grew inside me without consciously doing anything’

      so was it lie back and think of England then?

      photos are v good though will give him that.

  2. billyboy says:

    What a great blog this is people.

    Ed – if you read this your photos are world class!

    Can we share photos online here at the site – you guys should get up a photo sharing gallery.

    My heart leads my sight when I eat!

    • Jim & Em says:

      Cheers billyboy – welcome to GSTF!

      Deep and the tech guys are looking into a photo sharing section here although FLCKR is banned in Dubai so time will tell.

  3. Urban Pagan says:

    and technically me heart leads my sight always as if my heart was not working I would be dead and not seeing.

  4. aussiecynic says:

    I have reached a pinacle moment in my life very recently..
    It is hard to live up to
    Hard to accept
    but so true and gives me an unbelievable freedom..
    this is one small comment..
    A statement of fact…
    and an accetance of all things…
    the comment is
    OH SOD IT!…
    It fits every situation….
    Reminds me I cant change it, there is nothing I do about it.. and tomorrow it wont happen again.. it works wonders….

  5. Lib says:

    Great photos, would love to have that talent.

    And I reckon I have to be fair, it just needs polishing and a good camera.

  6. Urban Pagan says:

    ‘it just needs polishing and a good camera’

    no comment. but in certain countries such photographic acts are illegal

  7. Fantastic photography!!!! Outstanding!!! When does my heart lead my sight? When it has to do with God, my husband, dogs, sea otters, Peanuts, and nature.

    • Muhd says:

      we been cold called by moascna gestio sl they told us they hav a buyer for our times share they sent all the contracts and a letter fom a bank saying they hav payed the money into a bank and i at to pay in 450 pounds then i will get all the money back in 2 days time i looked them up on the web and found out it is a scam

  8. Bridget Jones says:

    Bridget’s heart leads her sight when she falls in love.. Actually it leads her mind too ha! ;)

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