Go! Smell Grade One!

Posted on June 25th, 2008 by taylorblue

This is my first post ever on my new laptop…but that story later. My youngest child’s last day of school was today…he’s now going to be in Grade 1! Now, I remember this day with my daughter and she’s already in Grade 6! I tell you life goes so quickly…and before you know it, life is over!

Being a parent has it’s challenges too. I’ll tell you what they are thinking of doing in Canada. They want to pass a law that makes parents get charged if they spank their child. Just a tap…they will get charged with assault. And just the other week a girl, 12, (which is the age of my daughter) sued her father because he grounded her from a field trip. And she won! Something isn’t right with this world when they want children to think they rule the world. It’s wrong!

What is a crazy rule they have in your country??

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  1. Purple13 says:

    ah the joys of a new laptop – nothing where it was – all those little plug ins to re-download, all those bookmarks lost forever….. i remember it well.

    crazy rules…. well here’s an opposite….. when we went fly-drive to usa long time ago, they had a traffic rule where if a yellow schoolbus was parked and lights flashing – traffic stopped in both directions which i think was a really sesnsible idea.

    (we’ll find another way to finish off the little blighters….)

    Purple13s last blog post..Did you notice our Side Bar has had a spring clean?

  2. Jim & Em says:

    Happy new laptop Taylorblue!

    Rule wise in the UK they’ve just BANNED bouncy castles at parties in case kids injure themselves on them, having ‘fun’. Keep them wrapped up in cotton wool eh! :-(

  3. What!!! More and more children are being taught not to take responsibility and consequences for their actions. These people turn into adults with the same mind set….really scary. And, scary for the parents because their rights are being taken away. That was such a reasonable and healthy discipline practice and they get sued. Children are not equal to parents. Take away their authority and children, who eventually become adult, learn not to respect or handle authority and consequences. The societal ramifications are quite disconcerting.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry: July, 2/3, 2005 ~ weekend

    • Oh, I didn’t answer the question…I got to stuck on what happened. That in some states they still allow corporal punishment which if a parent did the same they would be charged with child abuse. Huh…to me that means the schools can abuse your child, but you can’t. I do not believe that corporal punishment is an effective means of behavioral correction anyway. There are so many other more effective, but more difficult ways to discipline a child at any age.

      ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry: July, 2/3, 2005 ~ weekend

  4. aussiecynic says:

    hi taylor…
    your new laws is our old laws…
    down here with your kids…
    You can not spank your child nope.. assault.. or threaten too…
    you can not threaten your child …assault..
    if your child swears and you wash their mouth with soap.. (my mum did this) thats abuse,
    if you grab your childs arm and tug them to hurry up you can be charged..
    If your child goes missing, you may be investigated by child welfare if they are found or not…
    At school if your child says this or that and its taken out of context , you can be in trouble.. its all very strange..
    If your child runs away from home at the age of 12 and then tells the police they want to stay with boyfriends family they can, if you remove priveldges you can be charged if deemed unfar, such as taking their mobile phone…
    all these things have been happening for a while.. even to the point the child is taught in school what is and is not appropriate child to adult relations… teachers now especially male one are so scared, they will not touch a child even to help and will not give a a littly a hug in case it is taken out of context…
    They have tried to sue but I havent heard any who won..
    but a girl did sue the Scouts for discrimination and Won.. now they must let girls in the Scouts.. which is wrong… scouts for the boys guides for the girls..
    So this generation consists of no discipline, no responsibilty, no consequences, no challenges, and none of the things which kids needs to grow into noraml responsible adults.. its no surprise so many have problems and attitudes which leave much to be desired

    aussiecynics last blog post..Sad So Sad

  5. Chrissy says:

    I second aussiecynics post….except I am a UK cynic!!
    Trouble is in a few years we will have to rely on a whole load of undisciplined youngsters who are without boundaries to keep the country on its feet . There isn’t much hope for my pension, thats for sure ;)
    Chrissys last blog post..Unseasonal Chatting

  6. Urban Pagan says:

    too much red tape nowadays

    I set up some employment for 10 thai girls I know. they would all have their own ‘offices’ would have performance related pay, allowance for ‘uniform’ and free condoms.

    the government said I couldn’t bring them over even though what they were doing was not illegal. still managed to sneak 4 of them in. the other two who travelled didn’t make it.

    no doubt some government bureaucrat will be telling me thats wrong too!!! whatever happened to giving these career girls an opportunity to make some money and possibly meet a life partner?

  7. There is a teenager somewhere in some US town that has a teenage mayor!!! Good Grief, he isn’t old enough to vote.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry: July, 2/3, 2005 ~ weekend

  8. I think in someways it is already like that. Look at politicians and country leaders. They blame instead of saying I’m sorry I was wrong, what can we do to fix it. Politicians keep blaming each other while I’m going I don’t care who is at fault, who is going to change it. They have difficulty accepting responsibility and point fingers. People do that too. Look at sport stars and celebrities. I love it when someone does say I am wrong just because it is the right thing to do, not to keep a job or because of a pending lawsuit or media pressure.

    Even our justice system is set up that way. Even if you know that you are guilty and want to admit it, attorney’s advise you to pleed not guilty just in case you might get off. It is get away with what you can before you might accept responsibility. Let’s have some maturity somewhere and the guts to say I’m sorry, I was wrong.

    Stepping off my soap box now.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry: July, 2/3, 2005 ~ weekend

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