Go! Snap out of it America!

Posted on July 20th, 2008 by Blue Collar Goddess
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Evidently, the US slump is really a clinical depression and not truly a “recession”.  It’s all in our heads.  We US Citz are evidently suffering from a psychological disease, and all we need to do is “snap out of it”.



I’m all for that!  YaY!

~long pause for effect~

So, ah … erm … *looks around at the crowd* … um …
Let’s do this thing!  RIGHT!

*enter in the sound of crickets chirping*

Oh kayyyy …
Well.  Then.  I can see that the crowd isn’t responding quite the way some anticipated.  Suggestions?  Comments?  Anyone up for giving American Citizens a pep talk?  Anyone?

*the sound of crickets chirping louder*

Right.  Fine.  Sure. 
Uh huh …

14 Responses to “Go! Snap out of it America!”

  1. I heard all that stuff on the news and I went, “What the heck…your blaming an obvious recession on our mood!” What a spin…not working!!! Can’t they just admit that we are in a recession which then would be congruent with the facts and what people are feeling and thinking. In psychology, congruency is good and healthy. When things are not congruent that causes problems. Since when did McCain and Bush get degrees in psychology? Maybe, America is “depressed” because we are in a recession that nobody wants to admit we are in. Psychologically, it feels better to be told the truth even if it “bad.” So, I guess it is all in our heads. I’ll go pay my $2.45/gal for gas because the $4.65/gal is all in my head…I’m just depressed. After, I try to take my IndyMac check to another bank and try to get out of my Countrywide illegal loan. I’m just depressed…makes me feel better America. How about you!!!

    • Oh C’mon! Hey, before you take that IndyMac check to another bank, call your bank and ask for a great rate on a balance transfer with one of those Access Checks that keep arriving in the mail like clock work, right? Yeah, the ones on your MC or Visa …
      Ask them to waive the fee!
      Go AHEAD! DO IT!


      *rolls eyes*

      Oh, and that Country Wide loan? OMG!!!!
      It’s why I got OUT of the Mortgage Business. I had a conscience, see? I couldn’t understand putting people in “stated” loans — knowing full well they couldn’t afford them.

      I found a receipt for gasoline from a couple of years ago in my closet, and nearly sat in the middle of my room and cried.

      I have to work harder, and longer hours so I can … uh … afford to drive to work … for ah … longer and harder hours.


      (I feel your pain)

  2. aussiecynic says:

    Aussie Steps into the ring…..
    In the ring we have Mohammed Ali as acting referee…
    In the Red Corner stand The United States…
    In the Blue Corner (because its a nice pretty blue) stand Little Aussie Cynic
    Ding Ding
    The US stands there mopping in the corner…
    Aussie Steps walks Forward, looks At the US
    and Then with out any Warning
    Slaps the US in the Face
    Then Shouts
    GET OVER IT>>>
    Come on get over yourselves and see the bigger picture…
    You have so much to look forward too
    George Bush will be gone soon…. The reign of terror is nearly over…..
    and soon you might have something much more to look forward to
    a Young, handsome, african American, Possibly Islamic Man as your new leader
    Come on get with the Progam……
    its all in your heads..
    your Mad I tell you MADDDDDDDDD!!!!

  3. Purple13 says:

    Hey guys – Aunty UK here – where everyone is an island…

    Ok well you’re going to have to get a hold of yourselves. Rather than talk about how bad it is, start talking about how good it is – when you focus on the negative (as the british press etc seem to be now) then it just brings everybody down (beware the dark side!).

    You’ll start to see the fog of gloom effect.

    So start a positive effect – it’s a bit like the old candid camera trick where you stand on a street corner and look up at the sky. See how many people also stop and look up as if you’re watching something – a plane etc. It really does work.

    I’ve adopted a positive outlook in my discussions – i refuse to be dragged down into the mire we’re supposedly in.

    In the 90′s when the UK ‘suffered’ a blip in the housing market, i worked for a local newspaper in advertising. The paper saw revenues falling from the lack of property ads – from 40 + pages a week down to about 6. They started a campaign extolling the virtues of it was really a great time to move. The estate agents got on board (they’d nothing to loose) and sure enough property ads picked up and people started moving again.

    Hang in there guys – just don’t cancel the space program!

    Purple13s last blog post..Daytime TV – it doesn’t get any better than this…

  4. RYK says:

    You Tube says “This video is no longer available”…

    • Blue Collar Goddess says:

      Humn … I just clicked the above … and it seems to still be there.
      Try it again!

      (it’s funny)

  5. There are people that may be experiencing the recession if that’s what it’s called…but things couldn’t be better from where I stand…..my attitude is definitely a reflection of the America I live in each day….I just feel the hope!!!!!!!!!

    mighty morgans last blog post..The Canyon

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