Go Smell the Controversy in the Compost!

Posted on July 16th, 2008 by A/C

I am going to place a warning on my video…

Seriously…. If you are Catholic, or a Card Carrying Christian and easily offended please do not watch the video… If you do you wont like it … really you wont!

But for all the rest who dont mind a bit satire, can handle the slightly confronting, dont mind people speaking their mind then this is for you… (Urban Pagan this one is for you mate you will love it, that alone should worry you).

YouTube Preview Image

That being said… here is a turn up for the Common Sense…

The NSW State Government Anti-Annoyance Laws have been found to be ILLEGAL through the Federal Court… thanks to two Uni students the ‘NoToPope Coalition’ (all they wanted was to hand out contreceptives to the teenagers…..)

These derrogatory Laws have found The court, comprising Justices French, Branson and Stone, said that part of the World Youth Day Act, passed by the NSW Parliament to keep order during the World Youth Day events, “should not be interpreted as conferring powers that are repugnant to fundamental rights and freedoms at common law in the absence of clear authority from Parliament”.

The judges said that the interpretation of clause 7.1 of the act, which allowed regulation of conduct deemed to be a cause of “annoyance”, was invalid because it “affects freedom of speech in a way that, in our opinion, is not supported by the statutory powers”.

There was “no intelligible boundary” on what “causes annoyance”.

The regulation relating to annoyance “could be expected to have a chilling effect upon the exercise of their freedom of speech because of the very uncertainty about the degree of its infringement upon that freedom”, they said.

Its at times like this Its Better than Great to Australian!

34 Responses to “Go Smell the Controversy in the Compost!”

  1. Jim & Em says:

    LOL AC – thanks for sharing and good for you CC for taking this in your stride….

    • I am realistic and definitely not blind to the failures of the church…it really makes me angry that the church almost becomes a parody sometimes because of their behavior and unbiblical beliefs!!! I am proud to be a Christian, but often ashamed at the way we behave. I’m a little different (duh!) than most Christians because I think that I am realistic and can see shades of gray and accept that there are not explicit answers for everything. At least, I think I am. Sorry to go on, but I get so frustrated.

      ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry: July 21, 2005 ~ 6:30 PM & Gap in Time

      • Mike says:

        Well said Clueless, as a Christian I liked this video and it’s interesting that some Christians behave as if they are scared sheep.

  2. Urban Pagan says:

    the fact christians can’t face the idea of death being final and also the fact that they take their entire life chocies while thinking what would a mythical inaccurate unsubstantiated icon do would suggest they are both scared and sheep.

  3. Purple13 says:

    whoa – what have i stepped in here?

    OK – after a particularly pleasant lunch engagement with two very dear friends – steak ale pie was superb! and rounding it off with a trip to my little girls school to read her school report with her teacher and see all the marvelous work she’s been doing, we have to get into a church debate?

    Well as i see it, most (if not all people) need to believe in something – little green men, energy beings like in Cocoon, the rest of their life decomposing under 6ft of soil only to be dug up by Tony Robinson, or some sort of miraculous after life at the hand of a mythical saviour (actually when its put like that the last option is the most attractive isn’t it?).

    Me personally – I like the idea that our ‘soul’ (james brown had plenty of that) is electrical – not something you can just switch off – when the body dies, this energy is released -joins a great cosmos of consciousness perhaps or gets a part in sixth sense opposite bruce willis (he couldn’t see dead people).

    Its OK for you to believe in what you want to believe – remember that. Just the same as its ok not to believe in anything (that’s OK too) so group hug and make up now.

    P.S I think the problem comes when people of one belief (or none at all) feel they are being sold or having another shoved down their throats, whilst their own is ridiculed (mine is still full of steak and ale pie) so that can’t happen to me.

    Purple13s last blog post..Summer ‘factory fortnight’ comes early

    • I hope it didn’t sound like anyone was shoving anything down anyone’s throat or not being accepting of other viewpoints because I don’t think anyone had that intention. I felt like we were respecting each other’s beliefs; however, there may have been minor thorns easily forgotten or removed. Anyway, you are right…Group hug time!!!

    • aussiecynic says:

      hmmmmmm steak and ale pie…….. yummmmm
      nicely said….
      I must say I think the response to my post is rather funny in some areas…
      Actually its about the restoration of our Human Rights and the court overturning a derogatory law which was designed to stop people using their freedom of speech.

