Go Smell the Work!

Posted on July 6th, 2008 by Funkygirl012003

My last work related post did so well, I figured I’d continue in this vein.  Freelancing for me has been an incredible experience.  I actually started freelancing before graduating college, so I’ve never actually had a proper office job, just working from home.  Of course, that means I’m not making money hand over fist but I don’t have to get up at six o’ clock in the morning or pay lots of money for a closet full of suits either!

At least I’m not wearing this to work every day!

On the plus side, I haven’t stopped learning since I started working.  It’s always a new experience and every new client or project teaches me a new skill.  Like right now I’m working on some simple slideshow videos for one client and this is a whole new area for me, but they are really simple, nothing at all like Mike’s work. :) I’m learning about audio software, the process of planning out a video, making slides and even just timing the audio with the image properly.  It’s all going to be distributed across the web, so maybe I’ll get to post one for you guys in a month or so.

What do you love the most and hate the most about your career choices?

20 Responses to “Go Smell the Work!”

  1. Human Services/Social Services/Counseling:

    I love helping people and working with the most challenging clients the ones no one else wants to really work with. I think because I like to learn new things all the time.

    I least like the people. It attracts people who are working out their own issues and probably are the most dysfunctional people in the world when it comes to themselves and their own relationships. So, in the work enviornment, I’ve always said that everyone is screwed up and either you know it and deal with it so it doesn’t get in the way of your work enviornment or you don’t know it or have done nothing about it which makes life miserable for others. I’ve been in both, but unfortunately the latter is usually the case.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post.."America" ~ Chris Tomlin ~ Worship in Song!

  2. aussiecynic says:

    hey there funky
    the love / hates of my career:
    hate the fact that I dont have one, or at least took so long to find one..
    love the fact I have done so many things so far in my life the experiences I have had make much of it worthwhile..

  3. Hi FUnky’ think i’m with aussie on this on – now is the winter of their discontent!! (ha ha) – my only regret is i didn’t do this sooner…..

    Jonathan Crouchs last blog post..Mighty Mouse stops scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…

  4. Gareth in Thailand says:

    Top work Mr John.
    I’m sure if Bridget pops by it’ll bring a tear to her eye knowing you still think of her.

  5. Gareth in Thailand says:

    I think the best part of my job is seeing the team work in place with (very often) multi national teams. Sometimes there can be friction but normally that can be smoothed over and everyone grows and learns from the other nationalities view points. The only down side is often this involves late night phone meetings.
    Another high point is at start of production on any vehicle, that is also a great moment when you see years of work pay off and the cars roll off the line and into the showrooms.

  6. Jim & Em says:

    Hi Funky and great to see you making a continued success of freelancing AND that you don’t have to wear the uniform that you posted!

    Maybe you’ll inspire others to start online revenue streams?

    Great stuff…..

  7. Bridget Jones says:

    Well… how can Bridget not turn up EJ when she promised you (AND you made sure the whole world knows that she did ha!)

    Erm.. It’s an awesome instrumental EJ.. To think you spent weeks toiling over it… As Gareth says, it brings a tear to my eyes to know you hold me in such high esteem..

    How can I thank you for such a beautiful gesture..? Words fail me… Hmmm…. But wait! I KNOW EJ I KNOW!!! (i)


    Hows that for a thank you EJ? :) We’ll of course split your 80% like you so nobly suggested ha! :p

    Hmmm… I’ll need some time to put a list of questions together… So let’s see … Shall we meet.. hmmmm… next Saturday, that’s be July 12, say at 5pm? Let’s agree on the rendez-vous lieu offline, we wouldn’t want all Flowers to turn up at our interview special now would we..?

    Oh, and do bring David along.. I can’t wait to meet that cheeky lil monkey ha! :D

    • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

      Fantablious Aunty Bridget! Fantablious! Yes me an David will comes like to meets you too (he is a proper cheeky monkey he is – but very cute) only see, I ams away again, travellin like until early August, so likes I’ll back in me pad on the Palm for awhile then. Then I avs some gigs like in Late August so then I wills be on me way again! so wez will av to makes it around the second weeks Aug I thinks!!

      An remember see, you gets 20% of all the revenue from that intyerview an like Lib (cos she is my manager like) she will be entitled to 10% so that’s like 70% fer me!

      I loves me dosh I does! An I can’t wait to start spending my 93 quid and 50 pee I can’t!

      Ere wots youz spendin yours on?

      Name the date an the place an we will be there we will! ACE!


  8. I love that I set my own hours, I do what I love and I get to enjoy my life instead of being stuck in an office somewhere. On the other side the challenges often come about in that I sometimes don’t know what to do with myself or what direction to go in….I have the opportunity to steer my own course…but the territory is often foreign and not known to me and I often find myself at a dead end…..it all chauls up to experience…..A LOT of experience, sometimes on what not to do rather then what to do……it’s a process :)
    mighty morgans last blog post..The Miracle

  9. I had just chuck away my office job and venture into freelancing..

    This is inspiring so I decided to share my side as well:

    The very first day in july, I spread my wings in the freelancing career bidding for writing projects..
    Then came the second day, I had not receive any news yet about the success of my bids..
    When the third day came, I was overjoyed. My first successful bid was a $24 project..haha, can you imagine that $24 but it has a big significance in my life as $24 = RM62+/-
    Since that day, I have become so encouraged to bid more and this time I expand my wings not just in writing but also proofreading..
    Today is 7 July 2008, one week after my debut of becoming a freelancer, I earned a total of $75 just by writing articles and web content..
    Heck, I am so happy now, I can spend more time here..to smell more flowers..

    Nur Sarah Lams last blog post..Top 3 Sites For Freelancing – Part 3

  10. Truly inspiring Sir John! Let’s all sing along!

    Funkygirl012003s last blog post..Informercials and Advertising yourself

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