GO! Tell us your Fave U.S City!

Posted on July 6th, 2008 by Jim

We’d love to know what your fave U.S city is and why!

Jim’s is San Francisco* (the vibe and he used to coach soccer there) and Em’s is New York (the shops ;-) ).

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*Remember to wear a flower in your hair

So, your favourite U.S City. What’s yours and why?

25 Responses to “GO! Tell us your Fave U.S City!”

  1. aussiecynic says:

    Not being awful, but I don’t a fav…. never been there…..
    If I was to go to the US then probably Colorada and around there would be more to my Liking the Rockies perhaps….
    Alaska is on my list of places to visit and Canada…
    I cant think of city in particular… but they all look interesting… ;)

  2. Urban Pagan says:

    Basra or Toronto for me

  3. I haven’t really travelled much, but I love the island of Kuaii in Hawaii. In my own state, I love San Francisco…thanks for the flowers. But, whenever I go there I always stop in Carmel for the artisan stuff and Monterey Bay for the sea otters. But, I really want to visit other parts of the country…one day.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post.."America" ~ Chris Tomlin ~ Worship in Song!

  4. florida – to watch the space shuttles

    Jonathan Crouchs last blog post..Mighty Mouse stops scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…

  5. I really want to go to the Jelly Belly jelly bean factory in Central California!!! I want to go on a fun food tour vacation!!!

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post.."America" ~ Chris Tomlin ~ Worship in Song!

  6. Gareth in Thailand says:

    I’m with Aussie, Colorado for me. Colorado Springs is great, Denver is nice but the skiing in Breckenridge is the winner (I know its not a city but I don’t care).

  7. Purple13 says:

    surely Metropolis – the big apricot – to see Superman fly by daily…….

    Purple13s last blog post..We’re still Singing in The Rain….

  8. Don’t know if IU have a particular Favorite…many places are often tainted with my past :( But i can say I do love my new hometown…Sayville, NY. Awsome shops, restaurants…a good old main street USA, with a lot of eclectic charm!

    mighty morgans last blog post..The Miracle

  9. Never been out of Malaysia except for Singapore so I have no idea which city is my fave but judging from what I have seen on TV and so on, I guess I like all of US except where the natural disasters often land..

    Nur Sarah Lams last blog post..Top 3 Sites For Freelancing – Part 3

    • Natural disasters happen everywhere or can. However, I would not suggest Southern California then. Back in the 90s we had three-four successive years of “natural disasters.” First, was the Rodney King riots in L.A.; second, fires; three, landslides/flooding due to the fires and finally the Northridge earthquake which was the only earthquake that I actually got under my desk.

      ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry ~ July 9/10, 2005 Part II

  10. Urban Pagan says:

    how do riots rate as a ‘natural disaster’?

    have I missed something here CC?

  11. Pagan, it has to by your fault. I wrote this nice response to you and it got erase because of an error when I submitted it! I need to pick on you for something. I’ll try again.

    You are right a riot is not a natural disaster which is why I put it into quotes. However, it was the beginning of a series of events that were uncontrollable beyond reasonable mean or at all. Nobody anticipated (or wanted to really think) that the riots would be so bad and go on for days. It has also had economic, racial and social ramifications that effect the area still today. But, you are right it is not classified as a natural disaster, but it was beyond control and was quite scary!!!

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry ~ July 9/10, 2005 Part II

  12. O'DB says:

    chuck my ballot in for NYC – great architecture, culture, cosmopolitan & some ace food & drink.

    & the birthplace of hip-hop: Kool Herc, MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, KRS-1 & the Beastie Boys still fighting for our right to party

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