      I love the way you put things in context nice……
      Were your daughters reports excellent I bet they are… heheheh

      aussiecynics last blog post..Will it blend? Parents Revenge!

  4. aussiecynic says:

    thanks Clueless…
    obviously I am not christian but that is whole other matter….
    I am so pleased these laws have been overturned….
    when I get the video of yesterdays news report …. you can all see the problems these people have caused…
    the olympics were nothing compared to these people…. they even blocked the roads in the center of the city… in the CBD…

  5. Ange says:

    Well put CC that’s exactly right… come as you are rather only if you got your act together… couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Great video AC… I dugg it too ;)

  6. Urban Pagan says:


    Love, love love it!!

    A quick one for the bible crew – (not a dig clinically – I just like stoking the fires)

    If Mary achieved the virgin birth then how was Jesus brother (older) conceived?? hmmmmmmm

  7. aussiecynic says:

    I had you in mind when I saw it….
    laughed my head off…. and to good to leave out..
    I am still trying to work that one out…
    but I do know that that the translation from the original text was wrong.. I believe the original word was virgo when translated….not virgin.. but that is a whole different story…
    oh btw they didnt have inns in the first century either… people where require by law to except travellers….. sort of like billoting

  8. Thanks. I just get so angry when Christians do things that are so contrary to what Jesus would have done!! I puts them in a hypocritical light of the media. Then, they spin it. Okay, Jesus would have tried to make a difference on where he was and pray…that would be my responsibility to. And, speaking out is one of them!!!

  9. Urban Pagan says:

    yup JC had an older brother

    for the absolute word its astonishingly inaccurate

    perhaps god was a bit slow, or a liar, or a product of slow liars.


  10. Give me the verse in the Bible about the brother…this is beginning to sound vaguely familiar. Hmmmmm…you are making my brain hurt…boy, did I just leave myself open!!LOL.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry: July 21, 2005 ~ 6:30 PM & Gap in Time

  11. Lib says:

    I know that he had 4 brothers but I didn’t realise that any were older.

    Mind you, Every Rose Has its Thorn.

  12. Mike says:

    Or perhaps Urban you have your facts wrong. Clueless the reason for silence to your question is there is no scripture that says Jesus had an older brother. :-)
    Mikes last blog post..How to Edit in 5 Seconds!

  13. Urban Pagan says:

    James was his name

    and the irony of stating anything in the bible as ‘facts’ or my ‘facts’ being wrong is laughable.

    its all a myth a story its not hard

  14. Not biting on this one.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry: July 21, 2005 ~ 6:30 PM & Gap in Time

  15. aussiecynic says:

    best not…. sorry for getting him started… on that one….
    my bad

  16. Mike says:

    I’ll bite a little Urban – all in good faith :-)

    I didn’t state that the bible was facts in my reply – I said you had you facts wrong. So unless you believe there is no such thing as information being correct or incorrect (possible – some people believe that) then back up your statement about James so we can have a look at it. Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy debate, it doesn’t have to be a slinging match :-)

    For the record I think the bible is full of stories as that is the best way of communicating rather than listing facts – I just believe the stories are there to show us truths about who we are and who God is, but that’s a matter of faith and always will be.

    Mikes last blog post..How to Edit in 5 Seconds!

  17. aussiecynic says:

    nicely said Mike…….
    G’Day mate… :p

  18. Mike says:

    G’Day mate :-) Glad you got your site back, how are your plans going for world domination?

    Mikes last blog post..How to Edit in 5 Seconds!

  19. Thanks Mike. Well, put. A reminder that a step of faith means taking the step without absolute knowledge or facts.

  20. aussiecynic says:

    I am working on it…. been a bit tricky what with these hackers etc..
    first thing I am going to do when I acheive me goal is send all hackers to an island with no computers… lol

  21. Urban Pagan says:

    Mike I think god has messed up your keyboard

    when you typed the word ‘any’ above it came out as ‘absolute’

    god moves in myterious ways eh?

  22. aussiecynic says:

    Totally Agree….
    There is a lot to be said for interpretation etc…..
    I am not going there but so many things in all religions get turned upside down and inside out to suit the needs of those responsible… and eventually it goes against every thing that the faith stood for.. sad really

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