Free flowers contest #29 -2008 flower olympics!

Posted on July 19th, 2008 by Jim

Something a bit different for our 29th free flowers contests as the 2008 Olympics appoaches. We’re raising the giveaway bar in this one off summer special to give away $100 of any Flora 2000 gift, including newly launched Belgian chocolates.

So, your chance to win $100 of gifts delivered anywhere in the world courtesy of our partners Flora 2000, the International delivery experts. Flowers OR Chocolates – either the way you can make someone’s day.


This is a caption contest with a difference. Imagine it is the award ceremony at the 2008 Olympic games for the flower smelling event of your choice.  All you need to do is dream up a flower smelling  event that could feature at the 2008 Olympics. An event with a difference and it’s up to you to paint the picture.

Pop your answer in no more than 100 words in the comments section AND if you wish, after you have answered, include one fact about yourself, your blog, your webiste, your business or how you feel at the time of writing about flowers & chocolates GO!ng together. Your chance to have fun and promote yourself. So here we GO! flower folk – your imaginary medal ceremony for the World’s first flower smelling event:

You could always celebrate summer and send flowers to someone right now, anywhere in the world . Simply click any flower or chocolate banner and use code GSTF00 to send someone flowers and you’ll be entitled to a bit of flower smelling discount! Contest ends on Sunday 27th July Midnight Dubai time. Good luck flower smellers - Ready, Steady…GO!

**Remember – Only 1 entry per person please – if you think a more than one then get a friend to enter ;-)

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17 Responses to “Free flowers contest #29 -2008 flower olympics!”

  1. wilbau says:

    Hehe, that’s so simple.

    The flower smelling event is
    into flower people’.

    It’s judged by the world-wide effects.
    The winners:
    1. Ringo Star, famous for his nose and music, stuck his nose into billions of ears.
    2. Lady Diane, stuck her nose into millions of magazine pages.
    3. G.W. Bush, stuck his nose into countries, where it didn’t belong.


    wilbaus last blog post..Geigen Gwand Goiserer GamsBart

  2. Purple13 says:

    Let’s get this party started!

    Event: Most Mis-understood Film Villain

    Gold: Auric Goldfinger – he loved only gold and never studied nuclear physics at school so couldn’t have possibly known the outcome of a chinese plot.
    Silver: Doc Ock – he was plagued by an itchy back – that’s why he invented those arms really
    Bronze: The fat sergeant from the TV Zorro series – he only joined up to eat doughnuts. no one told him he’d have to keep climbing over walls and wear a ridiculous costume in the blazing sun.

    Judged on evil factor versus ridiculousness of situation factor – Auric wins because he never asked if he could borrow the Gold, he just assumed he wouldn’t be allowed. Winner based on who resisted their ‘monkey’ the least amount of time.

    Now the Plug:
    Me fact:- I’m on my own for a fortnight while Mandy and the girls are away – see forums – diary of a lonely man – day 1
    Blog fact: – posts number in the mid 250′s – lots to read
    Web/Business Fact: – Fabulous Photo Gifts – where every gift is optimised and printed by hand is, see’s a lot of Internet shopping newbies visit and order personalised photo gifts. How great is that?

    How do I feel about chocolates and flowers? Don’t get the two confused and put the flowers in the fridge and the chocolates in a vase of water on the window sill. If you win, make sure you save the chocolates until the rest of the family are back.

    Purple13s last blog post..Daytime TV – it doesn’t get any better than this…

  3. The Flower Event: Best Movie Superheroes 2008

    1st: Iron Man : The most logical superhero ever created, if there was such an iron suit ever created I want to get one and be the first Iron Woman (rather than Cat Woman or Wonder Woman).

    2nd: Bat Man : Logical, damn rich and super cool. He is my dream man (how I wish).

    3rd: Hellboy : Not logical but ugly enough, tough looking and all red (the X-factor is there).

    I am so into movies and so this would be the chosen event for my own version of olympic..

    ME FACT: I am nothing more than being a simple girl who is struggling to have a freelancing career.

    BLOG FACT: I have got more than I can handle but Writing Angel is just a few months old and is way better than the others so it is my favourite, although I love each and everyone of them..and I have got new ones on the way..crazy me..

    BUSINESS: Anyone needs a writer?

    Flowers & Chocolates are my best friends..a bunch of lavender in the left hand munching on the chocolate on the right hand..heaven..

    p/s: I love lavender and I have never seen lavender in my area. I love Belgian chocolate but never be able to buy it – damn expensive here cost me an arm and a leg..

    Nur Sarah Lams last blog post..More Freelancing Sites Up & Going

  4. micaela6955 says:

    Because the Olympics are a special event, the flower smelling event should also be just as special.

