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Posted on July 4th, 2008 by A/C

While all you beautiful Flowers, Thorns and Gnomes are sunny yourselves in Barmy summer weather, spare a thought for poor Ange and I (although I think Ange is somewhere on the Kokoda Trail by now) freezing our proverbials off, In the land of the Down Under.

Last night here in Tassie, we set a New Record Low Temperature for July. In a small Township Liawenee in the Midland of Tasmania, it reach or dropped depending on how you see it the mind numbing temperature of MINUS 10. Now I know it gets cold in places, but this was coming straight from Antarctica so the wind chill was even colder. The Liawenee Police officer when he went to start his patrol vehicle, a diesel 4WD, this morning reportedly first needed to break the ice of his handbrake, then pop his break callipers to allow the handbrake to release, he also needed to bring large amounts of hot water in buckets to melt ice in them in order to pour over his car so he could get in.

In my driveway in order to open the driveway required the use of a hammer and my hose (once thawed) to get the door open… frozen shut.

Although it is Winter in Oz, On the West Coast of Tassie our weather is about 2 months later than the rest of the Country, so this time of year is normally autumn/early winter so mild…. all this comes after rain since Thursday Last week and Occasional thunder storms, 43 mm fell in 6 hours in town here. It has certainly been a rough week. Snow is on the peaks around town, the roads have been closed off and on, several people killed or injured for driving stupidly on White and Black Iced roads. It has just been amazing…

Just to top it off that beautiful area of Trial Harbour I showed earlier this year had huge waves on top of a massive swell in parts Yesterday. It has luckily died down for now and we are just getting frost and ice so all is well.

I am left wondering at the moment if this just the start of severe winter where we are snowed in or if it has passed, fingers crossed for the latter. A town of 5000 cut off from the rest of the country is not a romantic notion when our supplies come in from the coast by Truck, the airstrip will be closed from the ice. No milk, bread, petrol, mail, newspapers, fresh produce, medication etc and last time this happened it lasted 3 weeks.

No they wont send in helicopters with Food drops.

So this leads me to the question…

What is your worst weather experience, sunburn, snowed in, cyclones, flooding do share

and think of us down here as you sun yourself at your BBQ.. jealousy raging…

16 Responses to “go on the tulips love it”

  1. Mine was when I was a child and skiing with my mother when we got caught in a sudden snow storm. All I knew was there was a mountain of one side and a cliff on my other, it was an intermmediate run. I was terrified, I couldn’t see anything, my mother, my skis or the cliff. I made it down with my mother yelling at me to keep moving. She was scared too. I’ve probably been in worse weather situations, but this was the worst because of my age. Sorry that we have sunny days and the day off…actually, I’m not sorry. But, I am sorry it is not a holiday for you and is winter.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..USA has the day off!!! Why?

    • aussiecynic says:

      that certainly wasnt a pleasent experience…
      did you contine skiing after that?
      glad you made it :)

      • I actually became a pretty good skier, but I don’t think my older version can anymore. At least, no without some work. I haven’t been skiing in maybe 15 years. My mother started me out when I was 6-7 and we would go locally and to Mammoth Mountain for a week every year. I wish I would have kept it up, but it is an expensive sport. It is the only sport that I can do…everything else is laughable. I’m glad I made it too. As an adult, I would be scared.

        ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post.."Find the Cost of Freedom" ~ Crosby, Stills & Nash

  2. I don’t have any surprising bad weather or anything that might interest anyone at all, except being exceptionally hot at certain days or exceptionally wet with rain on other days but no snow at all time..hahaha.. one thing I would really want to experience in my country is hail stone..crazy thought but I never seen a hail stone before so either I want to experience it, or see one hail stone with my own eyes..not pictures..the real thing..then I want to experience winter in any country that has winter..

    Nur Sarah Lams last blog post..Top 3 Sites For Freelancing – Part 2

  3. probably one winter back in Chishill – there was so much snow that we were cut off for a few days – all the men met on the crossroads with shovels and dug people out. My Dad drove a tractor and snow plough after walking several miles across drifty fields to reach the barn where they were kept then strated digging out the roads.

    It was funny because we had a few ‘London’ers – city folk’ living in our village – one woman pulled up to the group of men and asked which was the best way out as she had to get to work in the city – she didn’t believe s when we said there was no way out. Off she went down the hill anyway.

    A few hours later, she appeared walking and looking very cold (not dressed at all right!) – her car had run into the 8 ft snow drifts topping off the road between the banks either side.

    happy days.

    Jonathan Crouchs last blog post..Mighty Mouse stops scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…

  4. Jim & Em says:

    Hi AC,

    Don’t be fooled – so called summer is rapidly becoming winter in Europe these days as Dubai rages on with 42 degree C heat!

    Our most extreme weather together was when we crossed over Salcantay mountain in Peru together in a freak blizzard on the way ot Macchu Piccu…

    Jims worse weather was extreme snow blizzards that halted an attempt to climb Europes highest mountain – Mount Elbrus in Russia. Dozens of people die attempting the summit year on year due to not taking the weather seriously- the mountain will always be there and remains on the list of stuff to do!

  5. Hey Aussie, I’m back from Kokoda. Had a blast! For some reason, the commentluv isn’t picking up my latest blog post. I will be posting about my trek here at Flowers shortly.

    As for your question re weather conditions… nothing so drastic stands out in my mind. I can’t stand the cold and I sure wouldn’t be outdoors in minus 10 degrees!! What a cold wintery tale you tell… the tulips would be loving it!

  6. Gareth in Thailand says:

    Changchun in North East China is below zero for 6 months of the year. The coldest day I can remeber there was when Skiing at Beida Hu resort. It was -28C but there was a windchill to -40C, then us silly sods decided to ski so no idea what the wind chill wnet to then.
    Luckily I had the correct clothing for it so it was only a few small areas of my face got burnt by the cold.
    Other than that I guess it would be the monsoon in India. I was outside exploring the city of Chennai when the heaviest rain I’ve ever experienced began pouring fromthe heavens, I’ve seen rain almost as heavy since but nothing beat this downpour, all the roads turned to rivers and you could only see a short distance in front.

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