    In botany circles, the Titan Arum is the world’s largest flower, and, full bloom is rare and considered a special event-just like the Olympics.

    The event is “Power Sniffing”, full inhaling of the flower’s pungent and putrid odor, from a close proximity. Since this flower smells like rotting flesh or road kill after sitting on the pavement after a hot day, the winner is determined to be the sniffer who lasts the longest without throwing up, passing out, or leaving the area.

  5. *****************************

    Historical moments are Olympic events in the sense that they are groundbreaking situations and while not always original, they are indelible. So, in the spirit of the Olympic quality; the Most Romantic Event awards go to:
    Bronze: The Courtship of Napoleon & Josephine (they were obsessed)
    Silver: The John Lennon & Yoko Ono Honeymoon (they stayed in bed for a week!)
    Gold: The Royal Marriage of Charles & Diana (people in America woke up at 3 am to witness it)


    Blue Collar Goddesss last blog post..Go …t four minutes?

  6. mike says:

    It’s got to be naked twister – come on what else could it be?

    They say that beach volleyball gets good viewing for some reason! Just think what a surge in viewers they would get with naked twister. Question is which nation would be the best? UK, USA, The French? Prob sweden I should think. :-)
    mikes last blog post..Reading matters

  7. Taylor Blue says:

    I’m taking this in a different direction…
    Actors We Lost Too Soon
    Gold: Heath Ledger (Yes, Urban I know you will have something to say about that….but he just started the party…)
    Silver: John Ritter (Yes, Urban again…but he was the funniest guy I have seen…he could have done so much more…)
    Bronze: John Candy (Need I explain?)

    Random fact: I write about 15 posts a day on three celebrity gossip websites. (7 days a week)

    Taylor Blues last blog post..Reese Witherspoon Does A Paris Photo Shoot

  8. JJ Loch says:

    New Olympic Event….the cross crountry flower sniffing event. Chocolate candies mark the route. The more candy you eat, the less chance your competitor’s following you have a chance of succeeding, but beware, full stomachs can slow you down. The winner distributes the flowers to nursing homes after the event AND gives out autographs. And is in charge of the next Olympic event to help others.

    Have a good day!!! I have sent in my first project and will be published next summer. My photos sold first. That was a surprise. You never know WHAT will happen in your future. I have spent all summer snapping photos of flowers. They are GEMS that hold the power to success. :D Who knows how far I will go…FLOWER POWER!!!

    Hugs, JJ

    JJ Lochs last blog post..Lake Superior in Summer

  9. aussiecynic says:

    Event is KNOW your flower founders

    held in a garden equal to the Chelsea Flower Show…
    Each planting is a Flower or equivalent picked by each of the founders….

    The contestants are to try and match the flower with the founder… using nothing more than the information gained from here….
    The winner will be the person who get the most correct…
    First prize a gold medal plus the founder garden of their choice..
    Second Prize a Silver Medal plus the founder plant of their choice
    Third Prize a Bronze Medal and a bunch of flowers cortesy of Flora 2000

    About me.. hmmmm
    I am Aussie, I am women, I am incredible….
    yep thats it….. ;)

  10. Too hard for me….but I do enjoy Aussies view!!!!!!!!!!

  11. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    In the spirit of ‘Go! Smell the flowers while you still can’

    The event is Go! Do something/experience new today

    Gold – for the experience that changes your life the most
    Silver – for the most new experiences
    Bronze – for the experience which changes someone else’s life

    A fact about me – I worked at New Scotland Yard as a fingerprint expert

    How i feel while writing this – hungover after an all day brunch/drinking session yesterday

  12. Jim & Em says:

    Still a couple of days to GO! folks! More answers are welcomed!

  13. Inmyredhead says:

    You are looking at the final results of the ‘Smell It & Tell It’ Flower event of the 2008 Olympics. Our gold medal winner litterally snorted his way through the 100 yard field of everything from Asters to Zinnias and named them all correctly, setting a new world standard to which all flower sniffers will aspire.
    The Silver medal finalist trailed close behind but was almost out of the race when she reached what’s officially known as Lily Lane but affectionately re-named as Alergy Alley.
    The third and final contestant took home the bronze despite her mere skipping and mozying through the course at a lackadaisical pace, and was the crowd favorite at todays ‘Smell It & Tell It’ event.

    About me: Determined to smell the flowers.

  14. Jim & Em says:

    Thanks to all who entered!

  15. [...] With only 13 answers on this occasion we’ve decided to award it to the one who has captured the essence of GO! Smell the flowers in the answer which came from a new source of inspiration – AngryfromEllesmerePort with: [...]

  16. [...] With only 13 answers on this occasion we’ve decided to award it to the one who has captured the essence of GO! Smell the flowers in the answer which came from a new source of inspiration – AngryfromEllesmerePort with: [...]

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